Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2468 - Silver Mark's Effects

Chapter 2468 – Silver Mark’s Effects

As Shi Feng and the others walked into the Fortress Lord’s Mansion, they felt as if their exhausted mental state had suddenly been refreshed.

“The Mana density here is so high!” Aqua Rose exclaimed when she sensed the Mana inside the mansion. “It’s at least twice as high as in Zero Wing City.”

Out of all the Guild Towns and Cities in God’s Domain, Zero Wing City’s Mana density was the highest.

This was also why Zero Wing City remained extremely popular with players even though it was located within Star- Moon Kingdom’s borders and in a map that was much lower-level than mainstream players. Currently, the city’s daily player traffic still exceeded 6,000,000. In Star-Moon Kingdom, Zero Wing City’s player traffic ranked third, inferior only to Star-Moon City and White River City.

However, despite the sparse Mana in Star Valley, the inside of the Starlight Fortress’s Fortress Lord’s Mansion had a Mana density at least twice as high as Zero Wing City’s. Of all the places Aqua Rose could think of, only the ambient Mana in the Holy City of Titan was comparable to this mansion’s in terms of density.

“With such an excellent environment, even training Bronze Combat Techniques won’t be a problem,” Yan Tianxing commented, his eyes similarly glowing with excitement when he sensed the Mana around him.

Practicing combat techniques placed a huge burden on players’ Concentration. If the environment did not possess sufficiently dense Mana, their Concentration regeneration rate wouldn’t be able to keep up with their consumption rate. Players would have to rest for a long time after practicing their combat techniques a few times. That sort of training would be inefficient.

Meanwhile, Bronze Combat Techniques were particularly exhausting to practice. Each use of a Bronze Combat Technique consumed several times more Concentration than an Advanced Combat Technique. Moreover, if players hadn’t mastered the Bronze Combat Technique, using it would place an even greater burden on their Stamina and Concentration. Hence, the various superpowers had very few peak experts that had successfully learned a Bronze Combat Technique even now. This was also the case for Zero Wing.

“This place isn’t just useful for practicing Bronze Combat Techniques.” Looking at the excitement on everyone’s faces, Shi Feng pointed at a nearby locked room and explained, “There are also Mana Training Rooms here. In there, players can practice not only combat techniques but also Mana control. The efficiency of training inside one of these rooms is several times higher than training in the outside world. It is no exaggeration to say that these rooms are one of the best places for training.”

As a fortress that had existed since ancient times, the Starlight Fortress was not as simple as it appeared to be. The standard of magical technology that the fortress possessed was something that current kingdoms and empires could only admire. This was also why the various superpowers during Shi Feng’s previous life had contested over ancient fortresses desperately.

Unfortunately, the Starlight Fortress was only a Small Fortress. Its Fortress Lord’s Mansion also wasn’t very large, with only five floors in total: three above ground and two underground.

Meanwhile, every one of these floors was enhanced by all sorts of magic arrays that increased the density of the ambient Mana, as well as accelerated the Concentration recovery rate of players. Players could also accumulate the Double EXP buff while within the Fortress Lord’s Mansion, so they wouldn’t have to worry about falling behind in terms of levels, even if they spent a long time training within the mansion.

As for the Mana Training Rooms, the mansion had only 32. A Medium Fortress’s Fortress Lord’s Mansion would have double the number, whereas a Large Fortress would have 150. The training capability of a Large Fortress was several times greater than that of a Small Fortress. With the Starlight Fortress, Zero Wing would be able to nurture only a small number of the Guild’s experts.

However, this was the best Shi Feng could do right now. After all, the difficulty of capturing Medium and Large Fortresses was many times higher.

Generally, Large Fortresses had Superior Mythics guarding them, while Medium Fortresses also had a small chance that a Superior Mythic would appear as its final Guardian Boss. Medium Fortresses would also have over a dozen other Mythic monsters inside. A Medium Fortress simply wasn’t something a few players and a Tier 4 Hero could capture at this stage of the game. In fact, during Shi Feng’s previous life, the various superpowers had managed to capture Star Valley’s Medium and Large Fortresses only after Tier 4 players had come into existence.

After Shi Feng gave everyone a simple introduction, he brought them to the mansion’s second basement floor.

The second basement floor was not very large and had only two rooms. One of these rooms was the core room responsible for controlling the fortress’s magic array, while the other room was sealed shut by a large door made out of Magic Crystals.

The room with the Magic Crystal door happened to be the most precious location in the entire Fortress Lord’s Mansion.

The Legacy Room!

This place was second only to the Legacy Gate in terms of helping players unlock their Mana Bodies. In the past, it had also been the most important location for the various superpowers for nurturing Guild experts.

In God’s Domain, the Mana Body might be considered merely a tool to support players, since it was only a matter of time before players fully unlocked their Mana Bodies after reaching Tier 3. However, the speed at which players unlocked their Mana Bodies would give rise to a marked disparity.

This was because players’ control over their Mana Bodies and combat styles would undergo significant changes after they unlocked their Mana Bodies. Meanwhile, they would need time to adapt to these changes.

In addition, if players wished to improve their Mana Bodies further—in other words, break through the 100% threshold —they would first need to unlock their Mana Body’s full potential. Only after doing so could they start attempting to break through the 100% threshold. The player’s success would depend on whether they had taken the correct path or not.

If players discovered that they had made a mistake, they could still change their method of approach in unlocking their Mana Body.

Hence, the sooner one unlocked their Mana Body in God’s Domain, the better.

Of course, the Legacy Room had a flaw—it could only allow players to experience what it felt to have a fully unlocked Mana Body based on their current foundations. It would not point out a clear path for players to take.

Even so, having the help of the Legacy Room was still many times better than randomly experimenting in the outside world.

After arriving before the four-meter-tall and three-meter-wide crystalline door, Shi Feng held up the Fortress Lord’s Token and chanted the incantation recorded on it to trigger the magic array etched into it.

In the next moment, the token’s magic array released a silver glow that resonated with the magic array carved into the crystalline door. The door’s magic array likewise released a silver glow.

Immediately afterward, the tightly shut door started opening, and everyone instantly felt Mana of much greater density flowing out of the Legacy Room. When bathed in this Mana, everyone felt their mind clearing up, invigorated like never before.

At the same time, the sound of a system notification entered Shi Feng’s ears.

System: You have activated the Silver Legacy Room. This room can be used only 12 times a month, and only one player may enter each time. Players will be able to experience what their current Mana Body feels like at 100% potential for five minutes. Once the session ends, players will not be allowed reentry into the Legacy Room for one natural month.

The Silver Mark also provides such a benefit? Shi Feng gazed at the token in his hand in astonishment.

The difference between three minutes and five minutes might not be very long, but being able to experience the sensation of a fully unlocked Mana Body for even a second longer meant that players could better-familiarize

themselves with that feeling. Meanwhile, the Silver Mark had nearly doubled the duration that players could ^ inside the Legacy Room.

At this moment, Shi Feng more or less understood why the various superpowers had desperately invested into a select few peak experts and continuously had them challenge the Legacy Gate of the fortresses they controlled. They hadn’t done so just to unlock more of their fortress’s functions but to better-develop their Guild experts. After all, Guild experts were the capital of Guilds. Everything else was secondary.

“Alright, which one of you will enter first?” Shi Feng asked as he turned around to look at Aqua Rose and the others.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s question, Aqua Rose and the others exchanged glances, unsure whether they should enter the Legacy Room or not. Shi Feng had already told them that this opportunity was available to them only once a month. If they did not grab ahold of it properly, they would have to wait another month to experience what fully unlocking their Mana Bodies felt like. At that time, everything would be too late already.

“I’ll go first, then,” Fire Dance said after giving the matter some thought.

“Alright. Just walk straight into the room. Once you’re inside, focus all your attention on your Mana Body and try your best to adapt to the sensations you feel,” Shi Feng advised as he pointed into the Legacy Room, which was the size of half a basketball court.

The situation inside the Legacy Room was the complete opposite of the situation inside the Legacy Gate.

Instead of a sparse Mana environment, the Legacy Room’s environment abounded with Mana. While standing inside such a room, players would find it practically impossible to perceive the flow of Mana inside their own bodies clearly. They could only rely on their intuition to progress.

“I understand.” Fire Dance nodded before walking into the room.

Meanwhile, after Fire Dance entered the Legacy Room, the crystalline door sealed itself once more. Everyone’s heartbeat started accelerating at the sight.

“No need to be anxious. Even if you fail to fully unlock your Mana Body this time, you can still continue trying in the outside world. It is only a matter of time before you unlock your Mana Body. Just treat this as an opportunity to experience it ahead of time,” Shi Feng said, smiling when he saw how nervous everyone was.

The opportunity the Legacy Room provided was indeed very important. However, even if one failed to fully unlock their Mana Body after entering the Legacy Room, it did not mean that they wouldn’t be able to unlock their Mana Body in the future. They merely had to pay a higher price to do so.

At this moment, Aqua Rose suddenly received a message. After reading it, she turned to Shi Feng and said, “Guild Leader, MacAffrey sent me another message. He says something big has happened, and he needs you to pay him a visit now.”

“Is it so urgent?” Shi Feng was a little confused as to why MacAffrey kept trying to contact him. “Alright, it’s best if I go first. The Legacy Room is already activated. Enter it one by one.”

After leaving these instructions, Shi Feng immediately exited the Fortress Lord’s Mansion and made his way toward Divine Tribe’s temporary Residence in the Starlight Fortress.