Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2467 - Legacy Room

Chapter 2467 – Legacy Room

Star Valley, Starlight Fortress:

A spatial tear appeared before the entrance of the Fortress Lord’s Mansion as Shi Feng teleported out of the Legacy Gate.

Currently, several figures were resting before the entrance, every one of which looked exhausted, as if they had just fought a battle that lasted several days and nights. Their eyes were bloodshot, and their bodies were felt weak and sore all over.

“Guild Leader?” A trace of surprise flashed in Cola’s eyes when he saw Shi Feng coming out of the spatial tear.

Aside from Cola, Shadow Sword, Turtledove, Alluring Summer, and Yi Luofei, who sat beside him, were similarly stunned by this scene. They knew what the situation inside the Legacy Gate was very clearly. Out of their team of 10, the one with the highest chance of clearing the first level was undoubtedly Shi Feng.

Now, however, Shi Feng was actually the sixth person to come out of the Legacy Gate. This development boggled their minds.

After all, in terms of combat standards and Basic Attributes, Shi Feng was the strongest among them. Even the standard of his Mana Body was unmatched.

Theoretically, even if Shi Feng failed to conquer the sacred mountain’s first level, he still should have been the last one to come out of the Legacy Gate.

Ignoring the strange gazes Cola and the others were giving him, Shi Feng asked, “Only the five of you have come out?” “Mhm. Big Sis Fire and the others are still inside.” Cola nodded stiffly.

They made such huge improvements during this period?” Shi Feng was surprised by this situation. The fact that Fire Dance and the others remained inside the Legacy Gate until now meant that they were close to clearing the sacred mountain’s first level already.

The first level of a Gold Gate’s sacred mountain!

Shi Feng had personally experienced the difficulty of the Gold Gate’s trial. From his experience, everyone, aside from Yan Tianxing, shouldn’t have much of a chance at clearing the sacred mountain’s first level. After all, the Gold Gate’s trial placed much more importance on players’ combat standards than on Basic Attributes. No matter how powerful their Basic Attributes were, their attacks couldn’t be stronger than those of Tier 3 NPCs that had fully unlocked their Mana Bodies.

Meanwhile, of those that had come to the western continent with Shi Feng this time, Aqua Rose, Fire Dance, and Violet Cloud, three of the four players that had entered the Tower of Four Gods, remained inside although he had already exited. Gentle Snow was staying in the Black Dragon Empire to handle the Guild’s affairs.

Shi Feng never thought that Aqua Rose, Fire Dance, and Violet Cloud would last this long inside the Legacy Gate. Although he had already known that all three of them had reached the Void Realm standard and that Violet Cloud had even learned a Bronze Combat Technique, they still shouldn’t be capable of surviving until now.

However, Shi Feng quickly shook his head, not dwelling on the matter. After all, the stronger Aqua Rose and the others became, the better it would be for Zero Wing. Following which, he looked at Cola and the others and asked, “Right, what kind of gains did you get inside? How much of your Mana Body did you manage to unlock?”

The real treasure hidden inside an ancient fortress was the Mana Body Legacy. Hence, it did not matter whether players managed to clear the fortress’s Legacy Trial or not. The crucial part was how much players learned from the Legacy Trial. If players simply focused on clearing the trial and failed to learn anything, then it would be a huge loss.

“I’ve already unlocked it to 75%,” Cola replied in a slightly prideful tone.

Although he was the first person to exit the Legacy Gate, he had unlocked the most potential out of their group of five. In fact, had he managed to push through one more batch of opponents, he might’ve been able to unlock 80% of his Mana Body’s potential. It should be known that every 10% potential unlocked in a Mana Body would enhance one’s normal attacks, Skills, and Spells significantly.

Upon hearing Cola’s prideful tone, Shadow Sword and the others eyed him with contempt. Cola had unlocked merely 5% to 10% more potential than they had. That was nothing for him to boast about.

Shortly after Shadow Sword and the others finished reporting their progress, four spatial tears suddenly opened up before the Fortress Lord’s Mansion, one after another. A figure then walked out of each spatial tear. These four figures belonged to none other than Aqua Rose and the rest of the Zero Wing contingent.

At the same time as Aqua Rose and the others exited, an additional Bronze Mark appeared on Shi Feng’s Fortress Lord’s Token.

“The Knights on the second level are simply overpowered! Every one of their attacks rivals Mythic monsters’! Who could possibly block those attacks?!” Yan Tianxing’s expression turned ugly when he was teleported out of the Legacy Gate.

You cleared the first level?” Shi Feng asked as he took in Yan Tianxing’s miserable state.

“Mhm, but the second level is far too difficult. Those Knights are basically at the Tier 4 standard already, and they’re even more difficult than Mythic monsters,” Yan Tianxing replied, nodding with some disappointment at this outcome.

“Not bad. The second level’s Knights all possess Gold Magic Bodies. Their Magic Bodies are not the slightest bit inferior to yours. Moreover, their Magic Bodies are fully unlocked while yours is not. If multiple Knights gang up on you, it is only natural for you to get defeated,” Shi Feng said, not the slightest bit surprised by this outcome. He then swept his gaze over Yan Tianxing’s group of four and asked, “How far have you gotten in unlocking your Mana Bodies?”

NPC Knights that possessed Gold Mana Bodies simply had too large an advantage over current players like themselves. Even Shi Feng would have to activate Heavenly Dragon’s Power to block their attacks.

“I currently have it unlocked up to 90%,” Yan Tianxing reported, slightly disappointed. “It would be great if I could have continued fighting for a little while longer.”

Cola and the others gazed at him enviously, upon hearing that.

They never thought that the second level’s NPC Knights actually possessed Gold Mana Bodies. Gaining the opportunity to observe these Knights would definitely provide them with significant help.

“I’m just a little ways off myself. I managed to unlock mine up to 95%. If I could continue observing for 20 more minutes, I might have been able to unlock my Mana Body completely,” Aqua Rose said, thoroughly bummed.

The Mana that the second level’s Knights exuded was simply too frightening. Every one of their attacks carried power close to the Tier 4 standard. Moreover, they also possessed very high combat standards, basically rivaling Refinement Realm experts. Worst of all, her ability to wield Mana was restricted due to the harsh environment.

Fire Dance and Violet Cloud similarly shook their heads in frustration. Although both of them had unlocked 95% of their Mana Bodies’ potential, they still couldn’t contend against the second level’s Knights.

“Right, Guild Leader, Divine Tribe contacted me previously. They said that there is something they need to discuss with us. However, as we were still inside the Legacy Gate, I told them that we had some urgent matters to deal with and had them rest inside their temporary Residence for now,” Aqua Rose suddenly said.

“That isn’t an urgent matter,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “It’ll be the same if we go after all of you have fully unlocked your Mana Bodies.”

“Unlock our Mana Bodies?” Aqua Rose was puzzled by Shi Feng’s words.

They had just come out of the Legacy Gate. Without the help of the Legacy Gate, it would be incredibly difficult for them to make any more progress. Fully unlocking their Mana Bodies might even take up to a fortnight.

“Mhm. An ancient fortress’s Legacy Gate is indeed the fastest place for players to unlock their Mana Bodies. However, the Fortress Lord’s Mansion has something called a Legacy Room. Although its training effects aren’t as excellent as the Legacy Gate’s, it allows players to experience a fully unlocked Mana Body for three minutes. I believe this experience should be of significant help for you all,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

The Legacy Room was the core of the Fortress Lord’s Mansion. Only after players obtained the rights to control the Fortress Lord’s Mansion would they be allowed to use it. Moreover, the room could be used only 12 times a month, and each player could use it only once a month.

During Shi Feng’s previous life, the various superpowers that controlled an ancient fortress allowed only peak experts that were close to fully unlocking their Mana Bodies to make use of the Legacy Room.

Now that Aqua Rose and the others had managed to unlock at least 70% of their Mana Bodies’ potential, they would have a very high chance of fully unlocking their Mana Bodies if they utilized the Legacy Room. Shi Feng naturally had to let them try.

After saying so, Shi Feng removed the seal on the Fortress Lord’s Mansion and led everyone inside.