Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2466 - Heavenly Blue Successor

Chapter 2466 – Heavenly Blue Successor

There’s also the option to learn Mana Techniques?

Shi Feng could not help but hesitate when he heard the options Eliadi gave him.

Mana Technique was a familiar term, a Mana usage technique that players could use only after reaching Tier 3 and obtaining their Mana Body. It was categorized as a type of combat technique in God’s Domain.

Only, combat techniques focused on the usage of a person’s physical body for combat, while Mana Techniques focused on the usage of a person’s Mana for the same.

However, only an extremely small number of players had the opportunity to learn Mana Techniques in God’s Domain because the knowledge had long been lost. Normally, players had to rely on their own inspiration to create Mana Techniques.

As for Shi Feng, even after playing God’s Domain for a decade during his previous life, he never managed to learn a single Mana Technique.

If it were before he had witnessed Eliadi’s three attacks, he would’ve most likely chosen to receive guidance on how to unlock his Epic Mana Body without any hesitation. This was because the Mana Techniques he had seen experts use in his previous life hadn’t been particularly powerful. Those Mana Techniques only bolstered the strength of existing Skills and Spells slightly, not even as useful as combat techniques.

However, from the goddess’s attacks, it would seem that he had been under a misconception.

After all, Eliadi’s Mana Techniques allowed her to exhibit strength at the peak of Tier 4 despite having suppressed herself to Tier 3. The strength of her Mana Techniques was many times superior to Bronze Combat Techniques.

Of course, part of the reason why she could exhibit such strength with her Mana Technique was her high comprehension of the technique. Even so, this had still allowed Shi Feng to get a general idea of the power of Mana Techniques.

If he could master Eliadi’s Third Sword, Holy Annihilation, then he really would be able to move unhindered through the entire God’s Domain.

Normally, players had to rely on Legendary items to transcend tiers. Moreover, the higher one’s tier was, the more difficult it would be to transcend tiers. Just the gap between Tier 3 and Tier 4 was already massive. Even with a Legendary item, the best a Tier 3 player could do when fighting a Tier 4 player of equal combat standards would be a draw. It would take more than just a Legendary item to win against a bona fide Tier 4 player.

Eliadi’s Mana Techniques, on the other hand, only needed one to unlock their Mana Body to transcend tiers. Meanwhile, given sufficient time, players could unlock even Epic Mana Bodies to 100% potential.

“You have 30 seconds to consider. If you don’t make a decision, I will take it as you giving up the opportunity to learn. You have only this one chance, so I hope you consider your decision well,” Eliadi said as she looked at Shi Feng.

As soon as Eliadi finished speaking, a system timer appeared before him, the timer counting down the seconds.

Thirty seconds…

Twenty-five seconds …

Twenty seconds…

The ticking sounds were like a countdown to death, and they stimulated Shi Feng’s mind.

He had only this one opportunity to learn a Mana Technique. After he mastered it, he could even teach it to others. This Mana Technique would be a great help for Zero Wing’s future.

However, if he wished to unlock his Epic Mana Body past 100% potential, he could only rely on Eliadi’s guidance. Otherwise, on his own, the chances of him breaking through the 100% threshold were practically zero.

“You have 10 more seconds to consider,” Eliadi reminded when she saw Shi Feng still in deep thought.

However, Eliadi’s reminder did not catch Shi Feng’s attention. On the contrary, he sank even deeper into thought now.

“You have five seconds left,” Eliadi prompted once more. “Decide!”

At Eliadi’s final reminder, Shi Feng snapped out of his daze and took a deep breath.

“Lady Eliadi, I choose the guidance on my Epic Mana Body!” Shi Feng said with determination.

“Are you certain?” Eliadi asked, gazing at him seriously.

“I am very certain,” Shi Feng confirmed, nodding.

In his opinion, a Mana Technique was indeed amazing. In fact, the value of Eliadi’s Mana Technique surpassed even the value of Legendary items.

However, gaining the ability to unlock his Epic Mana Body past the 100% threshold was much more important since a player’s Mana Body was the foundation for everything. In his previous life, every player that had set foot into the realm of Tier 6 had broken through the 100% threshold. If he wanted to have a chance at reaching Tier 6, then he had to develop his Mana Body beyond 100%.

As for Eliadi’s Mana Technique, while it indeed could increase players’ combat power by a substantial degree, tiers trumped everything else.

This was especially true for Tier 6!

Even if said Tier 5 player was armed with an extremely powerful Legendary Weapon, they would, at most, be able to fight the weakest of Tier 6 players to a standstill. Defeating a Tier 6 player would be utterly impossible. Needless to say, it would be the same when relying on Mana Techniques.

During ancient times, humans possessed complete Mana Technique Legacies. Nevertheless, they were still incapable of contending against Tier 6 Gods.

Hence, tiers were everything in God’s Domain!

Take the current God’s Domain, for example. Tier 2 players were helpless against Tier 3 players. This was the case even for the various superpowers’ Tier 2 experts. Currently, the various superpowers could compete with each other only by using Tier 3 players. Even if Tier 2 players were amazing and could defeat current Tier 3 experts, if they were incapable of promoting to Tier 3 themselves, it was only a matter of time before they were left behind by Tier 3 players in terms of Basic Attributes as players reached higher levels.

“Excellent!” When Eliadi heard Shi Feng’s determined reply, an exquisite smile appeared on her flawless face.

At the same time, the sound of a system notification entered Shi Feng’s ears once more.

System: Congratulations! You have passed the hidden trial “Selection of Power” and received Eliadi’s recognition.

A hidden trial?! Shi Feng received a fright when he heard this system notification. He never thought that this challenge would actually include a hidden trial.

NPCs in God’s Domain had different personalities. Normally, they only gave players straightforward trials. However, there were NPCs that would give players double trials. In the case of these double trials, if players failed to clear the hidden trial, clearing the surface trial would be meaningless. They still wouldn’t receive any rewards.

“Since you have chosen to seek guidance on your Mana Body, it seems you have not been misled by the temptation of power. During ancient times, humans have constantly pursued the ultimate strength. Although they eventually obtained this ultimate strength, they also faced destruction because of it,” Eliadi said. In a pleased tone, she continued, “You, however, did not fall prey to the power I displayed. You have passed my trial. From now onward, you are my successor and are qualified to obtain my Legacy.”

System: Congratulations! You have completed the challenge of the Heavenly Blue Saint, Eliadi, and become her successor. Rewarding Mana Body Legacy and Holy Annihilation Technique Legacy.

After the system notification ended, Eliadi took out two Memory Crystals that gave off a colorful glow and handed them to Shi Feng.

“Of these two Memory Crystals, one of them records the method to unlock Epic Mana Bodies, and the other records the Mana Technique I created. You may use each of them only once. I hope you utilize them properly,” Eliadi said before vanishing without a trace, leaving behind only a stunned Shi Feng at the foot of the sacred mountain.

That was really close. Shi Feng sighed in relief after Eliadi disappeared.

If not for him having long known the importance of the Mana Body and the strength of tiers, he would’ve most likely chosen Eliadi’s Mana Technique instead. After all, from what he had seen, Eliadi’s Mana Technique would provide players with a huge boost in combat power. So long as current Tier 3 players learned Eliadi’s Mana Technique, their combat power would soar to the peak of Tier 3, possibly even the Tier 4 standard. Meanwhile, if one possessed Tier 4 combat power at this stage of the game, they would definitely be invincible among players. Who could possibly resist such a temptation?

However, if he had really chosen to acquire Eliadi’s Mana Technique, he would have ended up with nothing at all.

Now that I have obtained the Mark and Legacy, it’s time to return.

After snapping out of his daze, Shi Feng stored the two Memory Crystals before making his way to the teleportation array for leaving the sacred mountain. He did not hurry to use the Memory Crystals. After all, they were one-off items. How much knowledge he could absorb from them would depend entirely on himself. It would be a huge waste if he did not use the Memory Crystals in an ideal state and environment.