Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2465 - Silver Mark

Chapter 2465 – Silver Mark

Along with Shi Feng’s low shout, Disintegration Power started flowing out of the Disintegration Armor and set the surrounding space aquiver. At the same time, a portion of the Disintegration Power entered Shi Feng’s body, instantly elevating him to the Tier 4 realm.

Suddenly, the spatial restrictions and frightening pressure that originally bound Shi Feng’s body weakened considerably, allowing him to move again. However, despite these changes, he did not feel safe. On the contrary, his complexion turned even grimmer than before.

Previously, when he was still at Tier 3, he had felt that Eliadi’s current attack did not carry as much Mana as her second attack. However, after reaching Tier 4, he realized just how wrong he was.

Currently, the space within 50 yards of Eliadi was actually filled with Mana as dense as steel.

In God’s Domain, Mana’s existence was akin to air. It would condense into a misty state only after reaching a sufficiently high density. However, the Mana surrounding Eliadi had surpassed the misty and liquid states.

Normally, in God’s Domain, the more refined the Mana was, the greater the energy it would contain.

Take Mana that was in a gaseous state and Mana that had concentrated into Magic Crystals. The amounts of energy each contained were worlds apart.

Seeing Eliadi’s frightening attack descending toward him, Shi Feng pushed his five senses to their very limits and executed his strongest Skill, Void Slash, inwardly praying, You must block it!

In the next moment, six sword lights appeared from the void, then merged into one to meet Eliadi’s greatsword.

Combined with the effects of all of Shi Feng’s Berserk Skills, this attack could be said to be the peak of Shi Feng’s current capabilities. In fact, he had even executed Void Slash at a 100% Completion Rate. The power of this attack could undoubtedly send Mythic monsters of the same level flying. Most likely, even Tier 4 NPCs would be no exception.


A deafening boom echoed throughout the surroundings after the attacks of both sides collided. The entire sacred mountain had even started trembling slightly.

In the next moment, a figure flew out of the sacred mountain’s first shrine and landed right at the foot of the sacred mountain, creating a crater that was over three meters deep.

“What a pity. I have waited a long time for a challenger with an Epic Mana Body to show up. If only he had unlocked his Mana Body before coming here. Combined with the power of a Tier 4 existence, he might’ve been able to withstand my final move,” Eliadi said to herself, sighing when she saw Shi Feng disappearing from the shrine.

However, just as she was about to leave, she suddenly sensed something. Her figure then disappeared from the shrine and reappeared at the mountain’s foot. To be precise, she appeared beside the crater of Shi Feng’s crash.

“He didn’t die?” Surprise flashed in Eliadi’s eyes for the first time when she saw Shi Feng getting to his feet in the crater.

Despite the Swordsman receiving her attack, his HP had not decreased by even a single point. Only, visible spatial cracks surrounded him. However, these cracks were mending themselves, and eventually, a perfect barrier formed around him.

How close. If I didn’t have the Nightwalker’s Cape’s Void Shield, that attack definitely would’ve killed me. Shi Feng breathed out a sigh of relief as he looked at the barrier protecting him.

He had still underestimated Eliadi’s final attack.

That final attack was even stronger than those of the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s Mana Pulse Cannons, practically rivaling the Flying Ship’s Magic Elven Cannon’s already. He had never heard of anyone exhibiting power at the peak of Tier 4 with merely a normal Tier 3 attack.

Fortunately, he had more than one Fragmented Legendary item on him—one of which was even for defense. Otherwise, only death awaited him in this trial.

After inwardly celebrating for a moment, Shi Feng climbed out of the crater quickly and walked up to Eliadi.

“Lady Eliadi, may I know if I passed your trial?” Shi Feng asked as he looked at the goddess.

Although he survived, he had been sent flying all the way down the sacred mountain. Since his agreement with Eliadi was for him to receive three of her moves, he wasn’t sure if getting sent flying out of the shrine was already grounds for disqualification. Eliadi had not stated the conditions for qualifications clearly.

“You passed,” Eliadi said, nodding. “Moreover, your performance was excellent. You actually managed to receive three of my moves without having unlocked your Tier 3 Mana Body. Of all the challengers I have come across throughout the years, you are the first to accomplish such a feat. As a reward, I will grant you not only a Legacy Guidance but also the Starlight Fortress’s Silver Mark.”

After saying so, Eliadi drew a silver rune in the air and imprinted it on the Fortress Lord’s Token tied around Shi Feng’s wrist.

System: Congratulations! You have obtained the Silver Mark and become the Starlight Fortress’s Silver Lord. You may freely enter the Fortress Lord’s Mansion and make use of the Starlight Fortress’s advanced functions.

System: You have completed the challenge of the Legacy Gate’s creator. Rewarding Level +1 and one Legacy Guidance from Eliadi.

Upon receiving the series of system notifications, Shi Feng fell into a daze. He never thought that the rewards for this challenge would be so generous.

Just the opportunity to receive a Legacy Guidance was already as valuable as a Fragmented Legendary item. In fact, if the peak experts of his previous life had known about this, they might have even willingly exchanged a Fragmented Legendary item just to receive a Legacy Guidance. After all, in God’s Domain, one’s own strength had the utmost priority. External items such as weapons and equipment only served to bolster a person’s existing strength.

Moreover, so long as one was sufficiently strong, obtaining Fragmented Legendary items was not that difficult a task. Take the independent experts of adventurer teams, for example. Despite these experts not having any major corporations or superpowers backing them, some of them had still reached the apex of God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, these people had accomplished this feat by relying entirely on their own strength.

However, aside from receiving a Legacy Guidance, he had actually received the Starlight Fortress’s Silver Mark as well. If the various superpowers in his previous life were to find out about this, they would definitely want to eat him alive.

In the past, in order to increase their authority in the ancient fortresses they controlled, the various superpowers had invested countless manpower and resources into nurturing their peak experts. However, extremely few superpowers had managed to obtain an ancient fortress’s Silver Mark—especially for ancient fortresses that housed a Gold Gate.

This was because the Silver Mark was no longer something just a handful of peak experts could attain. Obtaining a Silver Mark from a Legacy Gate required 10 experts to clear the sacred mountain’s second shrine and three experts to reach the sacred mountain’s peak within one challenge attempt.

Moreover, the difficulty of a sacred mountain’s second level was far greater than that of the first level.

The sacred mountain’s first level served as a foundational level for the Legacy Trial. It functioned more as an educational tool than a challenge.

However, it was a different story once players reached the sacred mountain’s second level. The second level and beyond would differentiate the strong from the weak. They were not meant to teach players anything, and all that players could do on these levels was figure out a way to survive.

In the case of the second level of a Bronze Gate’s sacred mountain, Tier 3 players would face Tier 3 Heroic Spirits that possessed extremely high combat standards; the weakest among them could rival Half-step Refinement Realm experts. Even worse, players had to go up against multiple Heroic Spirits simultaneously.

As for the third level, rumor had it that the opponents were bona fide Tier 3 Heroes.

Of course, players were no longer required to survive for as long as 30 minutes on the second level and beyond. Nevertheless, they still needed to last 10 minutes.

If even the Bronze Gate’s trial was already so arduous, Shi Feng did not even dare imagine what kind of opponents awaited him on the second level of the Gold Gate’s trial.

“Alright, you have a choice to make. Do you wish to receive guidance on how to unlock your Epic Mana Body, or do you wish to receive guidance on Mana Techniques?” Eliadi asked as she looked at Shi Feng’s stunned expression.