Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2464 - Three Divine Swords

Chapter 2464 – Three Divine Swords

Once Eliadi finished speaking, she closed her eyes and waited for Shi Feng’s reply in silence. She showed no intention of speaking further.

Players actually have a chance to earn a Legacy Guidance in a Gold Gate? The goddess’s explanation had stunned Shi Feng.

Based on what he knew from the past, the Legacy Gates’ creators were lofty beings. They’d only appear before players at the beginning of the Legacy Trial to explain the rules. Players shouldn’t encounter them again after that.

Shi Feng had never expected that not only would Eliadi appear before him near the sacred mountain’s first shrine, but she’d also offer him two choices. Moreover, one of the two options would afford him the chance to obtain a Legacy Guidance. If the experts from his previous life found out about this, they’d try to kill him out of jealousy.

Players didn’t receive any guidance after reaching Tier 3 in God’s Domain; they’d have to rely on their own abilities to grow stronger, especially when trying to unlock their Mana Bodies.

Even within the Legacy Trials, players could only rely on their observations to learn and improve. They wouldn’t be given anything on a silver platter.

Thus, receiving a Legacy Guidance was every expert player’s dream.

Unlocking a Mana Body’s full potential was only a basic condition to activating a Tier 3 Mana Body. If players could unlock more of their Mana Body’s potential, it could offer even greater benefits.

However, unlocking more of a Mana Body’s full potential was insanely difficult. If players had taken the wrong path during their early days, they’d have almost no chance of surpassing 100% potential. Players would have to settle for the most basic level of Mana Body.

If all players were offered a chance to receive guidance from an ancient Legacies, far more of the past’s peak experts would’ve been able to reach Tier 5. The stronger a player’s Mana Body was, the easier it’d be to complete their future Promotion Quests. This was why some experts with Silver Mana Bodies had reached Tier 5, while some experts with Gold Mana Bodies had been stuck at Tier 4.

When Eliadi had presented Shi Feng with two options, he had felt as if he were dreaming.

“Lady Eliadi, I choose your challenge!” Shi Feng instantly decided.

Challenging Eliadi was undoubtedly reckless, but if he missed this opportunity, he’d regret it for the rest of his life.

Even if he couldn’t take control of the Starlight Fortress’s Fortress Lord’s Mansion now, he could try again after the token’s Cooldown. However, if he passed up this opportunity to challenge Eliadi, he might not get another chance to earn a Legacy Guidance.

He had an Epic Mana Body, and unlocking its potential would be far more difficult than with a Gold Mana Body. Just trying to unlock 100% of its potential was an immensely difficult challenge, not to mention unlocking more than that.

“Excellent. You have made a wise decision. You will not receive another chance to challenge me, let alone obtain a Legacy Guidance, no matter how many times you come here,” Eliadi said as she opened her eyes. When she looked at Shi Feng, a hint of recognition flashed in her eyes. “However, don’t think that you can withstand three of my attacks. Even if I limit my strength to Tier 3, you have less than a 10% chance of completing my challenge with your sealed Epic Mana Body.”

Eliadi then pulled a blue greatsword, whose tip had been buried in the ground before her, and raised it above her head.

A frightening amount of Mana suddenly surrounded her, and a Mana storm manifested around Eliadi’s greatsword. The storm was so powerful that it could even tear apart space.

Shi Feng could sense that the phenomena weren’t due to a Skill or Spell. Eliadi was merely executing a normal attack. “Now, face me! First Sword, Lightshadow!”

As she spoke those words, Eliadi swung her greatsword down at Shi Feng, who stood over 40 yards away.

A gigantic blade of Mana appeared in the goddess’s hands and descended on Shi Feng, splitting apart space as it passed.

So, this is the true method of utilizing a Mana Body? Shi Feng was dumbfounded as the blade grew near.

He had met many Tier 5 NPCs, but he had never met one that had such mastery over their Mana Body.

Although Eliadi had suppressed her strength to Tier 3, her normal attacks still had the power of a Tier 4 Skill…

Without hesitation, Shi Feng activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power.

The Legacy Trial was located in a different realm. Although players were prohibited from using Invulnerability Skills, they could use any other Skills or Spells they possessed. This was why Shi Feng dared to accept Eliadi’s challenge.

Divine runes immediately appeared around Shi Feng’s body, substantially increasing his Strength. He then brandished his swords at the descending Mana weapon.

Secret Technique, Lightning Flash!


When the weapons collided, the impact created a powerful shockwave that shook the surrounding area. Even the ground trembled at its might. The boom of the collision echoed across the entire sacred mountain.

A figure then shot out of the dust cloud that encompassed the battlefield; it was none other than Shi Feng.

Not only had he lost one-fifth of his HP, but he also failed to stabilize his footing after he landed, tumbling to the ground…

Before Shi Feng could return to his feet, however, the goddess was already poised to attack again. This time, however, she positioned her sword beside her, prepared to execute a horizontal slash.

“Second Sword, Holy Devour!”

Another Mana storm brewed around her, threatening to devour everything in its path. This time, Shi Feng could feel the storm suck away the Mana within him, and the pressure that bore down on him made it somewhat difficult to move.

Shi Feng had no time to respond properly before the Eliadi swung her greatsword.

A torrent of fire manifested before Shi Feng, distabilizing space around it. These flames raged as if they needed to devour everything they touched, including space.

These flames were more than twice as powerful as the earlier Mana sword…

Are you kidding me? Shi Feng’s shock reached unprecedented levels as he watched the torrent of fire blast toward him.

Normally, not even Heroes could exhibit Basic Tier 4 power with normal Tier 3 attacks, but not only did the goddess’s horizontal swing contain Tier 4 power, but it was also at the Intermediate rank. No one would believe him if he retold this tale.

Despite his surprise, however, Shi Feng didn’t hesitate. Realizing that he couldn’t afford to hold back, Shi Feng activated Blade Liberation and executed Lightning Flash once more.

Space exploded the moment the two fighters’ weapons met.

Like before, Eliadi’s attack sent Shi Feng flying, and this time, it left him with less than 50% of his HP. However, before Shi Feng could stand up, he heard Eliadi’s voice.

“Third Sword, Holy Annihilation!”

Eliadi showed no intention of slowing her assault. Leaping into the air, she rose above Shi Feng and swung her greatsword downward.

This time, the goddess’s attack didn’t include any Mana fluctuations, but Shi Feng discovered that he couldn’t move. He felt as if he were surrounded by enemies, and he could only watch as Eliadi’s greatsword descended toward him.

This attack was many times stronger than her second swing… “Power of Destruction, activate!”