Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2460 - Swarming Starlight Fortress

Chapter 2460 – Swarming Starlight Fortress

Silvermoon Empire, Silver Lion City:

“What did you say? Zero Wing has already captured the Starlight Fortress?” Adolf was momentarily stunned when he heard MacAffrey’s report. “Impossible! Your group only left a while ago! Even if you hadn’t rested, how could you have slain several hundred thousand monsters in the fortress so quickly?!”

Adolf felt as if MacAffrey were playing a joke on him. Zero Wing and the Silver Lion Legion hadn’t even been gone from Silver Lion City for more than a day, and the Starlight Fortress was home to hundreds of thousands of monsters, the weakest of which was Lord rank. Furthermore, there were plenty of Great Lords and Grand Lords in the fortress, and multiple Mythic ranked Guardian Bosses.

Even if the Starlight Fortress had opened its gate to the Silver Lion Legion, the legion’s 8,000 players would still need a lot of time to clear out all of the monsters. It’d be a miracle if the legion finished the job within two or three days.

However, less than a day had passed since the legion had left for Star Valley, and including travel time, they had spent even less time in the area.

Did MacAffrey assume he had gone senile with old age?

“It’s true, Great Elder,” MacAffrey insisted, smiling bitterly when he saw Adolfs skepticism. “Take a look for yourself if you don’t believe me. We’ve already entered the Starlight Fortress and are clearing out the monsters. The fortress magic array is now buffing us, rather than its previous residents.”

As MacAffrey spoke, he changed the video chat to display his view of the situation.

Adolfs display then revealed the Silver Lion Legion’s fight with the Elemental Creatures within the Starlight Fortress. Although the weakest of the Elemental Creatures were Level 110 Lords, and many of them were Level 110-plus Great Lords and Grand Lords, the fortress’s magic array suppressed every one of the monsters, drastically reducing their Basic Attributes and mobility. In addition, the legion’s members were surrounded by a faint purple glow, significantly enhancing their Attributes and physiques.

Although the Silver Lion Legion was badly outnumbered, the Elemental Creatures were no match for them, and the monsters continued to fall as the fight continued. Seeing this made it obvious that the Starlight Fortress was now under player control. Otherwise, the fortress’s magic array wouldn’t behave in such a way.

“How is this possible?!” Adolf stared with wide eyes.

They were talking about one of Star Valley’s fortresses!

Even if several superpowers worked together, they still couldn’t capture a fortress in this Level 100-plus forbidden land, much less Divine Tribe alone.

“Great Elder, I doubt it will be long before the other superpowers hear of this. The Main God System had announced the Starlight Fortress’s capture in a regional announcement. We couldn’t keep this a secret if we wanted to,” MacAffrey cautioned. He could sympathize with how Adolf felt at the moment.

When Shi Feng had first declared that he wanted to capture the Starlight Fortress, MacAffrey had assumed the Swordsman was both insane and ignorant.

The west’s various superpowers had to expend a lot of resources and manpower to obtain a single town, yet Shi Feng wanted to capture a fortress in a Level 100-plus forbidden land. Clearly, he hadn’t been taking the western continent’s superpowers seriously.

Star Valley had leveling resources that were unique to the area. It was also home to the west’s only two known God Mode Regional Dungeons.

It was no exaggeration to claim that owning one of Star Valley’s fortresses was on par with owning several Grade 1 veins.

If the various superpowers were capable of capturing these fortresses, they would’ve already done so. How could a pseudo-superpower like Zero Wing possibly succeed where the various superpowers had failed?

In the end, however, Shi Feng had succeeded. Moreover, the strength Zero Wing had displayed was far beyond anything MacAffrey could’ve imagined. When it came to laying siege to fortified locations, Zero Wing outstripped ordinary superpowers. In fact, not even Super Guilds would prove as adept as Zero Wing in this respect.

The Domain tools and the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship Shi Feng had revealed were godly tools during an offensive siege. Watching those tools in action had changed everything MacAffrey had thought he knew about siege battles. Before the Ring of Gospel and Flying Ship, Tier 3 experts were nothing…

“It seems I still underestimated Zero Wing. Not only can it travel between the continents, but it has even proven capable of capturing the Starlight Fortress. Not even Super Guilds have such firm foundations,” Adolf said, taking a deep breath to calm himself. He also reevaluated what he knew about the Guild known as Zero Wing. “Since that is the case, I want you to give everything you have in assisting Zero Wing from now on. Also, inform Black Flame that Divine Tribe is willing to go all-out in helping his Guild manage the Starlight Fortress. Not only will we send the Divine Hymn Legion and a 150,000-man expert army to garrison the fortress free of charge, but we’ll also give Zero Wing 100 Bottles of the Special Enchanted Bloodline. In return, all Divine Tribe wants is a temporary Residence in the Starlight Fortress!”

Adolfs declaration stunned MacAffrey.

“Do we really need to go that far, Great Elder? Setting aside the Divine Hymn Legion, we went to great lengths to save up 100 bottles of the Special Enchanted Bloodline. If we give them all to Zero Wing, our Guild’s Tier 2 experts will have a much harder time reaching Tier 3 than other superpowers’ players,” MacAffrey quickly tried to dissuade Adolf from his decision.

The Divine Hymn Legion wasn’t as strong as the Silver Lion Legion, but it was the Guild’s second-strongest trump card legion. Normally, it was responsible for garrisoning the Guild’s important mining towns. If they transferred the Divine Hymn Legion to the Starlight Fortress, those mining town’s defenses would become a problem.

The 100 Special Enchanted Bloodlines were also supposed to be the capital Divine Tribe used to compete with the various Super Guilds. These Bloodlines could help the Guild quickly nurture Tier 3 experts. With another 100 Tier 3 experts, Divine Tribe could start raiding Level 100 super-large-scale Team dungeons, instantly surpassing the various Super Guilds.

Although Zero Wing had secured the Starlight Fortress, fortresses in forbidden lands weren’t like those in other maps. Even after capturing them, players couldn’t gain full control of these fortresses. Moreover, NPCs wouldn’t be around to help manage the fortresses, and thus, they would require a large number of experts to protect them long-term. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be long before the ruling power started having problems.

Since news of the Starlight Fortress’s capture had already begun to spread, many powers would swarm to it in the near future. Meanwhile, Zero Wing had barely any manpower on the western continent. Without Divine Tribe’s help, defending the Starlight Fortress was impossible for Zero Wing. There was simply no reason for Divine Tribe to give Zero Wing 100 bottles of the Special Enchanted Bloodline.

“Mhm. We have to. You should realize that if we want a temporary Residence in Star Valley, Zero Wing is our only option for an ally. On the other hand, Zero Wing can choose from many superpowers to ally with. However, Small Fortresses can only have one temporary Residence, and we have to have it, no matter what!” Adolf sternly informed his subordinate.

The potential wealth and resources related to the Starlight Fortress couldn’t be underestimated, especially the leveling resources. If Divine Tribe could secure a temporary Residence in the Starlight Fortress, the Guild’s overall leveling speed would surpass the other superpowers’ by a large margin.

One hundred Special Enchanted Bloodlines? Zero Wing really has lucked out. When Crimson Witch overheard Adolfs statement and tone, she knew the Great Elder had already made up his mind. She wasn’t happy about it, but there was nothing she could do to change it. A lot of superpowers will be paying attention to the fortress, and it still isn’t guaranteed that Zero Wing can defend its ownership. Hopefully, Zero Wing doesn’t act foolishly.

While Divine Tribe discussed the matter, the west’s various superpowers began to grow restless.

“Interesting! It seems someone has proven capable of capturing the Starlight Fortress! Which power is it?”

“Could it be a hidden superpower that has finally decided to spread its wings?”

“Regardless, let’s go take a look at the fortress. If this unknown power can’t manage the fortress, this is the perfect opportunity to take it from them!”

The western continent’s various powers began to dispatch large expert teams, sending them to Star Valley.

These teams only had one goal.

Take the Starlight Fortress!