Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2459 - Western Continent Shaken

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The system announcement repeated throughout the Star Valley three times, And everyone in battle fell silent for a moment at the Main God System's cold, mechanical voice.

"What's going on?"

"Someone captured the Starlight Fortress?"

The Silver Lion Legion members couldn't keep up with the sudden developments. They hadn't even made it through the walls or gate yet, so no one should've been able to capture the fortress. How could this have happened?

It wasn't just the legion's various experts who were confused; even MacAffrey, the legion's vice commander, was stunned.

What happened to the Starlight Fortress?MacAffrey gazed at the fortress several thousand yards away, confounded.Did someone sneak in and slay the final Guardian boss?

Even as MacAffrey wondered this, he tried to deny the possibility.

In God's Domain, players couldn't enter a sealed fortress until they destroyed the front gate or broke a hole in the walls.

Since the Starlight Fortress's walls and gate were intact, how could any player get into the fortress?

Even if players could accomplish the task, the fortress was still home to hundreds of thousands of Elemental Creatures. All of these monsters were Level 110 or higher, and the weakest of them was Lord rank. Not even a 1,000-man, Tier 3 team would be able to handle the final Guardian Boss in such a situation, much less a 100-man team of Tier 3 players.

Even if players miraculously managed to reach and challenge the final Guardian Boss, fighting the Mythic ranked Boss should cause a huge commotion, but although they had been engaged in battle outside the fortress, they hadn't heard any noise from within.

The only strange part about this siege was that over 50,000 monsters had emerged to attack, rather than the 10,000 they had expected. Moreover, this monster army had over 100 Grand Lords and a Mythic Boss, a creature that normally should remain within the fortress.

"Could it be?" MacAffrey suddenly thought of a possibility, and he spun toward Shi Feng, who was busy looting the Starlight Behemoth's loot near the rear line.

In all of his experience sieging God's Domain's fortresses, the final Guardian Boss had never charged out of the fortress, yet the Starlight Behemoth had been extraordinarily powerful.

As a Mythic ranked Realm Lord, the Starlight Behemoth could be considered on par with a World Boss, albeit one of the weakest. Of course, a Level 113 World Boss was an absolute nightmare for current players.

Not to mention, the Starlight Behemoth had the support of an army of 50,000 monsters. Defeating it was far more difficult than defeating an ordinary Realm Lord. If Shi Feng hadn't used Miniature World to suppress the Guardian Boss's Domain earlier, MacAffrey would've prepared to lose half of his legion at least.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng stood in the middle of the crater, holding a dark-gold token. The token radiated dense Mana and served as proof of their success in capturing the Starlight Fortress.

The Starlight Fortress Lord's Token!

MacAffrey wasn't the only one to notice. Crimson Witch and the others had turned to look at Shi Feng as well.

"They've captured the fortress, just like that?" Crimson Witch stared at the token in Shi Feng's hand with wide eyes.

Although she knew that Shi Feng's group had a high chance of capturing the Starlight Fortress, she had never thought he'd secure the Fortress Lord's Token so soon.

This was one of Star Valley's Fortresses they were talking about! It was something the western continent's various superpowers dreamed of obtaining!

And yet, Shi Feng had captured the fortress so easily. If she told this story, not even fools would believe her!

Every member of the Silver Lion Legion was stupefied. None of them had ever expected a fortress in a Level 100-plus forbidden land to be so easy to capture. If the continent's other superpowers found out about this, they'd likely faint with anger…

In reality, even Shi Feng was astonished. He hadn't expected to obtain the Starlight Fortress Lord's Token so quickly either.

He had even been prepared to use the Hero's Tome to summon a Tier 4 Hero. If the first Guardian Boss they had faced had already been a Mythic ranked Realm Lord, the final Guardian Boss might be a Superior Mythic.

Players like them wouldn't be able to deal with a Level 110-plus Superior Mythic easily. Only a Tier 4 Hero would have a chance of defeating such a monster.

This has saved us a lot of effort, but we have much less time to fortify the fortress now.Shi Feng was not particularly pleased to see the Fortress Lord's Token, and he gave it a bitter smile.

The fact that he had obtained the Fortress Lord's Token so soon was both a blessing and a curse.

Now that he had secured the Fortress Lord's Token, he would have full control of the Starlight Fortress's magic array. Although he still had to reach the fortress's core to activate the defensive magic array, it would no longer buff the monsters within now that he had the token. This would make capturing the fortress far easier.

Now, he only needed to clear out the monsters in the Starlight Fortress, and he wouldn't have to destroy the fortress's wall or gate to do it. He could simply waltz through the front gate.

The only problem was that he needed to clear out the monsters and strengthen the fortress's defenses within three days, before the fortress opened to the public, and players began to flood in. Without adequate defenses, managing the fortress would become troublesome, and the various superpowers might use the opportunity to take it from him.

Unfortunately, sealing the fortress and preventing players from entering wasn't possible.

The Starlight Fortress was in Star Valley, a forbidden land. God's Domain's forbidden lands weren't controlled by any kingdom or empire, and almost all of their fortresses had survived since ancient times, created before the Great Destruction. Forbidden lands' fortresses weren't like those in neutral maps or Guild Towns and Cities. Even with the Fortress Lord's Token, one would not gain full access to the fortress. They couldn't open or seal the fortresses as they wished.

This was also the reason that any power to capture a fortress in a forbidden land was forced to send a large number of members to garrison the fortress.

In truth, the Main God System's settings for this weren't unreasonable.

Forbidden lands had far more abundant resources than other maps. If a power could acquire full control of an ancient fortress in a forbidden land, it would be nigh-impossible for other powers to break through the defenses and take it from them due to the defensive mechanisms that had also survived since ancient times. The power that had first captured the fortress would have permanent access to the forbidden land's resources, while everyone else would have to watch from the sidelines. This certainly wasn't a fair situation.

Take the Starlight Fortress, for example. It might only be a Small Fortress, but once its defensive magic array was activated, only Tier 5 beings would be able to break it. In an era where the Gods had gone into seclusion, Tier 5 powerhouses stood at the peak of God's Domain. Even emperors had to show proper respect. These powerhouses could wipe out entire kingdoms. Not even empires would get away scot-free after provoking such an individual.

Shi Feng had thought that he'd have three full days to bolster the Starlight Fortress's defenses after he captured it, but now he had to waste some of that time clearing out the hundreds of thousands of monsters within.

While Shi Feng and the others continued their fight against the Starlight Fortress's monsters, the Storm Heart adventurer team watched from a distance with dropped jaws.

"Who are those people?" the ruthless, greatsword-wielding man muttered as he stared at the system announcement in shock. "They've actually managed to capture the Starlight Fortress?"

"We don't know who they are, but this will certainly cause an uproar across the continent," Krow, Storm Heart's commander, said. He couldn't help but glance Shi Feng's way.

The various powers and expert teams all wanted to conquer Star Valley, but players couldn't remain in the area for very long, which slowed their exploration progress in the forbidden land. Although the various superpowers had frequently tried to capture fortresses within Star Valley, none had succeeded.

Now that someone had, Krow didn't even want to imagine how this event would change Star Valley.

While Storm Heart's members discussed the matter amongst themselves, news of the Starlight Fortress's capture spread like wildfire throughout the western continent.