Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2458 - Unexpected Loot

Chapter 2458 – Unexpected Loot

When the gigantic Starlight Behemoth crashed into the ground, the Silver Lion Legion members watched their experience bars rapidly fill. Each of them had earned even more EXP than when they normally slew Level 100-plus Mythic monsters as 100-man teams. Some players even leveled up, reaching Level 106.

“It’s dead?”

For a moment, the Silver Lion Legion’s members, who were in the middle of their battle with the Elemental Creature army, were stunned after the Starlight Behemoth had hit the ground. None of them had expected a Level 113 Domain- class Mythic ranked Realm Lord to go down so easily. For a moment, they even wondered if the Starlight Behemoth had actually been a Level 110 Grand Lord.

However, the Silver Lion Legion members were all experts, and they knew that weakness wasn’t the reason the fight with the Starlight Behemoth had gone so smoothly. Rather, Shi Feng’s group was just that ridiculously strong.

Meanwhile, the Starlight Behemoth began to disintegrate into countless particles of light, and a moment later, streaks of golden light escaped the Realm Lord’s fading corpse, scattering around it.

Upon landing on the ground, those streak of light transformed into dazzling items that radiated dense Mana. Some even gathered the ambient Mana around them.

In the blink of an eye, the site of the Starlight Behemoth’s fall had transformed into a high Mana density area.

“Crap! Isn’t the Boss’s loot a little too abundant?!”

“A Mythic ranked Realm Lord really is amazing. The loot from the Level 100-plus Mythics we’ve killed in the past doesn’t even come close! Its loot has even increased the Mana density in the surrounding area!”

The Silver Lion Legion members’ eyes nearly fell from their sockets as they gazed at the Guardian Boss’s loot.

They had seen Level 100-plus Mythic Bosses’ loot before. They had even seen World Bosses’ loot, but they had never seen a phenomenon like this.

Even though they couldn’t appraise the items right now, they had a rough estimation of the loot’s value based on the Mana the items radiated. The items that pulled Mana to themselves, in particular, should be Epic rank at the very least. There was no way those items could be Dark-Gold rank.

Level 100-plus Epic items!

The Silver Lion Legion had killed multiple Level 100-plus Mythic monsters just to acquire one Level 100-plus Epic item.

However, not only had the Starlight Behemoth dropped such items, but it had also dropped over two dozen items that radiated dense Mana. Based on their experiences, those two dozen items were likely Dark-Gold rank.

To equip Level 110 Dark-Gold items was akin to equipping Level 100-plus Epic items to players like them, who hadn’t yet reached Level 110. Although Level Reduction Gemstones that they could use with Level 100-plus weapons and equipment were rare and costly, the cost was negligible compared to equipping Level 110 Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment now.

If a Tier 3 player could fully gear themself in Level 110 Dark-Gold Equipment while at Level 105, they’d even be able to tank Level 110 Mythic monsters, not to mention Level 110 Grand Lords.

MacAffrey and Divine Tribe’s other upper echelons couldn’t help the envy they felt.

Divine Tribe hadn’t obtained a single piece of Level 110 Dark-Gold Equipment yet. It didn’t even have much Level 105 Dark-Gold Equipment.

And as for Level 100-plus Epic Weapons and Equipment, the Guild had almost nothing.

Unfortunately, Divine Tribe and Zero Wing had agreed that a monster’s loot would go to whichever team was responsible for slaying it. If both sides contributed to a monster’s death, they would distribute the dropped items based on their contributions in the fight.

For a moment, MacAffrey regretted his decision to save the Tier 4 Hero Summoning Scroll. He had never expected the Starlight Behemoth to drop so many precious items.

If he had used the scroll, slaying the Starlight Behemoth wouldn’t have been a problem. It had already been heavily injured, and if the Guild could obtain a fraction of the Starlight Behemoth’s loot, it would be worth the cost of using the Tier 4 Hero Summoning Scroll. The Tier 4 Hero could’ve also helped kill the rest of the fortress’s Mythic Bosses, and the Silver Lion Legion would return with enough of a harvest to outstrip the value of a Tier 4 Hero Summoning Scroll.

However, Zero Wing would now monopolize the Realm Lord’s loot, while Divine Tribe could only watch, envious.

“Everyone, work harder! You can see how much loot that Boss dropped! There are still several more Guardian Bosses in the Starlight Fortress! If we can kill them, I’ll hold an internal auction for all of the weapons and equipment we earn! Everyone will have a chance to obtain top-tier weapons and equipment!” MacAffrey shouted in the team chat.

“Whether or not you can take advantage of this opportunity depends on your performance now!”

MacAffrey’s announcement ignited the Silver Lion Legion members’ fighting spirit.

Internal auctions rarely occurred among Divine Tribe’s expert teams, especially among the Guild’s trump card legions and teams. The Guild usually only distributed monsters’ loot among specific players, and only a small portion was available for the core members, in exchange for GCPs, in the Guild Warehouse.

MacAffrey’s decision to hold an internal auction for the loot they obtained on this mission was a huge opportunity for all of them. Without the Guild’s interference, they wouldn’t have to worry about missing their chance to contest for the best available weapons and equipment.

Moreover, only a small number of players participated in this operation, which increased their chances of securing top-tier weapons and equipment. Even if the Guild upper echelons on the team participated, they only had a little more GCPs than the rest of the legion. With so many items up for grabs, these upper echelons would only win a small fraction of the loot.

With their fighting spirit reaching unprecedented highs, the Silver Lion Legion stopped holding back as they desperately fought the monster army charging at them. MacAffrey even used the Tier 4 Hero Summoning Scroll to help clear out the mobs.

Seeing this astonished Shi Feng a little. He had never considered that the Starlight Behemoth’s loot would motivate the legion to such an extent.

He didn’t give the matter much thought, however. The harder the Silver Lion Legion worked, the faster they could clear out the fortress’s mobs. If Zero Wing’s 10 members had to take on the task alone, it would take ages to clear out the entire fortress.

“Aqua, I’m giving you command while I tidy up the loot,” Shi Feng said before he leaped off the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

Although he doubted that the Silver Lion Legion’s members would try to steal his loot, the Starlight Behemoth had dropped extraordinary items. The sooner he secured those items, the better. Not only was the Starlight Behemoth a Domain-class Mythic ranked Realm Lord, but such Mythic Bosses were also quite rare in God’s Domain.

After Shi Feng disembarked the ship, Aqua Rose and her comrades continued to bombard the Starlight Fortress’s west wall.

Shi Feng wore an astonished expression by the time he had finished collecting the Starlight Behemoth’s loot and appraised the first item.

“The Starlight Fortress Lord’s Token?” Confused, Shi Feng stared at the dark-gold token in his palm.

Before he could figure out what was going on, he heard the sound of a system notification.

Star Valley Region System Announcement: A player has successfully captured the Starlight Fortress. The Guild this player belongs to will receive 20,000 Guild Reputation Points. This player has become the Starlight Fortress’s lord. The Starlight Fortress will automatically open to the public in three days. Players may enter and rest within the fortress freely at that time.