Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2457 - The Behemoth Falls

Chapter 2457 – The Behemoth Falls

“How is that possible?!”

The Flying Ship injured the Boss with just one attack? How powerful is that thing?”

“Are Flying Ships really this strong?”

Both the Silver Lion Legion and the fleeing Storm Heart team fell silent as they stared at the fallen Starlight Behemoth. They had no idea of how to express the shock they felt.

Ordinary Mythic monsters couldn’t compare to a Mythic ranked Realm Lord, even after the Starlight Behemoth had lost its Domain. Its Defense should be particularly high. Tier 2 players might deal around -5,000 damage to an ordinary Mythic, but when they attacked a Realm Lord like the Starlight Behemoth, they’d only deal around -3,000 damage.

Exceeding a monster like the Starlight Behemoth’s damage tolerance to injure it would be absolutely impossible for current players, yet the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship had accomplished the feat…

When Shi Feng saw the Guardian Boss on the ground, however, he wasn’t surprised. On the contrary, he had expected this outcome.

The Magic Elven Cannon dealt peak Tier 4 divine damage. The cannon’s power was nearly at the Tier 5 standard. Although the Starlight Behemoth was a Realm Lord, it was not a Higher Lifeform. Its Life Rating was roughly the same as ordinary Mythic monsters; it was merely tougher. Compared to the mutated Sunset King Shi Feng had encountered in the Sea God’s Realm, the Starlight Behemoth was an infant.

If the Magic Elven Cannon could even deal significant damage to the Sunset King, what chance did the Starlight Behemoth possibly have against it?

“Good! Bombard it with ranged attacks!” Shi Feng shouted, gesturing to the heavily injured Realm Lord.

Not only would God’s Domain’s monsters lose a significant amount of their combat power when heavily injured, but their Defense would decrease as well. A Level 100-plus Mythic monster had incredible recovery speed, and if they didn’t take advantage of this opportunity, they’d have to wait another five minutes before they could fire the Magic Elven Cannon again.


Before Shi Feng and his entourage could attack the Guardian Boss, however, it released a deafening roar, which was so powerful that it stirred up a storm around the monster.

The Starlight Behemoth then stretched open is massive maw, gathering a horrifying amount of Mana within.

Tier 4 Spell, Starlight Roar!

A brilliant beam of starlight shot from the Starlight Behemoth’s mouth, and as it did, it shattered space around it. The attack was so fast that the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship didn’t have time to dodge.

The blood drained from everyone’s faces. That beam attack had even more power than the Flying Ship’s Mana Pulse Cannons. It would annihilate any Tier 3 player it struck.

“Magic Shield, activate!” Taking no risks, Shi Feng activated the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s Magic Shield immediately.


When the beam collided with the Magic Shield, it transformed space around the ship into a sea of fire as another thunderous boom echoed throughout the area.

As everyone expected to see the Flying Ship severely damaged, the flames died down, and the Flying Ship remained in one piece. However, cracks had formed along the barrier around it.

As expected of a Realm Lord. It devoured over 20 million points from the shield’s energy reserved with one attack. Shi Feng was astounded when he saw that nearly half of the Magic Shield’s energy was gone.

The Crimson Dragon Flying Ship had Upper-rank Tier 3 Defense, which was even higher than most Mythic monsters, yet it had taken over -20 million damage. The Starlight Roar clearly had the power to approach the Tier 4 Upper-rank. The attack would even shatter a minor NPC city’s defensive magic array.

After its attack, the Starlight Behemoth flapped its wings and flew toward the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship. It intended to down the ship before it did anything else. The Flying Ship was, after all, a long-distance war weapon and, as such, was weak against close-combat attacks.

Shi Feng, however, had no intention of letting the Realm Lord get close to his Flying Ship. Before the Starlight Behemoth had even ascended, he had driven the ship toward the rear of the Silver Lion Legion. Since the Starlight Behemoth was so injured, the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship easily outran it.

“The Starlight Behemoth’s speed has decreased?” MacAffrey’s eyes glowed as he watched the Flying Ship kite the Guardian Boss around the Silver Lion Legion.

MacAffrey had been relatively surprised to see the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship injure the Starlight Behemoth, but injuring a Guardian Boss and killing it were two different things. The Starlight Behemoth might look miserable, but it hadn’t lost a significant amount of HP. The Magic Elven Cannon had only dealt a little over -50 million damage, which was nothing to the Starlight Behemoth.

The Realm Lord would tear the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship to shreds long before they could kill it. It had an incredible recovery rate, after all. The Flying Ship, on the other hand, was a war weapon, and as such, it didn’t have an automatic recovery ability. Every point of durability it lost in this battle would be permanent until repairs could be made.

If the ship could kite the Starlight Behemoth, however, it would be a different story. As long as Shi Feng’s group kept the Guardian Boss distracted, the legion could spare some of its Tier 3 experts to help attack the Starlight Behemoth once it had finished off enough of the Elemental Creature army, slowly whittling the Realm Lord to death.

But before MacAffrey could finish his thought, the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship stopped moving.

“What is he trying to do? Does he still plan to face the Starlight Behemoth head-on?”

The Silver Lion Legion’s members were confused when they saw the ship come to a halt. They couldn’t fathom what Shi Feng was trying to do.

Since the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship was currently faster than the Starlight Behemoth, it had the opportunity to increase the distance between it and the Guardian Boss, buying time until the Magic Elven Cannon’s Cooldown had ended. However, Shi Feng instead chose to let the Mythic monster catch up. The Swordsman was clearly mad.

With how fast the Starlight Behemoth’s recovery rate was, its injuries would heal completely in a matter of minutes.

While the Starlight Behemoth grew closer, and the Silver Lion Legion grew more nervous, Shi Feng revealed the Bible of Darkness and activated Demon Summoning.

A colossal pair of doors suddenly appeared before the Flying Ship, and as they parted, dense dark energy flooded through, transforming a 100-yard radius into a bubble of darkness.

Once the doors were fully open, an eight-meter-tall One-horned Demon flew through them. It wore a suit of pitch- black armor and was supported by two pairs of leathery, dark-black wings.

The instant this One-horned Demon emerged, every member of the Silver Lion Legion shuddered.

“A Level 125, Tier 4 Great Demon?”

“Why has a Great Demon come here?”

“We’re doomed… There are actually two Tier 4 monsters…”

This wasn’t the first time they had seen a Tier 4 Great Demon, but the one before them was a Level 125 Great Demon. Every five levels was a turning point in God’s Domain, and the difference was especially prominent after Level 100.

At most, the Silver Lion Legion could deal with Level 110 monsters. If they tried to take down a Level 125 Great Demon, they’d be digging their own graves. A Level 125 Great Demon was even more frightening than the Level 113 Starlight Behemoth.

As they all began to plan their funerals, Shi Feng pointed at the Starlight Behemoth, shouting at the One-horned Demon, “Go! Kill it!”

“Yes, my lord!” the One-homed Demon spoke in the human tongue before lightly bowing to Shi Feng.

Suddenly, the One-horned Demon vanished, and by the time everyone noticed it again, it hovered within 200 yards of the Realm Lord.

Tier 4 Spell, Advanced Instantaneous Movement!

Once the Great Demon was within range, it swung its shadow-black, steel trident.

A threefold magic array then appeared above the Starlight Behemoth’s head.

Tier 4 Spell, Dark Lightning!

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Black arcs of lightning descended from above, striking the heavily injured Realm Lord, and each pulled an agonized cry from the Mythic monster. Each lightning strike also dealt over -10 million damage, and after suffering nine consecutive attacks, the Starlight Behemoth had lost nearly 100 million HP…

Everyone was stupefied.

Just how many cards does he possess? Shock and confusion flashed in Crimson Witch’s eyes as she watched Shi Feng control the One-horned Demon.

First, he had revealed the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship; then, he showed off his ability to summon a Level 125 Great Demon.

Shi Feng was practically a one-man army!

The Storm Heart adventurer team’s members, who watched from a distance, could not help but gape at the scene. This was the first time they had ever seen anyone beat a Level 100-plus Realm Lord into submission.

The Level 125 Great Demon continued to tank the Starlight Behemoth, while the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship bombarded the Realm Lord with attacks, rapidly depleting its HP. Although the Starlight Behemoth tried to use a variety of Skills to retaliate, it only dealt a little damage to the One-horned Demon. Compared to how quickly the Starlight Behemoth’s HP drained, the amount of HP the Great Demon lost was nothing.

In less than 10 minutes, before the Silver Lion Legion could even kill one Grand Lord, the Starlight Behemoth, one of the Starlight Fortress’s Guardian Bosses, fell…