Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2456 - Flying Ship Versus Starlight Behemoth

Chapter 2456 – Flying Ship Versus Starlight Behemoth

“He destroyed the Boss’s Domain and suppressed it?”

“What did he do?”

Crimson Witch wasn’t the only player shocked to watch the Starlight Behemoth’s Domain shatter. No one could believe their eyes. They had never thought that Shi Feng had such an ability.

Current players were no match for a Tier 4 being’s Domain. Some superpowers had tried to use Tier 4 Domain Scrolls against true Tier 4 Domains, but they had barely been a match for the beings they had fought. Some Tier 4 Domain Scrolls were even weaker, and the superpowers that had relied on them had been suppressed by their enemy’s Domain.

In contrast, not only had Shi Feng shattered the Starlight Behemoth’s Domain, but he had also suppressed the Guardian Boss. It was unbelievable!

When Miniature World activated, the Starlight Behemoth paused for a moment mid-flight. However, it then bellowed angrily, and its entire body began to radiate dazzling starlight. It was trying to expand its Domain again and break free from Miniature World. Unfortunately, no matter how much the Starlight Behemoth struggled, it couldn’t escape the Skill’s effect.

Mana control even has such a huge effect on magical items? Miniature World’s results even stunned Shi Feng. He hadn’t actually expected the Ring of Gospel’s Skill to suppress a Realm Lord to such an extent.

All tools were ineffective against World Bosses; players had to rely on their own power. However, the Starlight Behemoth was not a World Boss, and thus, tools could be used against it. This was certainly a benefit since players couldn’t use Berserk Skills in Star Valley.

He had used Miniature World to suppress other Mythic monsters, but until he had gained his Mana Body, he hadn’t been able to use the Mana concentrated within the Ring of Gospel.

Now that he was a Master Magician as well, he, more or less, understood how the Ring of Gospel’s magic arrays operated. He could now guide some of the concentrated Mana into those arrays.

Even so, he had never thought that the results would be this powerful!

His only aim had been to destroy the Starlight Behemoth’s Domain. He hadn’t dared to hope that Miniature World would suppress the Guardian Boss, as well. The Ring of Gospel proved far more effective than when he had used it blindly before.

Of course, after giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng found it reasonable.

He had already upgraded the Ring of Gospel to the Fragmented Legendary rank, and World Power was already stronger than Domains. Now that he could use some of Miniature World’s true power, even if it were only a fraction, a Tier 4 Domain was no match for him. Not even the Starlight Behemoth could resist this power, and could only watch as the ability suppressed its Basic Attributes.

After this discovery, Shi Feng snapped back to the battle and glanced down at MacAffrey below the Flying Ship.

“Vice Commander Affrey, prepare to greet the enemy. Try to slow those mobs down as much as possible, especially the monsters that can fly. I’ll deal with the Boss,” Shi Feng shouted.

“This…” MacAffrey could not help but hesitate as he turned back to the Elemental Creatures’ army.

Disregarding the horde of Lord ranked monsters, the army had over 100 Level 110-plus Grand Lords. Even without the Starlight Behemoth’s Domain strengthening these Elemental Creatures, stopping so many high-level Grand Lords would be very difficult for the Silver Lion Legion’s 8,000 members. Only Tier 3 players could tank those monsters, and the legion only had 60 Tier 3 players…

Before MacAffrey could say more, however, Shi Feng sacrificed more Magic Crystals to the Ring of Gospel and activated Ring of Brilliance.

Suddenly, everyone within a 2,000-yard radius felt a pleasant, empowering sensation spread through them. Their Basic Attributes and physiques improved by 20%, increasing their overall strength by a large margin.

He has a Strengthening Domain tool, too? Crimson Witch was flabbergasted when she noticed the buffs the Silver Lion Legion had received.

She found it simply unbelievable that Shi Feng had both a Suppressing Domain tool and a Strengthening Domain tool. Normally, superpowers would be fortunate to have just one of these tools, yet Shi Feng had both…

“Will that help?” Shi Feng asked.

Not even Shi Feng had a good solution for facing the 50,000-strong army of Elemental Creatures, and he still had an agreement with Divine Tribe that the Silver Lion Legion could retreat if they lost more than 30% of their manpower.

However, if MacAffrey realized that they had no hope of winning this battle, he would give up before that, which wasn’t the outcome Shi Feng wished to see.

“I can’t make any guarantees, but we’ll try our best to stop those mobs,” MacAffrey agreed. Feeling the Ring of Brilliance’s effects, he decided to grit his teeth and fight.

If the Silver Lion Legion retreated without putting up a fight after Shi Feng had gone to such lengths to help them succeed, both the legion and Divine Tribe would be humiliated. Even if he had to risk severe losses, he would try his best to stop the approaching Elemental Creature army.

“Good! I’ll leave the rest to you! Just leave that Guardian Boss to us!” Shi Feng was satisfied once he saw that MacAffrey was committed to this battle. He was already fortunate that the Silver Lion Legion, one of Divine Tribe’s trump card legions, was willing to help.

Shi Feng then piloted his Crimson Dragon Flying Ship straight toward the Starlight Behemoth.

“What? Do they really intend to challenge the Starlight Behemoth?”

Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched the ship approach the Realm Lord.

In the air, a Flying Ship had superb combat power, but that was only true against immobile objects and players. Flying Ships weren’t built to fight monsters.

And yet, Shi Feng’s group was going to use the Flying Ship against the Domain-class Mythic. They had gone insane!

Even stripped of its Domain and with 20% less Basic Attributes, the Starlight Behemoth was far stronger than ordinary Mythic monsters. It’s 3.2 billion HP was more than enough to cause despair.

While the Silver Lion Legion members considered the ship’s odds of surviving, Aqua Rose raised her staff from the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s deck and began to chant an incantation.

Dark-blue, twofold magic arrays began to appear around the Starlight Behemoth, one after another.

Tier 3 Super Spell, Sea God’s Grasp!

Under her command, shackles of water closed around the Realm Lord, binding the Starlight Behemoth and holding it in place.

“Good! Fire the main cannon!” Shi Feng commanded.

As soon as he did, the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s Magic Elven Cannon began to gather an astonishing amount of ambient Mana. It then fired a searing-hot, white beam, with a 200-yard radius, at the Guardian Boss’s head.


As the shot collided with the Starlight Behemoth’s face, the forest below shook violently. The Silver Lion Legion’s members almost lost their footing due to the shockwaves, even from several hundred yards away.

As the white beam’s light faded, it revealed a colossal crater in the previously dense forest. Flowers, grass, trees, even the Elemental Creatures that had been in that area left no trace of their presence, utterly obliterated.

After a short moment, a gigantic figure fell from the sky and crashed into the crater’s center, causing such an impact that it sent dirt and debris into the air.

That gigantic figure was none other than the immobilized Starlight Behemoth.