Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2455 - World Descends

Chapter 2455 – World Descends

“I thought only mobs were supposed to come out!”

“Why is the fortress’s Guardian Boss out here, too?”

“Why is this Guardian Boss so powerful? Shouldn’t Domain-class Mythics be World Bosses?”

The Starlight Behemoth’s appearance shocked the Silver Lion Legion. The joy they had felt after seeing the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s might vanished when they saw the Starlight Behemoth’s gigantic, translucent body. Now, only fear swam within them.

Thus far, the various superpowers had only discovered a handful of Domain-class Mythic monsters, and every one of them was on par with a natural disaster. Those monsters could even guard an entire map.

In fact, some Level 90-plus World Bosses were merely Domain-class Mythics, and the various superpowers’ forces had proven ineffective against them. Even after relying on special items, they had been annihilated.

A Domain was simply unstoppable!

This was why Tier 3 NPCs were no match for their Tier 4 counterparts, even when they outnumbered the stronger NPCs.

Within another’s Domain, one’s overall performance would suffer significantly. Just casting Spells and activating Skills became excruciatingly difficult within a hostile Domain. One would be fortunate to exhibit 50% of their normal combat power in such a fight. To make matters worse, the Domain would strengthen its user’s overall performance, as well.

Even in a fight between a Tier 3 NPC and a Tier 4 NPC of equal strength, the difference would be qualitative with a Domain active. Needless to say, the difference would be even greater between Tier 3 players and a Domain-class Mythic.

“Commander, we need to retreat! Nobody can stop that Domain-class Mythic Boss! If we don’t run now, it’ll slaughter us!” the ruthless man from Storm Heart shouted at his commander, Krow, when he saw the Starlight Behemoth.

Not only was the Starlight Behemoth individually powerful, but its Domain would also strengthen the army of 50,000 monsters. Such a force would have no issues taking down a Guild City, much less the Silver Lion Legion’s 8,000 members.

With the fortress’s Elemental Creatures focused on the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, they had a chance to escape. If they waited until these monsters destroyed the ship and massacred the legion, they’d be next.

“It seems our raid is impossible. Inform everyone to retreat!” Krow commanded as he gazed at the Starlight Behemoth.

He had wanted to linger to witness the historical moment the Starlight Fortress was captured, but that no longer seemed like a wise idea. Of the various superpowers he knew of, none could even defeat a Level 90-plus Domain-class, Mythic ranked World Boss, not even the Five Great Super Guilds. Meanwhile, the Starlight Behemoth was a Level 113 Domain-class Mythic Boss.

[Starlight Behemoth (Torriande)] (Realm Lord[l], Starlight Creature, Mythic) Level 113

HP 4,000,000,000/4,000,000,000

Aside from the Starlight Behemoth’s Basic Attributes, its four billion HP alone would be enough to inspire despair.

With 4 billion HP, the Starlight Behemoth would regain 40 million HP every five seconds with its battle recovery. If players couldn’t deal 8 million damage each second, their attacks would be utterly worthless against the monster.

Tier 2 experts had a hard time dealing more than -10,000 damage to a Level 100-plus Mythic monster, and their attacks would be even less effective against a Domain-class Mythic. Only Tier 3 players could deal more than -10,000 damage to such a monster.

Assuming that a Tier 3 player could deal -20,000 DPS to the Starlight Behemoth, a team would need over 400 Tier 3 players to overcome the Guardian Boss’s battle recovery. Where was a power supposed to find 400 Tier 3 players at this stage of the game?

Not even the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship would make much of a difference. Flying Ships were war weapons; they might be useful against dumb mobs, but against a Mythic monster that could fly, the ship would even struggle to land a hit. Furthermore, the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s Mana Pulse Cannons had very long Cooldowns. To put it simply, it would only be limitedly effective against a Domain-class Mythic Boss.

While the Storm Heart adventurer team fled, panic overwhelmed the Silver Lion Legion as they watched the Starlight Behemoth fly toward them.

“The Starlight Behemoth is too fast, Vice Commander. We won’t have enough time to get everyone out of here safely. We’ll have to leave some players behind to slow it down. Please, issue the command,” Crimson Witch begged MacAffrey as she watched the Guardian Boss approach.

None of them had expected the Starlight Fortress to house a Domain-class Mythic. Shi Feng had doomed them all.

Since the situation had already become desperate, the only thing they could do now was figure out a way to reduce the legion’s losses as much as possible. The Silver Lion Legion was Divine Tribe’s strongest force; if it were annihilated, the Guild would suffer.

“It seems we have no choice.” Hearing Crimson Witch’s pleas, MacAffrey reluctantly pulled the Tier 4 Hero Summoning Scroll from his bag.

Current Tier 3 players had no hope of stopping a Level 113 Domain-class Mythic. If none of them could stop the Starlight Behemoth, the Silver Lion Legion would be slaughtered.

He had no choice but to rely on the Tier 4 Hero to pin the Guardian Boss down, buying enough time for everyone to escape.

It might be possible to rely on the Tier 4 Hero to raid the Starlight Behemoth if it were alone, but it wasn’t. Not only did the Guardian Boss have the support of 50,000 monsters, but its Domain even strengthened the monsters around it.

Not even four Tier 4 Heroes could defeat this horde-

while MacAffrey prepared to use the Tier 4 Hero Summoning Scroll, Shi Feng walked onto the Flying Ship’s deck and quietly watched the Starlight Behemoth’s army.

“Crap! He’s not even going to run?!”

“Does he assume he can use his Flying Ship to get away?”

“Maybe he’s in denial. He was clearly hoping to capture the Starlight Fortress, but now that there’s a Domain-class Mythic, his hopes have been dashed.”

The Silver Lion Legion’s Tier 3 experts, who were panicking on the ground, were confused when they saw Shi Feng on the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s deck, appearing relaxed.

The ship could fly and quickly, but its speed was nothing compared to the Domain-class Mythic’s. Once the Flying Ship, which relied on Mana to remain in the air, was within the Starlight Behemoth’s Domain, its Movement Speed would plummet.

If Shi Feng turned the Flying Ship around and fled now, he’d have a chance of getting out of there alive, but if he waited until the ship got caught in the Guardian Boss’s Domain, neither he nor his ship would escape.

However, while the Silver Lion Legion’s members wondered if the sudden development had dealt too much of a mental blow for Shi Feng to handle, the Swordsman pulled a golden ring from his bag. He raised the golden ring and began to chant an incantation.

When Shi Feng finished the chant, he revealed a faint smile as he glanced at the Starlight Behemoth’s approaching Mana Field. He then sacrificed 5,000 Magic Crystals to the Ring of Gospel and activated Miniature World.

The sky began to tremble as the phantom of a new world appeared above them all, separating the sky from the land.

Everyone immediately sensed that their connection to the outside world had been severed, and a frightening pressure overwhelmed them. This pressure didn’t originate from a single point, but assaulted them from all directions. They all felt as if they had just been plunged into a hostile plane of existence.

As Miniature World activated, the Starlight Behemoth’s Mana Field began to visibly recede. The Mana that had previously submitted to the Guardian Boss began to rebel. Rather than strengthen the Starlight Behemoth, it began to suppress the Realm Lord.

The Starlight Behemoth’s Basic Attributes decreased rapidly.

5%… 7%… 10%…

In just three short seconds, the Guardian Boss’s Basic Attributes had been reduced by 20%. As for the Elemental Creatures following it, not only had they lost 30% of their Attributes, but their Movement Speeds and reaction speeds had also significantly decreased…

“Impossible! He shattered a Mythic ranked Realm Lord’s Domain?!” Crimson Witch exclaimed, her jaw hanging open as she watched the Starlight Behemoth’s Mana Field vanish completely.