Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2454 - Domain-class

Chapter 2454 – Domain-class

When the 11 Mana Pulse Cannons bombarded the Starlight Fortress’s west wall, everyone in the vicinity felt as if Armageddon had begun as the world around them trembled.




Everyone gaped as they watched the beam attacks destroy the west wall, tearing space as they passed.

“Isn’t this Flying Ship a little too strong?!” Crimson Witch wondered.

Not only was the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s Mana Pulse Cannon extraordinarily powerful, but the ship also had 12 of them in total. It was practically a flying fortress.

Inwardly, she was relieved that she hadn’t started an all-out battle against Shi Feng’s group by the Demonic Silver mine. If a battle had truly started, none of her legion would’ve left the mine alive, even if they had used their Tier 4 Hero Summoning Scroll.

Crimson Witch and the other Silver Lion Legion members weren’t the only ones shocked. The adventurer team fighting not far from the Starlight Fortress’s front gate was also stunned.

A single shot from those Mana Pulse Cannons had dealt a devastating blow across a 50-yard-radius area. If all 12 Mana Pulse Cannons fired together, one round would be enough to annihilate a 5,000-man team, much less their 500 team members.

“Who are those people?”

Aside from shock and fear, the adventurer team’s members were overcome with curiosity about the identity of Shi Feng’s group.

They were members of the Storm Heart adventurer team, a top adventurer team that had survived multiple large-scale battles with Demonic Creatures. Storm Heart was quite famous in the Golden Sands Kingdom and its several neighboring kingdoms. Once, a superpower had even approached them for help to capture a Demonic Creature town.

Of all of the opponents Storm Heart had faced before, however, none could hold a candle to the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship. Not even the various superpowers had such a powerful weapon.

“Could those players be trying to capture the Starlight Fortress?” the ruthless man muttered incredulously as he watched the Flying Ship hover in the sky.

Star Valley was a forbidden land, and its fortresses were considered forbidden lands within a forbidden land. Current players simply didn’t have the strength to venture to such places. On average, the monsters within these fortresses were Level 110-plus, and there were usually easily more than 200,000 of them. The fortresses were even home to Level 110-plus Mythic monsters. For these Mythic monsters, killing current Tier 3 experts would be child’s play.

Even now, the various superpowers were only capable of exploring the areas around Star Valley’s fortresses. They’d have to wait until they had several thousand Tier 3 players to have even a chance of capturing a fortress.

The monsters weren’t even the most difficult part about capturing Star Valley’s fortresses. Opening a hole in the fortress’s defenses was the true challenge. If a team failed to do so, they’d never be able to send players into the fortress, making it impossible to kill the Guardian Boss and secure the Fortress Token.

“That seems to be the case. Why else would they attack the Starlight Fortress directly?” Storm Heart’s commander replied, similarly watching the flying ship with fear and awe. He had assumed that Shi Feng’s group had simply come to grind in the area and had only revealed the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship to scare away their adventurer team. He had never thought that those players actually intended to capture the fortress, which not even the various superpowers dared to try.

Before everyone could overcome their shock over watching the Mana Pulse Cannons’ bombardment, the brilliant light enveloping the Starlight Fortress began to fade, revealing massive cracks in the wall. The Great Lord ranked Elemental guards stationed on the wall had also been obliterated.

“What power! One round of attacks was enough to cause so much damage?” MacAffrey couldn’t help his growing excitement when he saw the cracks.

He had assumed that the power of one Flying Ship wouldn’t be enough to destroy the Starlight Fortress’s wall quickly, and if he had been right, their chances of capturing the fortress would’ve been dismal. They wouldn’t have had enough time to clear out the fortress’s monsters and find the Guardian Boss before the wall repaired itself.

However, it seemed that he had been wrong, and they actually had a high chance of success.

Although he didn’t know how much durability the west wall had lost, he had enough experience in sieging Demonic Creatures’ cities and fortresses to know what kind of power it took to crack one of those walls.

Based on his experiences, he calculated that the Starlight Fortress’s wall had lost at least 2% of its durability, which meant the wall would fall after 50 rounds of attacks. A fortress normally needed around two days to repair a destroyed wall. If they could destroy the wall with 50 rounds of attacks, not only would they have enough time to clear out the fortress’s monsters, but they’d also have enough time to kill the Guardian Boss multiple times over.

Zero Wing’s members aboard the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, however, had a different opinion.

“Guild Leader, this fortress’s wall is formidable. One round of our attacks was only enough to crack it. It’s practically as solid as the walls around major NPC cities,” Aqua Rose said, astonished when she saw how little damage the west wall had taken.

She was very familiar with the power of the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s Mana Pulse Cannons. Every one of their attacks was at the Tier 4 standard, even stronger than ordinary Mythic monster’s attacks. One blast was enough to deal significant damage to a Guild City’s walls.

And yet, the wall around the Starlight Fortress had barely taken any damage after 12 Mana Pulse Cannons had fired.

The wall was almost as tough as the wall around White River City.

White River City had already been promoted multiple times. Even if Mythic monsters attacked, the city wouldn’t take any damage.

They’d likely have to attack for a long time to open a hole in the Starlight Fortress’s wall.

Every time they fired the Mana Pulse Cannons, it cost them money. Although the cannons weren’t as expensive as the Mana Pulse Cannons in Guild Towns and Cities, each shot still cost 100 Magic Crystals…

“I’m satisfied with this outcome. If the fortress activates its defensive magic array and reinforces the wall, we won’t break through even after two solid days of attacking,” Shi Feng said, chuckling and shaking his head.

The Starlight Fortress had survived since ancient times, standing even after numerous battles. How could an Advanced Flying Ship possibly destroy it that easily?

If the Starlight Fortress were so fragile, it wouldn’t have lasted this long.

He didn’t particularly mind the Magic Crystals they spent. He had plenty to spare. If he had needed Magic Crystals so badly, he wouldn’t have tried to capture a fortress in the first place.

While Shi Feng and his party waited for the Mana Pulse Cannons’ Cooldowns to end, they heard a deafening roar from within the Starlight Fortress. Even from several thousand yards away, they could hear it clearly.

The Starlight Fortress’s gate then opened, and swarms of Elemental Creatures flooded out. Flying Elemental Creatures launched themselves from the fortress. At a glance, there were easily over 50,000 monsters, and every one of them charged at the Silver Lion Legion and the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship…

“Why are there so many?” MacAffrey felt his scalp tingle as he watched the incoming swarm.

Even in the worst-case scenario, there should’ve only been 10,000 or so monsters spilling out of the fortress, according to his initial estimates. But more than 50,000 charged toward them, including more than 100 Grand Lords. The Grand Lords alone outnumbered the Silver Lion Legion’s Tier 3 experts…

Before MacAffrey could issue a command, however, a thirty-meter-tall Starlight Behemoth flew from the fortress.

The instant the Starlight Behemoth emerged, the ambient Mana seemed to submit to its control.

“What?! A Domain-class Mythic?!” Crimson Witch exclaimed, paling when she saw the flying monster.

Expert players like her were no longer strangers to the concept of Domains. Almost all Tier 4 NPCs had one, and while within their Domains, NPCs could move and fight in a world that was tailored to them. This was why Tier 4 NPCs were so powerful; Tier 3 NPCs couldn’t defeat such a being, even with a numerical advantage.

Fortunately, monsters were dumb, unlike NPCs. They relied on their physical prowess in battle, but even so, they could contend with NPCs of the same tier. Monsters that had reached the Tier 4 Mythic standard were particularly hardy, powerful enough that even Tier 4 NPCs of the same level would struggle to defeat them.

Domain-class Mythic monsters had their own Domain. Even Tier 4 NPCs would have to flee from a group of Domain- class Mythics.

She had never dreamed that such a powerful monster would dwell within the Starlight Fortress, and it had just flown out of the fortress to greet them…