Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2450 - - A City

Chapter 2450 – A City

Shortly after Shi Feng’s group left, the situation in the Demonic Silver mine quieted down as everyone wondered about the identity of the group of strangers.

He actually got an invite from Divine Tribe’s Grand Elder? That guy must be extraordinary. It seems the Long Family will rise through the ranks in the next annual competition, the Berserker King Elder from the Azure Chamber of Commerce thought as he gazed in the direction Shi Feng’s group had disappeared in. He also felt an urgent need to deepen his relationship with the Long Family.

If players wanted to grow rapidly in God’s Domain, resources were an absolute necessity.

However, items such as weapons, equipment, Skill Books, and combat techniques required a lot of time to obtain, especially for players that worked alone. If players wished to keep up with those on the frontline while collecting these items, they’d need to accomplish everything, even if it meant working themselves to death. Hence, all expert players that wanted to grow stronger needed the support of a power, which would allow them to focus on leveling and improving their combat standards.

Because of this, outcompeting experts with a power’s support became very difficult for independent players.

The Chamber’s several main families controlled most of the Azure Chamber of Commerce’s resources, and although Guild Elders, such as himself, controlled a small portion as well, it simply couldn’t compare to the stock the main families had access to. These families were responsible for founding Azure, after all, and they held a large portion of the Chamber’s shares. It was only natural that most of Azure’s resources were allocated for them.

In reality, the annual competition between the shareholder families’ younger generation was a means to determine how those resources should be allocated. The upcoming annual competition would be particularly fierce since the main families were planning to go all-out. God’s Domain was gaining more influence in the real world with each passing day. The profits Azure could reap from the game would be magnitudes greater than what they had earned from past virtual reality games.

Now that he learned that Silent Wonder had the support of a peerless monster like Shi Feng, he could tell that her performance in the next competition would be extraordinary. This meant that the Long Family would secure even greater resources from Azure than it received currently.

So what if Black Flame came to the western continent? I will defeat Silent Wonder in the next family competition! Yan Xiaoqian glanced at the Berserker King Elder, overcome with disdain. Judging by his expression, he was considering sucking up to the Long Family.

Although she had neither expected Shi Feng to be able to travel to the western continent, nor had she expected his impressive display of strength, he couldn’t help Silent Wonder defeat her. The next family competition wouldn’t be one of alchemy standards or equipment standards. Rather, it would be a competition of individual combat standards. Strength was everything in God’s Domain, and combat standards would determine whether or not one could acquire better resources.

Not only was combat far more intense on the western continent than in the east, but it also had more effective Legacies and resources that improved combat standards. Fighting the invading Demonic Creature armies was particularly helpful when training one’s combat standards. Even if Zero Wing poured everything it had into Silent Wonder’s development, she had no hope of matching Yan Xiaoqian and the other geniuses from Azure, who fought and trained constantly in the west.

This was exactly the reason that Long Xianglong had tried to bring Silent Wonder to the western continent after the last competition, but Shi Feng had laughably insisted that Zero Wing would be of more help to Silent Wonder than Azure, a power that could travel between the two continents.

After Shi Feng’s group left, Azure and Divine Tribe ceased their fighting. MacAffrey, who was responsible for commanding the battle on Divine Tribe’s behalf, was no longer in the mood for combat, and his troops had relaxed into a mild chaos. He had ordered everyone to retreat while he had returned to Silver Lion City with Crimson Witch and the others. He wanted to speak with the Great Elder and demand an explanation.

Shi Feng might be a peerless monster, but Divine Tribe wasn’t some ordinary superpower. After offering such a major concession to a stranger, the Guild would become a laughingstock among the western continent’s various superpowers.

Silvermoon Empire, Silver Lion City:

Several bright flashes illuminated the city’s Teleportation Hall as Shi Feng’s group entered Silver Lion City, the Silvermoon Empire’s second-largest NPC city, alongside Great Elder Adolf.

The instant Shi Feng and his entourage emerged from the Teleportation Hall, they realized that the western continent’s NPC cities were vastly different than those in the east. Even the city’s atmosphere was different.

“So, this is a city on the western continent?” Surprised, Aqua Rose spun in a slow circle as she looked around her.

On the eastern continent, NPC cities generally had a peaceful atmosphere, but the energy in Silver Lion City was extraordinarily tense. It felt as if everyone, including NPCs, were constantly on guard and battle-ready.

Moreover, the group was surprised to see that the city streets weren’t patrolled by NPC soldiers. Rather, Divine Tribe’s members and NPCs from the Adventurer’s Association were maintaining order. Players working for the Association were even responsible for collecting the city’s entrance fees. It seemed as if the city were managed by players, employed by the Adventurer’s Association.

As Shi Feng and the others followed Adolf through the city, they could sense nearby players’ high combat standards. These players even had greater Mana control than those on the eastern continent. That was clear based on the Magic Scrolls available in the city’s Shops and street stalls.

Although eastern players sold Magic Scrolls as well, those were often low-quality items, mostly only Tier 1 Magic Scrolls. Tier 2 and 3 Magic Scrolls were still exceedingly rare.

In Silver Lion City, however, Tier 2 Magic Scrolls were common items in Shops on stalls. Some Shops even sold Tier 3 Magic Scrolls and Intermediate Barrier Scrolls, which were at least 50% cheaper than in the east.

Of course, none of this surprised Shi Feng.

The western continent had been embroiled in an endless battle against tides of Demonic Creatures since ancient times. Thus, its magic research was far more advanced than in the east, especially when it came to Mana utilization. In fact, there were quite a few methods here that could improve a player’s Mana control and help players learn how to control Mana.

Mana control was especially important to Magicians. The greater a Magician’s Mana control was, the easier creating magic arrays would be. Due to the western continent’s research, there were far more Magicians here than on the eastern continent. Shi Feng even thought that the west’s superpowers likely possessed Master Magicians at this stage of the game.

With so many players taking up the Magician subclass, there was no lack of manpower to create Magic Scrolls and Magic Array Scrolls. In addition, slain Demonic Creatures generally dropped Attributed Magic Cores and other materials necessary for creating these scrolls. It was only natural that Magic Scrolls and Magic Array Scrolls would cost much less than on the eastern continent.

Taking advantage of this fact, the eastern continent’s powers that were capable of visiting the western continent always purchased Magic Scrolls and Magic Array Scrolls in bulk before their return trip, trading a portion of the scrolls, while keeping the rest for themselves. This enabled them to make a profit while increasing their members’ development speed.

However, after follov^ng Adolf to Silver Lion City’s main street, even Shi Feng was shocked by what he saw. The city was home to a large number of Tier 3 independent experts, and although there weren’t as many as in Stone Forest City, there were a frightening number based on the typical players in the eastern continent’s NPC cities. Moreover, many of these Tier 3 independent players’ Life Ratings were just as astoundingly high.

Shi Feng had gained the same impression from MacAffrey’s forces, although they were Divine Tribe’s Tier 3 experts. There was nothing unusual about them possessing special Bloodlines. However, Shi Feng now realized that the same could be said for the west’s independent experts.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you seem quite curious about our independent players’ high Life Ratings,” Adolf said, smiling when he noticed Shi Feng’s confusion.

“Indeed, I am very curious. Logically, tools that can improve a player’s Life Rating should be incredibly rare; only the various superpowers should have the ability to acquire such items. Even exceptionally powerful independent players should have a hard time acquiring those tools, yet here, so many of these independent players have accomplished the feat. It’s truly surprising.” Shi Feng nodded.

“Honestly, this is why I stopped MacAffrey and invited you here,” Adolf said, chuckling. “Divine Tribe wishes to negotiate a long-term business arrangement with you, Guild Leader Black Flame. One of the aspects we intend to offer is the special Bloodline, which can increase a player’s Life Rating. May I know if you are interested?”

“A business arrangement? It seems you have done your research, Great Elder Adolf,” Shi Feng said, smiling.

“I have. Even before MacAffrey reported your appearance to our main headquarters, I had investigated you and your Guild thoroughly. There aren’t many Guilds that can outbid Mythology, after all,” Adolf agreed, nodding. “I had never thought that you’d be capable of visiting the western continent, as well. If Mythology learns about this, it’ll likely be astonished.”

“So, you stayed MacAffrey’s hand to invite me to negotiate a partnership?” Adolfs explanation surprised Shi Feng slightly. He hadn’t expected news from the eastern continent to make it to the west so quickly.

There shouldn’t be much contact between the two main continents at this stage of the game. Neither side had conducted any in-depth research on the other. Everyone was still busy with the goings-on on their own continent. How would anyone have enough time to care about something unrelated?

“Indeed. Very few powers in God’s Domain have the ability to travel between the continents. Divine Tribe has constantly been trying to send players to the east to develop, but we’ve failed to find an appropriate method of travel. Although we’ve considered working with other superpowers that can do so, their asking prices are too steep,” Adolf said. “Which leads us to you; your arrival is wonderful news for Divine Tribe. I also believe that Zero Wing will require a powerful partner in the west. Even if you’re capable of supplying a large amount of resources, you don’t have the required connections to sell or trade them.”

As Adolf had revealed, he had investigated Zero Wing thoroughly. Although Zero Wing appeared prosperous on the surface, it was plagued by many crises. Right now, the Guild urgently needed a large number of peak or Tier 3 experts to protect it. Otherwise, it would only be a matter of time before the Guild crumbled under its own weight.

Fortunately, Divine Tribe could offer Zero Wing the solution to this problem.

“You are correct. Zero Wing does need a powerful partner on the western continent, and Divine Tribe seems to fit the bill. However, I have one request,” Shi Feng said. He very much agreed with Adolfs estimation.

Initially, he had considered allying with the Azure Chamber of Commerce, but it already had the ability to travel between the main continents. Even if Silent Wonder negotiated the alliance for him, he’d only obtain limited benefits. “Request?” Curiously, Adolf continued, “Please, tell me, Guild Leader Black Flame.”

“It’s simple. I need to establish a city on the western continent. If Divine Tribe is willing to assist in this regard, it will be Zero Wing’s sole ally in the west,” Shi Feng earnestly promised.