Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2449 - Shi Feng's Frightening Team

Chapter 2449 – Shi Feng’s Frightening Team

Since MacAffrey had acknowledged the possibility that Shi Feng was a peerless monster, everyone looked at the Swordsman in a different light. Divine Tribe’s members, in particular, no longer radiated their prior killing intents.

Now, they only gazed at him in fear and awe.

None of Azure’s members were surprised, and they didn’t ridicule Divine Tribe’s members for being cowards. They were just as aware of how powerful Tier 3 peerless monsters were. Peerless monsters could stand on an equal playing field with God’s Domain’s various superpowers, addressing these superpowers as individuals. They were undoubtedly the strongest experts that currently existed in God’s Domain.

Experts could only look up to these peerless monsters for their raw power and techniques. Tier 3 experts were especially aware of how massive the gap was between them.

To experts, peerless monsters were like Heroes to NPC humans. Heroes’ strength was beyond common sense; they were simply out of normal people’s reach.

Silent Wonder has actually forged a friendship with such an expert? It seems I’ll have to speak with those old fellows.

As Azure Chamber of Commerce’s Berserker King Elder watched Shi Feng from his Magic Mirror, his impression of Silent Wonder substantially improved.

Although the Long Family currently had the right to rule Azure, a majority of the Chamber’s resources remained under the control of the Chamber’s various shareholder families. These families were roughly on par in terms of strength, and no one would accept someone’s rule when they were just as powerful. To gain more power, these shareholder families would try to convince unaffiliated Guild Elders like him, which were the Chamber’s main combatants, to support them.

Naturally, this gave the Guild Elders a plethora of options.

Generally, this Berserker King Elder maintained a neutral stance in Azure, but a few of his close friends had chosen a side. One of them refused to support the Long Family and tended to vote against its wishes.

Before today, he had never cared about what that friend did. The Long Family’s hold on Azure wasn’t exactly secure. However, now that he had discovered that Silent Wonder, the Long Family’s heiress, had a relationship with a peerless monster, his friend would have to consider the Long Family’s directives carefully, particularly Silent Wonder’s interests.

Killing Tier 3 experts was an effortless task for a peerless monster. Such players wouldn’t need traps or ambushes to kill Tier 3 players, and unless his friend had the protection of another peerless monster, he would dig his own grave by acting against the Long Family.

While Azure’s Guild Elders secretly planned on how to build a closer relationship with the Long Family’s Silent Wonder, Crimson Witch stared at Shi Feng with a grim expression from the back of MacAffrey’s giant bat.

“You must be mistaken, Vice Commander. How can he possibly be a peerless monster? Everyone is aware of the peerless monsters on the western continent, and that guy doesn’t match any of their descriptions,” Crimson Witch argued, refusing to believe MacAffrey’s assumption. Confidently, she continued, “He must’ve consumed some kind of potion that skyrocketed his Strength before he came here. Fortunately, those potions’ effects don’t last long. As long as we drag this fight out, he’ll expose his weakness.”

She instinctively refused the idea that Shi Feng was a peerless monster. There weren’t that many in God’s Domain, after all, and most of them were from Super Guilds, while the rest were from super-first-rate Guilds.

However, she had never seen the six-winged Guild Emblem Shi Feng wore. How could he possibly be a peerless monster?

“No, I don’t think he’s just consumed a potion. Any potion that can increase a player’s strength would make the Mana around the player unstable. Regardless of how good his control over Mana is, there’s no way he could conceal berserk Mana. I saw no sign of the Mana around him going berserk when I observed him with my Mana Eyes. In fact, the Mana he’s radiating is even denser than yours,” MacAffrey said, shaking his head. His fear finally began to show as he watched Shi Feng.

“How is that possible? Crimson’s Mana Body is at Peak Gold rank with a 97% Completion Rate. With the addition of her Fire Demon Bloodline, only the Guild Leader and Elders have denser Mana than hers. How can that guy possibly surpass Crimson?” the Tier 3 Ranger beside Crimson Witch said. Crimson Witch’s Mana Body was one of the best available in God’s Domain. Matching hers would already be impressive; surpassing her would be almost impossible.

“I wondered if I had misinterpreted what I saw, too, but I checked him with Mana Eyes multiple times, and the results were all the same. Moreover, the gap between him and Crimson is distinct,” MacAffrey insisted with a bitter smile.

From what he could tell, the Mana radiating off of Shi Feng was nearly twice as dense as Crimson Witch’s.

Although MacAffrey was reluctant to acknowledge this, his Mana Eyes had never failed him, and such a huge error in judgment was impossible.

A strong Mana Body wasn’t proof of one’s strength, but anyone that could create a Mana Body as powerful as Shi Feng’s couldn’t be weak. A Mana Body’s construction was an immensely difficult task, and without sufficient strength, doing so was impossible.

There was something else that MacAffrey hadn’t revealed to his comrades; of the nine players that accompanied Shi Feng on the Thunder Eagle’s back, three had Mana Bodies that rivaled Crimson Witch’s, and one was even stronger than his Elementalist…

Not even Divine Tribe could muster a force of such caliber.

“Vice Commander, what should we do? We can’t simply apologize and offer compensation, can we?” the Tier 3 Ranger asked.

They were members of Divine Tribe, a super-first-rate Guild that rivaled Super Guilds. If word got out that they had apologized and offered someone compensation, the Guild’s reputation would suffer.

“It seems we have no choice but to fight with everything we have. Prepare to use that Tier 4 Hero Summoning Scroll,” MacAffrey said after taking a deep breath.

The Guild Leader went to great lengths to persuade the various Grand Elders to give that to us, Vice Commander. If we use it here…” Crimson Witch grew anxious upon hearing MacAffrey’s command.

The Tier 4 Hero Summoning Scroll in their possession was the only one Divine Tribe possessed. The Guild Leader would never have fought to acquire it for them if not to ensure that they captured the Azure Chamber of Commerce’s Demonic Silver vein. It was a trump card that could destroy or protect a city. Using it against Shi Feng’s group would be a huge waste.

“We have no other options,” MacAffrey growled in frustration. He didn’t want to resort to using the Tier 4 Hero Summoning Scroll, either, but he had no choice. “Once we use the scroll, they will flee. We’ll use the opportunity to withdraw.”

When MacAffrey finished speaking, he gritted his teeth and took an ancient scroll inscribed with purple-gold divine runes from his bag. The moment he revealed the scroll, the Mana density around him rapidly increased.

“You really want to continue this?” Shi Feng’s gaze hardened when he saw the Magic Scroll. He couldn’t tell what kind of scroll it was, but his instincts informed him that it was a massive threat. That scroll was even more dangerous than Level 100-plus Mythic monsters.

It may have felt dangerous, but of course, he wasn’t afraid of it. He had plenty of Magic Crystals on him right now. If worse came to worst, he could use the Hero’s Tome and summon a Tier 4 Hero to protect him.

As everyone waited for the battle to break out in the sky, a deep, resonant voice spoke up.

“Affrey, let’s forget about this issue. Compensate this traveling expert with 100 pieces of Level 100-plus Fine-Gold Equipment!”

Suddenly, a teleportation portal opened in the air, and a Twin-headed Pterosaur emerged.

This Twin-headed Pterosaur was colossal, even larger than the Thunder Eagle.

An old man in clean, white robes stood on the Pterosaur’s back, and despite his elderly appearance, he felt as formidable as a mountain. The pressure he exuded felt stifling to those in his presence.

“Light Saint Adolf?!”

“The Great Elder?”

Both Divine Tribe’s members and the players from the Azure Chamber of Commerce were stunned when they saw the old man. MacAffrey’s group was about to speak up, but the old man silenced them with a glare. His intense pressure shut them up, and they obediently handed over 100 pieces of Level 100-plus Fine-Gold Equipment.

The situation utterly stupefied Shi Feng. He had never expected the Divine Tribe to act so decisively.

His comment had been in passing. After all, they were talking about 100 pieces of Level 100-plus Fine-Gold Equipment. With so many top-tier items, they could transform a 20-man team. Moreover, purchasing Level 100-plus Fine-Gold from the market was currently impossible. One could only barter for a trade.

“Out of blows, friendship grows. May I know if you might be interested in visiting Divine Tribe’s Silver Lion City in the Silvermoon Empire?” Adolf politely asked Shi Feng.

“That won’t be a problem. I’d be more than delighted to,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

He had no qualms with Divine Tribe, and since the Guild was willing to go out of its way to show him respect, he wouldn’t behave boorishly. Moreover, his primary goal in visiting the western continent was to visit the various NPC cities and gain an understanding of the western continent’s situation. If Adolf were willing to guide him, he wouldn’t refuse the wonderful offer.

“Please, follow me,” Adolf said before leading Shi Feng’s group toward the nearest NPC city and leaving MacAffrey and Divine Tribe’s other dumbfounded members behind.

Azure’s members were just as flabbergasted by the development.

“What’s going on?”

“Who are those people?”

A moment ago, Shi Feng had annihilated several hundred Tier 2 experts from Divine Tribe, yet not only had Divine Tribe willingly compensated Shi Feng with 100 pieces of Level 100-plus Fine-Gold Equipment, but Adolf, one of the Guild’s Great Elders, had also personally invited Shi Feng to visit Divine Tribe’s main headquarters. Not even superpowers’ Guild Leaders received such generous treatment.

The situation even confused MacAffrey and his subordinates, let alone Yan Xiaoqian and the rest of Azure’s members. Even if Shi Feng were a peerless monster, was it necessary to go to such lengths to please him?