Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2448 - Divine Tribe Shocked

Chapter 2448 – Divine Tribe Shocked

Although Shi Feng hadn’t spoken very loudly, MacAffrey and his companions had heard him clearly, and the question enraged them.

They had been confident that they could make Shi Feng’s group pay for foolishly provoking Divine Tribe, yet in the blink of an eye, the Swordsman had slain several hundred of Divine Tribe’s Tier 2 experts.

They had been able to bear the events up until now, but Shi Feng had just gone too far.

Shi Feng’s tone had contained sympathy and compassion for those he saw as weaker than himself. He wasn’t even treating them as enemies, but as a negligible distraction that he had no interest in.

This was humiliating, an absolute embarrassment!

Insane! Black Flame must be insane! Yan Xiaoqian, who watched through a Magic Mirror, stared with wide, shocked eyes. She couldn’t fathom how Shi Feng had become Zero Wing’s Guild Leader with his personality. Rather, she was surprised that Shi Feng had survived this long in God’s Domain.

It was a fact that Shi Feng had shocked MacAffrey with the power of his Flame Domain. The Spell’s effects had even surprised Yan Xiaoqian.

Meanwhile, the Swordsman and his team had had more than enough time to leave the area via his Flying Mount. Had Shi Feng done so, the stunned Divine Tribe members might have let him and his team go.

Yet, not only hadn’t Shi Feng left, but he had also proceeded to provoke Divine Tribe further…

Was Shi Feng unaware that there were more than 7,000 Divine Tribe members in the mine, with more than 60 fully- armed Tier 3 experts?

Shi Feng’s large-scale destruction Spell was certainly powerful, but all of such Spells had very long Cooldowns. Players would be lucky if they could use the same large-scale destruction Spell twice in one battle.

The watching players had only been stunned because it had been so long since a single large-scale destruction Spell had slain hundreds of Tier 2 experts on the western continent. Once Divine Tribe’s experts regained their senses, they could easily destroy Shi Feng and his Tier 3 experts.

The army that Divine Tribe had sent to siege the mine was one of its reorganized trump card legions, which was powerful enough to capture a Guild City on its own. The army had more than one way to defeat Tier 3 players in their way; it wasn’t limited to Combination Spells.

However, what truly surprised Yan Xiaoqian was Aqua Rose and the others’ behavior from behind Shi Feng. Despite Shi Feng’s rampage, none of them had tried to stop him. They had merely watched as if they weren’t involved at all…

She even wondered if Aqua Rose and her companions were from Shi Feng’s Guild.

“Continue? Punk, you must be suicidal! You’ve only cast a powerful large-scale destruction Spell, yet you think you can behave as you wish before Divine Tribe?!” a Tier 3 Ranger bellowed, enraged, from behind MacAffrey. Without even waiting for a command, the Ranger retrieved three crystalline arrows, decorated with runes, from the quiver on his back and fired them at Shi Feng.

The instant these three crystalline arrows flew from the Ranger’s bow, they broke the sound barrier, releasing a sonic boom that rocked the area. Space itself began to destabilize from the arrow’s power. These three projectiles were more than capable of heavily injuring a Grand Lord of the same level, and they were so fast that they became invisible to the naked eye.

“I don’t know who you people are, but since you’ve dared to provoke Divine Tribe, you will all die here today!” the red- haired, female Elementalist coldly hissed as she began to wave her fiery staff, casting the Tier 3 Spell, Manifold Illusions, without chanting an incantation.

The three crystalline arrows split into a dozen copies, all locked on to Shi Feng. Not only were the arrows impossible to differentiate, but they also became more powerful.

“What?! That Crimson Witch has mastered the Spell Combination technique?!” Yan Xiaoqian exclaimed when she saw the 12 arrows in her Magic Mirror.

All magical class players dreamed of mastering Spell Combination at this stage of the game. Mastering the technique was even more difficult than mastering double speed-casting, rivaling Bronze Combat Techniques. Not even Yan Xiaoqian had managed to unravel the technique’s introductory concepts.

Throughout Azure, only the Chamber’s Chief Elementalist had mastered the technique, but the Elementalist was a true, old monster. Even Duan Hanshan, from the Duan Family, had to treat the old monster with respect. Ordinary Domain Realm experts simply couldn’t hope to compare.

And yet, the Divine Tribe’s Crimson Witch, who had only recently reached the Domain Realm, had mastered the Spell Combination Technique…

If players could pull the technique off, combining a Spell with another Spell or Skill, the resulting attack would undergo a qualitative transformation and become powerful enough to transcend tiers. This was why all magical class players fought to master the technique.

Just as the 12 arrows were about to reach their mark, Shi Feng unsheathed Killing Ray and brandished the Sacred Sword at the incoming projectiles.

Shocked Secret Technique, Lightning Flash!

Peng… Peng… Peng…

As if the arrows had slammed into an impenetrable wall, they exploded and fell out of the sky just short of their target. They hadn’t even made it within five yards of Shi Feng, much less injured the Swordsman…

“Impossible!” Crimson Witch’s eyes bulged as she watched the arrows fall to the ground.

That attack had been the combination of a Tier 3 Spell and a Tier 3 Skill. Although the combination hadn’t been perfect, the attack had enough resulting power to rival a blow from a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species of the same level.

Even if the attack couldn’t instant-kill a Tier 3 player, it should’ve been enough to send one flying.

What, exactly, had just happened?

Everyone watching was dumbfounded, especially Divine Tribe’s Tier 3 experts. None had a better idea of how powerful Crimson Witch’s Spell Combination technique was than they did.

Even MacAffrey, their legion’s vice commander, would have to activate a Berserk Skill to defend himself against that attack. However, Shi Feng hadn’t even used a Skill or Spell to counter the arrows, much less a Berserk Skill.

“A peerless monster?” MacAffrey’s expression darkened when he saw Shi Feng unscathed.

The title of ‘peerless monster’ had only come into fashion after many expert players had reached Tier 3. Many powers still weren’t sure of what the title meant or referred to, but a superpower like Divine Tribe was fully aware of what it meant.

Divine Tribe had witnessed the strength of peerless monsters before.

Peerless monsters were extraordinarily strong experts that could single-handedly defeat a team of 100 Tier 3 experts, the strongest team the various superpowers could currently field.

MacAffrey couldn’t think of another explanation for how Shi Feng had stopped Crimson Witch’s Spell Combination without taking any damage.

How is this possible? Is he really a peerless monster?

When they heard their vice commander’s muttering, the Tier 3 experts in the area turned to stare at Shi Feng in astonishment. Yan Xiaoqian’s jaw dropped at the revelation. She couldn’t bring herself to believe that Shi Feng was truly one of the rumored peerless monsters!