Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2447 - Seven Luminaries Ring's True Power

Chapter 2447 – Seven Luminaries Ring’s True Power

As Shi Feng started chanting, a twofold magic array with a 60-yard radius appeared above MacAffrey and his several hundred members.

“A large-scale destruction Spell? Not bad.” When MacAffrey saw the two gigantic, crimson magic arrays above him, he was slightly surprised. He had never thought that a Swordsman like Shi Feng would possess such a rare Spell. He immediately shouted to his subordinates, “Everyone, use Instantaneous Movement Scrolls and get out of here!”

Large-scale destruction Spells were no longer foreign to God’s Domain’s various powers. Such Spells were commonly used during Guild Wars as they were the most effective in large-scale combat.

Hence, the various powers had thought of an appropriate countermeasure; they’d use Instantaneous Movement Scrolls to escape the Spell’s AOE as quickly as possible.

Although large-scale destruction Spells were frighteningly powerful, they had very long cast times. Once one noticed a player casting a large-scale destruction Spell, they could easily flee the attack with an Instantaneous Movement Scroll.

Of course, large-scale destruction Spells still had massive effects. Guild wars were generally chaotic, involving extremely large numbers of players. Some players were bound to fail their escape attempts due to enemy interference or lack of Instantaneous Movement Scrolls. Large-scale destruction Spells would still hit quite a few players, proving effective regardless.

However, MacAffrey only had several hundred subordinates with him, and they were all Divine Tribe experts. Every one of them had a few Tier 2 Instantaneous Movement Scrolls, not to mention the Tier 1 version. They had all prepared these Scrolls on the off chance that they were attacked with large-scale destruction Spells or war weapons like Gnome Cannons.

Following their orders, Divine Tribe’s experts pulled the scrolls from their bags. Meanwhile, MacAffrey steered his Flying Mount out of Flame Domain’s range.

However, just as everyone began to flee, the twofold magic array above them completed and began to absorb Mana from its surroundings. Like a black hole, the array drained all of the Mana within a 500-yard radius.

Now, not only was the area around the magic array devoid of Mana, but the array’s rapid Mana absorption had also created spatial distortions within the area. For a moment, the sky darkened, and all players within Flam range felt stifled as if they had just fallen into a bottomless swamp.

“What’s going on? Why has the sky gone dark?!’

“It’s so hard to breathe or move!”

“My Instantaneous Movement Scroll won’t activate?!”

“No, that’s not right! It’s not just Instantaneous Movement Scrolls! I can’t even use my Tier 2 Blink Spell! What kind of large-scale destruction Spell is that!?”

The Divine Tribe members within Flame Domain’s AOE panicked, losing their composure.

Before they could regain their senses, however, Mana began to gush out of the twofold magic array above the battlefield.

In the next moment, towering pillars of fire rose from the ground.

Every Divine Tribe member within range was instantly incinerated. Even some of the weapons and equipment they dropped scorched to black, turning into nothing more than scrap metal. The flaming pillars’ intense temperature melted the dirt under their feet to white-hot magma. Players could even feel the pillars’ heat waves from several hundred yards.

As if time had frozen, the tens of thousands of players in the mine stared at the rising pillars of fire in stunned silence.

What did he do? Shock and curiosity swam in Yan Xiaoqian’s gaze as she glanced at Shi Feng, who remained standing on the Thunder Eagle’s back.

From what she could tell, Shi Feng had only used one large-scale destruction Spell, but aside from MacAffrey and the Tier 3 players on his Flying Mount, every player from Divine Tribe had lost their minds. They had all pulled Instantaneous Movement Scrolls from their bags, yet they stood to watch Shi Feng’s Spell erupt…

It almost looked like Divine Tribe were performing with Zero Wing for the Azure Chamber of Commerce.

However, Divine Tribe was a top-ranked super-first-rate Guild that could even rival Super Guilds, and they were currently on the western continent, not the eastern continent. There was no way Divine Tribe would go to such lengths to show respect for a Guild Leader from a pseudo-superpower like Zero Wing.

Yan Xiaoqian and Azure’s members weren’t the only surprised players. Even Shi Feng was taken aback by his results.

Casting Flame Domain with a Mana Body is actually this powerful? Shi Feng could not help but glance at the Seven Luminaries Ring on his finger after watching several hundred Divine Tribe members turn into ash.

Although he had known that Skills and Spells would become considerably more powerful when players reached Tier 3 and acquired their Mana Bodies, he hadn’t thought that the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Activatable Skills would become this strong.

He had only intended to use Flame Domain to scatter Divine Tribe’s members. Their team’s Combination Spells were a challenge to deal with, and if he allowed Divine Tribe’s Tier 2 experts to use those Spells freely, even he would struggle against them.

He hadn’t actually expected to annihilate all of those Tier 2 experts with one Flame Domain.

And the Spell had even absorbed all available Mana within a 500-yard radius!

He had only seen such fearsome Spells a handful of times, even during his previous life.

Robbing an area of its Mana was a terrifying ability in God’s Domain. Mana was the foundation of everything in the game. It was both the source of life and the source of power. Exposing a player to an area devoid of Mana was even more torturous than sending someone into the vacuum of space.

Not only couldn’t players use Skills and Spells in an area empty of Mana, but even survival would be a problem, especially for players that hadn’t yet obtained a Mana Body. Exposure to such an area was practically fatal.

While Shi Feng stared at his Seven Luminaries Ring, MacAffrey gave the Swordsman a grim look.

This was the first time he had encountered a Spell that could eliminate several hundred of his Tier 2 subordinates without giving them the chance to flee.

“Vice Commander, the Spell that player just used is too powerful. It had devoured all Mana within its range. Tier 3 players like us might be fine in such an environment, but Tier 2 players are sheep for the slaughter,” the red-haired, female Elementalist behind MacAffrey said as she watched Shi Feng’s group with a serious expression.

The other Tier 3 experts from Divine Tribe began to observe Shi Feng’s group carefully, as well. They no longer dared to write off the strangers as ignorant challengers.

With Shi Feng’s large-scale destruction Spell, they wouldn’t be able to rely on Tier 2 experts in an attack against Shi Feng’s group. They could only rely on Tier 3 experts like themselves.

Unfortunately, Tier 3 experts were still incredibly rare. Gathering enough of them to defeat Shi Feng’s 10 Tier 3 experts would be a major challenge, especially if Shi Feng and his companions focused on fleeing.

Suddenly, Shi Feng looked up at MacAffrey and asked, “Do you want to continue?”

His goal in visiting the western continent wasn’t to start a war with Divine Tribe. He had merely come across these players by chance. If Divine Tribe’s team hadn’t picked a fight, he would’ve already left this godforsaken place.