Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2443 - Unshakable Zero Wing

Chapter 2443 – Unshakable Zero Wing

Dark Night Empire, Dark Night City:

Starlink’s Residence, which should’ve been prosperous and lively, was extraordinarily quiet.

A large number of Starlink’s experts stood guard outside the Guild Hall. There were even Tier 3 experts among them. Not even Guild members were allowed in the Guild Hall, much less outsiders. It was an unprecedented level of security.

Only three people were currently in the Guild Hall: Lu Xingluo, Nine Dragons Emperor, and an unknown player wearing a cloak. Since the third member of the group had hidden their identity with a Black Cloak, it was even impossible to tell whether the player was male or female.

Not only was Nine Dragons Emperor unhappy about the third member’s concealment during such a crucial meeting, but he was also shocked by how respectfully Lu Xingluo treated the third member of their party.

Lu Xingluo led Starlink, a Guild that had the power to develop on both main continents simultaneously. Although Starlink wasn’t as powerful as a Super Guild, it had even more potential than ordinary Super Guilds.

And yet, Lu Xingluo was letting someone lord above him. It was unbelievable.

“Now that we’ve concluded our discussion, does your side have any problems?” Lu Xingluo asked Nine Dragons Emperor.

“None. Those people should be inside Stone Forest City by now. Once the combined army lays siege to Stone Forest City, they’ll use everything they have to secure the City Lord’s Mansion. Once they’ve done their job, our alliance will have an advantage in the negotiations with the various superpowers,” Nine Dragons Emperor confidently replied.

To capture Stone Forest City and topple Phoenix Rain from her pedestal, Nine Dragons Emperor had invested much in this upcoming operation. He had even offered huge concessions to the Black Dragon Empire’s dark forces and gathered nearly 100 Tier 3 experts.

He had vetted the experts thoroughly, ensuring that they were in no way connected to other superpowers. With this, he wouldn’t have to worry about Zero Wing stopping the group outside of Stone Forest City. Zero Wing’s relationship with the various superpowers was quite tense, after all. No one would be surprised if the Guild denied entry to members of non-allied superpowers.

However, Zero Wing would lose public favor if it didn’t allow these Tier 3 experts, who weren’t associated with the various superpowers, into the city. By doing so, it would upset the various ordinary powers’ Tier 3 experts and independent Tier 3 experts. If that happened, the Guild’s situation would become even more precarious. Not only would it have to face the various superpowers, but it would also have to worry about the game’s ordinary powers and independent experts.

As Nine Dragons Emperor finished his statement, the mysterious player beside him received a message. Nine Dragons Emperor watched the cloaked player’s atmosphere change as they read it. Although he couldn’t see the mysterious person’s appearance, he was more than capable of sensing someone’s emotional shifts as a peak expert.

“Dragon Pavilion Master, you’ve worked hard for this, but I’m afraid that Starlink will be withdrawing from the operation!” the mysterious person declared without bothering to discuss the situation with Lu Xingluo.

“What do you mean?” The declaration confused Nine Dragons Emperor. “Have you given up on Stone Forest City?”

They had already laid the groundwork to cut off Stone Forest City’s profits. They were only waiting for the various superpowers’ combined army to siege the city, yet this mysterious person had suddenly decided that Starlink would stay out of the fight. This cloaked player had to be toying with him.

The announcement stunned Lu Xingluo, as well. He couldn’t understand why the mysterious person had chosen to forsake the opportunity to secure a goldmine like Stone Forest City.

“No, I simply doubt this operation’s chances of success,” the mysterious person explained, shaking their head.

“How can it fail? I admit that Zero Wing is very strong, but it’s nothing compared to the various superpowers’ joint army. Once my people secure the City Lord’s Mansion, Stone Forest City will be ours for the taking!” Nine Dragons Emperor snarled, furious. “I don’t mind allying with the other superpowers if Starlink intends to give up, but you’d better not regret your decision.”

“Regret?” The mysterious person could not help but chuckle. “If you think you can find a new partner, Dragon Pavilion Master, feel free, but I’m sure that no superpower in God’s Domain will want to work with you.”


Just as Nine Dragons Emperor was about to argue, he received a message from Martial Dragon. The message was simple; Stubborn Heart and the others have abandoned their partnership.

Nine Dragons Emperor could only stare at the message, dumbfounded.

What, exactly, had happened?

As soon as Starlink gave up on their alliance, Stubborn Heart’s group had informed him of the same.

Was Zero Wing so heaven-defyingly powerful that it had bought off both groups?

Nine Dragons Emperor couldn’t think of another explanation for the sudden development. This was an excellent chance to capture Stone Forest City. Why would anyone ignore such temptation?

“Don’t overthink things. The reason we’ve decided against this operation is simple.” As if the mysterious person had read Nine Dragons Emperor’s mind, they calmly continued, “No power in God’s Domain can do anything against Stone Forest City.”

“How is that possible?” Nine Dragons Emperor instinctively refuted the idea. “Even if Black Flame and the Secret Pavilion are protecting the city, they can’t stop several thousand Tier 3 experts.”

“Ah, but what if the city is protected by 500 Tier 3 NPCs?” the mysterious person asked.

“Five hundred Tier 3 NPCs? That… Impossible. How can Zero Wing possibly have so many Tier 3 NPCs? Not even kingdoms’ capital cities are protected by so many Tier 3 NPCs!” Nine Dragons Emperor shouted. He was now sure that this mysterious player had to be messing with him.

“If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself,” the mysterious person said, and they sent Nine Dragons Emperor a recording from inside Stone Forest City.

By the time Nine Dragons Emperor finished the video, he was dazed.

The recording included two segments. The first half showed 200 Tier 3 NPCs guarding Stone Forest City’s entrance, while the second half displayed the 200 Tier 3 NPCs patrolling around the City Lord’s Mansion. Although he wasn’t there in person, Nine Dragons Emperor could sense the NPCs’ incredible pressure. Those Knights could even eliminate an army of several thousand Tier 3 experts.

Meanwhile, news quickly reached the various superpowers, including Twilight City’s Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

“A Guild City that’s protected by over 500 Tier 3 NPCs? Isn’t Guild Leader Black Flame a little too impressive? Who would dare attack Stone Forest City now?” Blue Phoenix’s jaw dropped when she heard about Stone Forest City’s Knights.

Not even an NPC kingdom’s army could stand against 500 Tier 3 NPCs.

“It’s no wonder why he didn’t mind revealing the Twelve Elemental Pillars. The various superpowers will have to consider their next move carefully. If they act rashly, they’ll be the next to be eliminated from the competition,” Phoenix Rain said, a bitter smile forming on her face as she read her subordinate’s report.

Not only did Zero Wing possess the Twelve Elemental Pillars, but it had also proven strong enough to safeguard the Advanced Ancient Barrier Scrolls. As of today, the eastern continent’s status quo would undergo a huge shift.

As Phoenix Rain marveled at Zero Wing’s foundations, a Tier 3 Assassin knocked on her office door and entered the room. The Assassin then reported, “Phoenix Pavilion Master, the Great Pavilion Master requests your presence to discuss an important matter.”