Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2442 - Frightening City

Chapter 2442 – Frightening City

“Guild Leader Heart?”

Stubborn Heart’s words and his subsequent pause confused the various major powers’ Tier 3 experts behind him. They could not understand what had made him stop.

So what if there was a Tier 3 NPC guarding the gate? Was that really such a major issue? Currently, every Guild City had a few Tier 3 NPCs as guards.

Tier 3 NPCs might be very powerful and practically invincible against Tier 3 players one-on-one, but if dozens of Tier 3 experts worked together, they could even take down Level 100 Mythic Bosses, not to mention Tier 3 NPCs.

However, when the various major powers’ Tier 3 experts caught up to Stubborn Heart, they, too, were stunned.

“What’s going on?”

“Why are there so many Tier 3 NPCs?”

Two hundred Tier 3 Knights stood in two neat rows at the end of the road, all wearing pitch-black armor and radiating incredibly powerful auras. The Tier 3 Knight Captain in the lead radiated such a powerful aura that it felt stifling to the players.

The moment these Tier 3 experts appeared, the Knights promptly turned toward them, the NPCs* piercing gaze sending chills down the experts’ spines.

They won’t attack without reason, right?” a Tier 3 Assassin nervously muttered. “We haven’t done anything yet.”

Their team had nearly 100 Tier 3 experts and was a force that could even threaten God’s Domain’s superpowers, but they were nothing before the 200 Tier 3 NPCs. Those Knights could quickly and effortlessly annihilate every one of them.

As the various major powers’ anxiety spiked, someone shouted at them.

“You bunch! Why are you just standing there?! This is the city entrance! Players aren’t allowed to loiter!”

The voice shook Stubborn Heart and his companions from their daze, and they spun toward the player shouting at them. They all wanted to know who would be so bold.

They spotted a Level 102, Tier 2 Berserker wearing Zero Wing’s Guild Emblem. Tier 3 experts like them would have no issues destroying a Tier 2 Berserker.

And yet, despite sensing Stubborn Heart and his team’s killing intent, the Tier 2 Berserker didn’t back away. He actually grinned and asked, “What? You want to start a fight here?”

The moment the Berserker asked that, the Tier 3 Knights unsheathed their weapons and scrutinized every move Stubborn Heart’s group made. The intensity of their auras more than doubled as they did.

“This punk…” A Tier 3 Ranger radiating intense bloodlust gnashed his teeth as he glared at the arrogant Tier 2 Berserker. However, when the Ranger saw the Tier 3 Knights readying, his scalp went numb. “If we were anywhere else, I’d teach him a lesson!”

As a Dark Player, he had slain plenty of experts in the fields, including several dozen peak experts from first-rate Guilds. With his strength, even the various superpowers had to tread lightly.

And yet, a Tier 2 Berserker from Zero Wing dared to look down on him. It was humiliating!

“Alright, enough. Let’s head inside. This isn’t the place for a fight!” Stubborn Heart warned the Ranger softly, his gaze glued on the Tier 3 Knights.

They had nearly 100 Tier 3 experts, but if they picked a fight with those Knights, the NPCs would annihilate them in under a minute. They had only recently reached Tier 3, while the Tier 3 NPCs had them outmatched in weapons, equipment, and Tier 3 Skills and Spells.

“It seems you’re morons, after all! Remember, this place is Stone Forest City! This is no place for your shenanigans!” the Zero Wing Berserker said, nodding in satisfaction as Stubborn Heart obediently led his team into the city.

“Amazing! Zero Wing’s patrol member is so awesome! He even dares to berate Tier 3 experts!”

“It seems Stone Forest City is a different world. If that had happened in any other Guild City, that Berserker would’ve died for treating Tier 3 experts so disrespectfully.”

“Of course, Stone Forest City is different! Don’t you see those Tier 3 NPCs? If those Tier 3 experts had attacked, none of them would leave the city alive. It seems we won’t need to worry about Tier 3 bullies in Stone Forest City.”

The Tier 2 experts new to Stone Forest City couldn’t help but gape after seeing Zero Wing’s Tier 2 Berserker scold Stubborn Heart’s group. They had never thought that Stone Forest City would be that safe.

Tier 2 players had to be extremely careful around Tier 3 experts in other Guild Cities and most NPC cities. Accidentally provoking a Tier 3 expert would seal their fate. It didn’t even matter if they had done so in the middle of the city.

In Stone Forest City, however, Tier 3 experts couldn’t act so arrogantly. They would have to follow the city’s laws accordingly. At this stage of the game, Stone Forest City was likely the only Guild City in God’s Domain with such stability and security.

This incident gave many Tier 2 players a more optimistic view of the city. Many of them even considered making Stone Forest City their new home and focusing their development around it. No one wanted to reside and develop somewhere unsafe, constantly having to worry about losing whatever treasure they’d obtained, after all.

“Zero Wing certainly knows how to get the upper hand. It has stationed 200 Tier 3 NPCs at the gate to shock people.

It’s even used us Tier 3 players as a promotional tool!” Flower Rain growled as she glanced back at the Tier 3 Knights by the city gates. She then turned to Stubborn Heart, smiling bitterly as she said, “I’m afraid our plans have been foiled, Guild Leader Heart.”

By stationing so many Tier 3 NPCs by the city’s gate, Zero Wing had essentially warned Tier 3 players like them from misbehaving in the city, and there was nothing they could do about it.

Those were 200 Tier 3 NPCs they were talking about. Not even 1,000 Tier 3 experts had a chance against such a force.

“That’s not necessarily true. These 200 Tier 3 Knights are pretty scary, but the superpowers’ combined army has several thousand Tier 3 experts. A measly 200 Tier 3 NPCs can’t stop that force,” Stubborn Heart said, sneering. “Once the army begins the siege, Zero Wing will send its Tier 3 NPCs to defend the city. We can use that opportunity to attack the City Lord’s Mansion.”

“That’s right. Even if Zero Wing sends Tier 3 NPCs to defend the mansion, it won’t send many. We still have a chance.” The several first-rate Guild Leaders around Stubborn Heart nodded.

“Since everyone thinks that the plan is still viable, let’s scout the City Lord’s Mansion. Once the army arrives, we can make our move,” Stubborn Heart said. Even after seeing the 200 Tier 3 Knights, he refused to give up. They wouldn’t get another opportunity like this. Even if Zero Wing was more powerful than he had expected, it couldn’t stop the various superpowers’ combined might.

With their discussion finished, Stubborn Heart and his comrades made their way toward the City Lord’s Mansion.

However, the shock and anxiety they had felt upon entering the city only grew on the way to the mansion. They constantly spotted patrol squads led by more Tier 3 NPCs. These patrol squads might not have been very large, with only three Tier 3 Knights among the 12-man squads, but they had encountered more than 30 patrol squads…

Once they reached the City Lord’s Mansion, Stubborn Heart and his team fell into utter despair.

They found another 200 Tier 3 Knights guarding the City Lord’s Mansion and surrounding area. Moreover, the several Tier 3 Knights leading the patrol were no weaker than the Tier 3 Knight Captain they had seen by the city gate.

“Guild Leader, are we still proceeding with the plan?” a Tier 3 Assassin asked when he saw Stubborn Heart’s dazed look.

“Are you stupid?! Tell Nine Dragons Emperor he can do whatever he wants, but Grim Reaper is out!” Stubborn Heart snapped, rolling his eyes.

Stone Forest City had over 500 Tier 3 NPCs and over 200 high-leveled Tier 2 NPCs. How were they supposed to fight such a force?