Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2440 - - Yuan Tiexin's Shock

Chapter 2440 – Yuan Tiexin’s Shock

Being the focus of attention from hundreds of Tier 3 NPCs placed immense pressure on Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade. For a moment, they even felt the urge to turn around and flee.

Although both of them had reached Tier 3 already, they were still far from comparable to Tier 3 NPCs in terms of strength. This difference wasn’t only in Basic Attributes. Recently promoted Tier 3 players like them had no way of competing against Tier 3 NPCs in this regard.

Moreover, Tier 3 NPCs were existences capable of serving as the Magistrate of minor NPC cities. At this point, there was no player in God’s Domain that did not fear the might of an NPC city’s Magistrate. This remained the case even after Tier 3 players came into existence.

Meanwhile, several hundred Magistrate-level NPCs were staring at Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade. One could easily imagine how much pressure they were under.

Have the dark forces’ NPCs occupied Stone Forest City already? Yuan Tiexin’s mind gave birth to such a thought as he gazed at the Tier 3 NPCs before him.

Since the launch of God’s Domain until now, many instances of the dark forces’ NPCs occupying neutral maps had already occurred. These situations were similar to events triggered by players. If players managed to resolve this crisis in time, then they were rewarded handsomely. If not, then the dark forces would take over the neutral map completely.

At this moment, Stone Forest City might have come across a similar event. There was no explanation for why so many Tier 3 NPCs had suddenly appeared in Stone Forest City, otherwise. It would also explain why Stone Forest City was suddenly opened to the public.

“Uncle Yuan, what should we do? These NPCs have already locked on to our auras,” Purple Jade asked anxiously.

At this moment, she did not have the slightest intention whatsoever of conquering this event. After all, this situation could no longer be considered an event; this was practically a natural disaster.

Escaping from just one Level 100, Tier 3 NPC would already be difficult for her. Now, however, there were hundreds of Level 115-plus, Tier 3 NPCs standing inside the plaza. How was she to escape in such a situation?

“We don’t have any other options. I’ll try to block them in a moment. Use that chance to activate a Tier 3 Instantaneous Movement Scroll and leave this place. Be quick. These Tier 3 NPCs have reaction speeds and combat standards far superior to those Great Lords and Grand Lords we’ve faced. They won’t give us any opportunities to take advantage of,” Yuan Tiexin said. At this moment, he understood that it was impossible for both of them to escape. They could only sacrifice one person to create an opportunity for the other.

In God’s Domain, NPCs were far more intelligent than monsters. They were also much more experienced and sharper than players when it came to combat. Moreover, the higher their tier, the more intelligent NPCs became. After reaching Tier 3, NPCs basically wouldn’t give players a chance to use magic tools.

In a situation where NPCs had the advantage in combat power, even Tier 3 peak experts like them would have a very difficult time retrieving a magic tool from their bags, much less activating it. This was because the brief lapse in defense this action would create would be more than enough for Tier 3 NPCs to instantly kill them.

Meanwhile, as a Tier 3 MT, if Yuan Tiexin activated all his Lifesaving Skills, he could more or less hold off these NPCs for a brief period. However, it was a different story for Purple Jade, who was a Tier 3 Sword King. If she tried to block these Tier 3 NPCs, she would most likely end up vaporized in an instant. After all, their opponents weren’t just two or three Tier 3 NPCs, but several hundred Tier 3 NPCs instead.

“I understand.” Purple Jade nodded. Although she felt reluctant, she understood that this was their best option. Otherwise, both of them would die here. Losing a level might not be a huge deal for Tier 3 players like them, but the top-tier equipment they would lose as a result of death was.

Once Purple Jade nodded, Yuan Tiexin immediately raised his shield and prepared to activate his Lifesaving Skills.

However, just as Yuan Tiexin was about to charge into the inner courtyard and attract the NPCs’ attention, a familiar voice suddenly came from the inner courtyard.

“Elder Yuan, why are you here? Didn’t Aqua lead you to the reception room?”

This voice stunned both Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade—because it sounded incredibly familiar. However, they also felt that it should be impossible for them to hear this voice at this place. Both of them reflexively turned toward this voice.

In the next moment, the rows of Tier 3 NPCs suddenly parted, opening up a path for a cloaked man standing in the middle of the inner courtyard’s plaza. At the same time, every one of these NPCs assumed a respectful pose, their actions suggestive of vassals welcoming their ruler.

When Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade saw the cloaked man, they were again stunned.

“You… Are you really Guild Leader Black Flame?” Purple Jade asked in an astonished tone as she looked at Shi Feng.

Tier 3 NPCs were existences that players like herself viewed with dread. After reaching Tier 3, she became even more aware of just how powerful Tier 3 NPCs were.

Now, however, the several hundred Tier 3 NPCs standing in the plaza were actually acting subservient to Shi Feng.

In such a situation, how could Shi Feng still be considered a player? He was basically the king of a country.

“Of course I am Black Flame,” Shi Feng replied, chuckling. “If not, who do you think I am?”

Shi Feng found Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade’s shock completely understandable. After all, there were over 500 Tier 3 NPCs standing before them.

Even an NPC kingdom did not boast of so many Tier 3 NPCs under its command. Now that all of these NPCs were assembled, it was no exaggeration to call them an unstoppable force.

At this moment, let alone Tier 3 experts like Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade, even Tier 4 experts would have to flee for their lives when facing such an army. After all, Tier 3 NPCs were different from monsters. When working together, they could boost their combat power exponentially. If they used large-scale Combination Spells and Skills, the combat power they could exhibit would far exceed what was apparent on the surface.

This was also the reason why the Ten Saints Empire’s Seven Mythic Knight Divisions were capable of pacifying the neighboring kingdoms and empires.

Meanwhile, upon hearing Shi Feng’s teasing, both Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade relaxed visibly.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, who are these NPCs behind you?” Yuan Tiexin asked.

Although he now understood that these Tier 3 NPCs were not hostile, he still couldn’t ignore the fact that so many Tier 3 NPCs were gathered in a single place.

“Them?” Meeting Yuan Tiexin’s fearful and curious gaze, Shi Feng pointed at the Tier 3 NPCs behind him and said,

“They belong to my personal Knight Division. They’re similar to the Tier 2 Knights you see patrolling outside. Only, the ones behind me have just been promoted to Tier 3.”

“They belong to your Knight Division?!”

Although Shi Feng had spoken very casually, both Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade were flabbergasted by his words.

They might not have a clear idea of what a Knight Division was, but judging by Shi Feng’s tone, they could tell that these Tier 3 NPCs were under Shi Feng’s command.

These were several hundred Tier 3 NPCs they were talking about!

The various superpowers did not have a lot of Personal Guards that had been promoted to Tier 3 even now. Normally, only Personal Guards at the Secret-Silver rank or above had a 100% chance of completing their Tier 3 Promotion Quest. As for Personal Guards of a lower rank, their chances were very low. However, Secret-Silver Personal Guards and better were incredibly rare; most superpowers had less than a handful of them.

Meanwhile, from what Yuan Tiexin could tell, there should be at least 500 Tier 3 NPCs standing inside the inner courtyard. With such a force, Zero Wing could annihilate any power it wished.

“Right, Elder Yuan, why were you in such a hurry to find me? Do you have some urgent business to discuss?” Shi Feng asked when Yuan Tiexin remained in a daze even after some time had passed.

“I did, originally.” Looking at the Tier 3 Knights filling the courtyard, Yuan Tiexin revealed a bitter smile and said, “But now, it seems I don’t anymore.”

What a joke!

Right now, Stone Forest City’s defenses were even more frightening than those of a kingdom’s capital city. Even if all of the eastern continent’s superpowers worked together and formed an army of several thousand Tier 3 experts, they would still be far from capable of capturing a kingdom’s capital city. Needless to say, they wouldn’t be capable of capturing Stone Forest City, either.

Meanwhile, if the various superpowers couldn’t do anything against Stone Forest City, then Zero Wing’s foundations would not be affected no matter what. If the various superpowers still insisted on attacking Stone Forest City, the only ones that would suffer would be them.

Right now, Yuan Tiexin was even hoping that the various superpowers would come and attack Stone Forest City quickly.

Following which, Shi Feng conducted a transaction for the Twelve Elemental Pillars with Yuan Tiexin. Afterward, Shi Feng had to admit that the Secret Pavilion was indeed rich, as Yuan Tiexin had purchased 200 sets just to “test” the magic barrier’s efficiency. This transaction had instantly turned Shi Feng into a wealthy man again.

During the time Shi Feng and Yuan Tiexin were doing business, the various superpowers received news of Stone Forest City being opened to the public. For a time, the superpowers were surprised by this situation. They never anticipated such a crazy stunt from Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, inside the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Residence in Black Dragon City…

“Pavilion Master, what do you think Black Flame is trying to do?” Martial Dragon asked, his face filled with confusion as he read the report in his hand. “Is he really trying to make a quick buck, now that he knows that he is going to lose Stone Forest City?”

In Martial Dragon’s opinion, this was the only explanation for this situation. After all, as soon as the various superpowers finished negotiating a partnership with each other, an army of several thousand Tier 3 experts would march on Stone Forest City.

Moreover, once the superpowers allied with each other, they definitely wouldn’t be satisfied with just obtaining the Twelve Elemental Pillars. They would surely aim for Stone Forest City and even possibly the entirety of Zero Wing. At that time, it would be useless even if the Secret Pavilion tried to protect Zero Wing.

“I don’t know, but everything is already over. I received news that quite a few superpowers have started negotiating with each other in secret. There is nothing Zero Wing can do to salvage this situation now,” Nine Dragons Emperor said, shaking his head. Although he was similarly confused by Shi Feng’s actions, he deemed this matter no longer important. “How are things coming along on Stubborn Heart’s side?”

“They are already making their way to Stone Forest City. They have close to 100 Tier 3 experts on their side, and it won’t be long before they sneak into the city. Once the various superpowers’ army arrives, they will coordinate their attacks with the army’s, and Stone Forest City should fall very easily,” Martial Dragon reported.

“Good. Your side should get ready, as well. We’ll be meeting with Lu Xingluo in a moment. At that time, we’ll have to discuss with him how we are going to distribute Stone Forest City’s spoils,” Nine Dragons Emperor said.

“Understood!” Martial Dragon responded, a rare smile appearing on his face.

Meanwhile, as Nine Dragons Emperor was paying Lu Xingluo a visit, Stubborn Heart’s group arrived before Stone Forest City’s entrance and queued up to enter the city.