Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2438 - Frightening Knight Division

Chapter 2438 – Frightening Knight Division

Five hundred and fifty-six?! Why are there so many?!

Shi Feng stared at the list in his hands in disbelief.

By his estimates, even though the Knights he recruited were of high quality, not that many of them should have been able to complete their Tier 3 Promotion Quest this soon. After all, Tier 3 was a significant turning point, even for NPCs.

Normally, Bronze Tier 2 Knights would have less than a 5% chance of completing their Tier 3 Promotion Quest, while Mysterious-Iron Knights’ odds would be less than 10%. Only after reaching the Secret-Silver rank would Knights have an 80% chance of completing their Tier 3 Promotion Quest. This was also the reason why players had treated Knights at the Secret-Silver rank or above as treasures in his past life. Hence, of the 5,000 Knights he recruited, he would be fortunate if even 200 of them had succeeded in their Tier 3 Promotion Quest.

Now, however, the actual number was more than double his estimates.

Those were 556 Tier 3 NPCs they were talking about. Normally, only 2-star Lords had so many Tier 3 Knights.

In order to become a 2-star Lord, players needed to possess 200 Lord Popularity Points—twice the amount required to become a 1-star Lord. Meanwhile, after becoming a 2-star Lord, players could command an additional 2,000 Knights, raising the total to 7,000. Compared to 1-star Lords, 2-star Lords would be much more attractive to NPCs.

However, even under such a situation, 2-star Lords would generally have around 600 Tier 3 Knights. Moreover, achieving this number required the investment of a lot of time and resources. Developing Knights couldn’t be accomplished within just a few days or weeks.

After all, in God’s Domain, many ordinary players couldn’t even reach Tier 3; those that reached Tier 3 would only be considered subpar among Tier 3 existences. Even Bronze Tier 3 Knights could suppress them easily.

Normally, a team of 200 Bronze Tier 3 Knights would be more than sufficient for maintaining the security of a Guild City with a player population of around 3,000,000. In fact, such a Guild City might even be much safer than NPC cities.

In minor NPC cities, Tier 3 players were fully capable of killing players in the city and then fleeing with their lives. After all, minor NPC cities were generally guarded by high-level Tier 2 NPCs at most. However, it was a different story with Tier 3 Knights. Even Tier 3 peak experts couldn’t outrun a Bronze Tier 3 Knight.

Hence, during Shi Feng’s previous life, very few experts had dared to cause trouble inside cities guarded by Tier 3 Knights unless they were prepared to suffer mutual destruction or worse, failing to kill their targets and losing their lives.

This was the amazing aspect of 1-star Lords. If a Guild were to rely on its members to defend its Guild City, the Guild wouldn’t achieve such a deterrent effect.

Meanwhile, now that Shi Feng had 556 Tier 3 Knights, let alone safeguarding a Guild City with a player population of 3,000,000, he wouldn’t have any problems protecting two such cities. In fact, with this number of Tier 3 Knights, he could even guarantee the safety of an Advanced City.

Could my Knights’ Growth Potentials be very high because I am the first 1-star Lord to draft NPCs from the various kingdoms and empires? After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng found this to be the only possible explanation.

Back then, he had spent a lot of money to recruit Knights in various major NPC cities. Both the quantity and quality of the Knights that answered his draft had exceeded his expectations.

He suspected that the Knights he recruited had considerably high Growth Potentials as well. For example, a Bronze Knight’s Growth Potential was generally between 31 and 50. However, a Bronze Knight with 50 Growth Potential would have a considerably better chance of reaching Tier 3 than a Bronze Knight with 31 Growth Potential.

If his speculation was correct and the Knights he recruited all possessed very high Growth Potential, then it wasn’t unreasonable that so many of them had succeeded in their Tier 3 Promotion Quests.

“Lord Bronze Legatee, do you wish to conduct the procedures now?” Lorrain prompted once more as she looked at Shi Feng’s dazed expression.

Yes! Of course!” Shi Feng replied hurriedly.

These were 556 Tier 3s they were talking about. Moreover, they were Tier 3 NPCs.

Currently, a superpower would be fortunate to have even 50 Tier 3 experts under their command; 500 would definitely be an astronomical amount for the various superpowers. Not to mention, Tier 3 NPCs were generally much stronger than Tier 3 players.

If he revealed these Tier 3 Knights to the public, he would scare a lot of people to death!

Unfortunately, unlike Personal Guards, Knights could operate only within their Lord’s territories. Otherwise, with over 500 Tier 3 NPCs under his command, he could easily trample any of the current superpowers in God’s Domain.

Very well. The Tier 3 registration procedures cost 10 Gold per person. The total bill is 5,560 Gold,” Lorrain said.

“Alright.” Shi Feng nodded. He then added, “I also wish to replace the equipment of these people. Please upgrade the equipment of all those that aren’t equipped in Fine-Gold Equipment to the Fine-Gold rank.”

The registration fee was a small price to pay. If he could upgrade all 5,000 of his Knights to Tier 3, let alone 10 Gold per person, he would be willing to pay even 100 Gold each.

However, that was only a dream. After all, Knights at the Secret-Silver rank or above were far too rare. Being able to recruit even one was already a fortunate matter. Take the current situation, for example. Even now, Shi Feng was still issuing draft orders in the various major NPC cities and replacing his weaker Knights with better ones. However, even after so many days, he had only managed to get some new Mysterious-Iron Knights. He still hadn’t recruited any new Secret-Silver Knights. One could see just how difficult it was to come across Secret-Silver Knights.

Meanwhile, after reaching Tier 3, although the Basic Attributes of Knights would vary, depending on their Growth Potential, their overall combat power was still contingent on their weapons and equipment.

There was a massive difference in combat power between a Knight geared in Bronze Equipment and a Knight geared in Epic Equipment.

Moreover, unlike players, NPCs were much easier to gear. One just needed sufficient funds. Of course, there was a limit to the weapons and equipment Lords could purchase for their Knights, and that limit was the Epic rank. Gearing Knights in Fragmented Legendary or Legendary items required special means.

Currently, Shi Feng’s greatest wish was to gear every one of his Knights in a full set of Epic Equipment. However, this was something he only dared dream of. After all, one set of Level 100 to Level 150 Epic Equipment cost 4,000 Gold. If he wanted to arm his entire Knight Division in Epic Equipment, it would cost him 20,000,000 Gold.

Twenty million!

This was an astronomical amount even for superpowers, let alone Zero Wing.

Currently, the best he could do was to gear his Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Knights in Epic Equipment and the remaining Tier 3 Knights in Fine-Gold Equipment. As for the Tier 2 Knights, most of them still used Secret-Silver Equipment.

Although Zero Wing had constantly been upgrading the Knights’ weapons and equipment, the amount invested wasn’t a lot, and the upgrades were generally done in very small batches. Shi Feng only dared to upgrade the equipment of more than 500 people because he had some spare funds on hand.

“Of the 556 people in question, 478 require a change in equipment. Each set of Level 100 Fine-Gold Equipment is priced at 100 Gold. Including the registration fee, your total comes to 53,360 Gold,” Lorrain said, smiling after taking a look at the list.

When Shi Feng heard the price Lorrain quoted, he involuntarily winced slightly as he took out most of the Coins he had on hand.

It seems I’ll have to earn even more money now. Otherwise, I won’t be able to nurture these Tier 3 Knights. Shi Feng revealed a bitter smile when he saw that he had only around 400 Gold left in his bag.

He had gone to great lengths to earn 50,000 Gold from Phoenix Rain. Just when he thought he had become slightly rich again, all of his money disappeared in the blink of an eye. If not for him having close to 4,000 Gold before his transaction with Phoenix Rain, he wouldn’t have been able to afford to replace the equipment of his Tier 3 Knights.

Although 400 Gold was a huge sum of money to expert players, Shi Feng was the Guild Leader of Zero Wing. Having just 400 Gold on him was extremely shabby.

Moreover, after his Knights officially reached Tier 3, their weekly salaries and nurturing fees had also increased.

As an example, Bronze Tier 3 Knights demanded a weekly salary of 200 Gold and cost 100 Gold per week to nurture. These numbers could basically rival those of Fine-Gold Tier 2 Knights.

Meanwhile, nearly 300 of the 556 Tier 3 Knights were Bronze Knights. Just nurturing these Bronze Knights would cost almost 90,000 Gold per week. After including the Tier 3 Knights that were at the Mysterious-Iron rank and above, nurturing these 556 Tier 3 Knights would cost more than 200,000 Gold per week.

After Shi Feng footed the bill, Aqua Rose suddenly contacted him.

“Guild Leader, Yuan Tiexin and his entourage have arrived at Stone Forest City. Yuan Tiexin has quite an ugly expression on his face and says that he has urgent business to discuss with you,” Aqua Rose said.

“They’re here so soon? Have them wait in the City Lord’s Mansion. I’ll head over right away,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He then took out a Guild Transfer Scroll for Stone Forest City and disappeared from the VIP room.