Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2437 - Shocking All Sides

Chapter 2437 – Shocking All Sides

Black Dragon Empire, Black Dragon City, Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Residence:

Currently, over 50 players were seated inside the spacious top-floor reception room. Close observation would reveal that every one of these players had reached Tier 3. Even a superpower’s Guild Leader would turn grim upon seeing this scene.

After all, at this stage of the game, only a few superpowers had more than 50 Tier 3 players under their command.

“Dragon Pavilion Master, why did you call us here today?” a Level 104, Tier 3 male Shield Warrior with a thin and short body asked, frowning. He showed not the slightest bit of respect for Nine Dragons Emperor.

Meanwhile, no one in the reception room found the Shield Warrior’s attitude surprising. On the contrary, everyone considered it completely reasonable because this thin and short, middle-aged man was Stubborn Heart. Not only was Stubborn Heart the Guild Leader of Grim Reaper, the Black Dragon Empire’s number one Dark Guild, but he was also nicknamed “Steel Hammer.”

Although Grim Reaper was not a superpower, it still wasn’t an existence ordinary first-rate Guilds could go up against. In addition, Dark Players were a bunch of lunatics with only slaughter on their minds, and Dark Guilds had a completely different development path from ordinary Guilds. Hence, Grim Reaper did not fear any of the superpowers operating in the Black Dragon Empire. Naturally, Stubborn Heart wouldn’t bother behaving politely around Nine Dragons Emperor.

Upon hearing Stubborn Heart’s question, everyone present turned to look at Nine Dragons Emperor curiously. After all, this was also the question they all wished to ask.

Everyone in the room was a person of respectable standing in the Black Dragon Empire. They were either the Guild Leaders of Dark Guilds or the commanders of top adventurer teams. There were even a few Guild Leaders of first-rate Guilds present. This was basically a gathering of the Black Dragon Empire’s top brass.

“Naturally, it’s good news,” Nine Dragons Emperor replied with a calm smile. “Haven’t you all been wishing to develop in the Cold Spring Forest? Your chance has come!”

Cold Spring Forest was the Level 100 neutral map closest to the Black Dragon Empire. However, due to Zero Wing’s Stone Forest City, the Black Dragon Empire’s various major powers could only watch helplessly as Zero Wing and its partners monopolized the entire map. After all, if even superpowers were helpless against Stone Forest City, how could the various major powers do anything against it?

“What are you trying to say?” Stubborn Heart asked, somewhat tempted by Nine Dragons Emperor’s words.

Cold Spring Forest was a Level 100 neutral map. Even Dark Guilds like Grim Reaper could not avoid grinding in such maps. If Grim Reaper could gain some benefits from Cold Spring Forest’ then the Guild’s development would definitely take a leap forward.

“I believe you more or less know about the matter that happened over at the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion recently,” Nine Dragons Emperor said. “To be precise, I’m referring to Zero Wing taking out Advanced Ancient Barrier Scrolls.”

“That’s right. We know a little about that, but what of it? Is Zero Wing willing to sell us some?” Stubborn Heart asked, chuckling. “Not to mention, nobody knows if that information is actually true or not.”

At this stage of the game, any power would consider the Twelve Elemental Pillars an absolute treasure. Nobody would not be tempted by it.

However, how could Zero Wing possibly sell such a precious treasure to outsiders?

Moreover, that was an Advanced Ancient Barrier they were talking about—technology passed down from ancient times. It shouldn’t be possible to procure many of it.

“I can tell you now that Zero Wing is indeed capable of supplying a large number of those Ancient Barrier Scrolls,” Nine Dragons Emperor said with some excitement. “Moreover, I have solid proof of this matter.”

“How is that possible?!”

“The technology necessary to produce Ancient Barrier Scrolls should’ve been lost in ancient times!”

Everyone reacted in surprise when they heard Nine Dragons Emperor’s confident reply. They had never thought that this piece of information was true. As for Nine Dragons Emperor lying to them, the chances of that happening were close to zero. After all, Nine Dragons Emperor wouldn’t gain any benefits from doing so.

“What does this have to do with us? Even if we make a fuss about this, we still won’t get our hands on those scrolls,” Stubborn Heart stated.

While it was indeed frightening that Zero Wing could supply Advanced Ancient Barrier Scrolls in bulk, that was a matter that concerned only the various superpowers. Major powers like theirs weren’t qualified to interfere in this matter at all.

“That’s why I have gathered you all here,” Nine Dragons Emperor said as he swept a glance around the room. Smiling, he continued, “You might not be strong on your own, but combined, even current Super Guilds cannot ignore your strength. Meanwhile, because of the Ancient Barrier Scrolls, the various superpowers definitely won’t let Zero Wing off the hook this time. It won’t matter even if Zero Wing possesses Stone Forest City. Under the might of a Tier 3 army, only destruction awaits Zero Wing!

“At that time, if we form an alliance, we might not be able to obtain those Ancient Barrier Scrolls, but we can get a share of Stone Forest City’s benefits.

“Are you all not interested in Stone Forest City?”

Nine Dragons Emperor’s words seemed replete with infinite temptation since everyone’s breathing quickened after listening to his speech. The eyes of some of those present even started glowing.

Who wouldn’t be interested in the current Stone Forest City?

Even now, Stone Forest City was still the only city established in a Level 100 neutral map on the eastern continent. It allowed players to not only recover from exhaustion rapidly but also save up on plenty of travel time. Many Tier 3 experts were willing to spend astronomical amounts of money just to rent a house there. Even then, actually renting a house in the city remained an extremely difficult proposition.

If they became the rulers of Stone Forest City, the profits they could rake in would be unimaginable.

Everyone present immediately signed a contract with Nine Dragons Emperor and formed a powerful alliance of interests. Meanwhile, the purpose of this alliance was to provide its members with greater authority when negotiating with the various superpowers.

At the same time, inside one of the VIP rooms of an Advanced Restaurant in Star-Moon Kingdom’s White River City…

Vice Guild Leader, we have already verified Black Flame’s words. In order to purchase a large number of those Ancient Barrier Scrolls, Phoenix Rain has gone as far as to empty out the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s stockpile of materials and Magic Crystals,” a tall and robust man 2.4 meters tall reported respectfully to the beautiful, short-haired woman before him.

This short-haired woman was none other than Cold Shadow, one of Mythology’s Vice Guild Leaders.

After leaving Twilight City, she had immediately made her way to White River City. At the same time, she had also tasked her spies with monitoring the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s every action.

“I never thought that Zero Wing would actually possess such a foundation. It seems I really underestimated it before.” When Cold Shadow heard her subordinate’s report, her lips curled up into a smile, as if she had just found an interesting toy.

“In addition, we have also received news that Zero Wing has invited the Secret Pavilion, Thirteen Thrones, Giant’s Heart, and Unyielding Soul for a meeting. By the looks of it, Zero Wing is planning to rope these Guilds in, using the Ancient Barrier Scrolls to form a common front.”

“Not a bad decision. If Zero Wing has the full support of these Guilds, things will indeed become more troublesome,” Cold Shadow said, smiling. “Unfortunately, it is useless, even if these Guilds band together. Proceed according to the plan. Whether it is those Ancient Barrier Scrolls or Zero Wing’s secret, we must obtain them all!”

In her opinion, Shi Feng’s action of using the Twelve Elemental Pillars to suppress Mythology was simply too immature. He just wasn’t aware of the consequences of distributing the Twelve Elemental Pillars in bulk.

Let alone the Secret Pavilion, even if the Five Great Super Guilds worked together, they still wouldn’t be able to stop an army of several thousand Tier 3 experts.

At the same time, inside a lush, green, primeval forest, a 100-man team consisting of more than 40 Tier 3 experts was resting below a large tree. Meanwhile, lying around this team were the corpses of Level 105-plus monsters. Many among them were at the Great Lord rank, and one of them was even a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species.

Meanwhile, the leader of this team was none other than the Secret Pavilion’s Yuan Tiexin.

“Black Flame must be insane! How can he possibly do this?!” Yuan Tiexin’s complexion paled after he read the report his subordinate sent him. “He is making an enemy out of every superpower on the eastern continent!”

Originally, Yuan Tiexin thought that Shi Feng was inviting the Secret Pavilion for a meeting because of some good news. He never imagined that Shi Feng would pull such a huge stunt.

“Uncle Yuan, are we still attending the meeting?” Purple Jade asked, a gloomy expression forming on her face after she read the report.

Zero Wing had truly gone overboard this time!

Previously, the matter regarding Stone Forest City’s transfer to the Bottomless Abyss was still acceptable. After all, back then, even the strongest player was at Tier 2. At worst, Stone Forest City’s transfer would make a few superpowers envious. No superpower would choose to go for broke.

However, Zero Wing’s actions this time touched upon the foundations of the various superpowers. To protect themselves, the superpowers would definitely do everything they could to destroy Zero Wing. This time, even the Secret Pavilion would not be capable of shielding Zero Wing.

“Of course! Moreover, we need to hurry over immediately! If we wait until the various superpowers form an alliance, everything will be too late!” Yuan Tiexin said. Immediately, he organized his team and made his way to White River City, planning to persuade Shi Feng to hand over the Twelve Elemental Pillars’ acquisition method. After that, the Secret Pavilion would take responsibility for negotiating with the various superpowers. Otherwise, only death awaited Zero Wing.

Elsewhere, after Shi Feng received the payment from Phoenix Rain, he promptly returned to White River City as well.

However, he did not start production of the Twelve Elemental Pillars. Instead, he made a trip to the Adventurer’s Association in order to register his Knight Division’s members for their Tier 3 Promotion Quest.

Originally, he should’ve conducted these registration procedures long ago.

A Knight Division’s members were considered the private soldiers of players. They were not exactly the same as Personal Guards. Although Knights would still automatically challenge their Tier 3 Promotion Quests once they reached Level 100, after succeeding in their Promotion Quest, they still needed their Lord to pay a procedural fee to the Adventurer’s Association to complete their promotion.

Previously, as Shi Feng had been tied up with one problem after another, he had not had the time to take care of this matter. Now that all his affairs were settled, he naturally had to get this matter done. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to open Stone Forest City to the public and turn the city into a true goldmine. After all, if a Guild City wished to earn money, it needed a large player population.

After transferring Stone Forest City to the Cold Spring Forest, in order to ensure Zero Wing’s advantage, Shi Feng had decided to give access only to Zero Wing’s allies and a small number of outsiders. However, now that the number of Tier 3 players in the game was increasing, Stone Forest City’s advantages were continuously shrinking. In addition, it cost an enormous amount of money to maintain Stone Forest City’s daily operations. There was also the economic war with Starlink. Due to these factors, Zero Wing was currently barely making ends meet.

Hence, it became necessary for Zero Wing to open Stone Forest City to the public.

Previously, with Zero Wing’s current strength, Shi Feng wouldn’t have dared open Stone Forest City to the public. Fortunately, however, he was a Lord and possessed a 5,000-man Knight Division, which was the reason why he dared to publicize the Twelve Elemental Pillars.

Although he felt that only 200 or so of his 5,000 Knights were capable of reaching Tier 3 this soon, NPCs were far stronger than players. Given those Tier 3 NPCs, in combination with the strength of the Tier 2 Knights and Stone Forest City’s defenses, current superpowers would have a very difficult time threatening Stone Forest City.

Meanwhile, if the various superpowers didn’t pose a threat to Stone Forest City, they naturally couldn’t deal Zero Wing a heavy blow.

“Lord Bronze Legatee, how may I be of service?” Administrator Lorrain asked with a smile after walking into the VIP room Shi Feng occupied.

“I wish to see the list of my Knights that have completed their Promotion Quest,” Shi Feng said.

“Very well.” Lorrain nodded before leaving to search for the necessary information. A short moment later, she returned and handed a list to Shi Feng, saying, “Currently, 556 of your Knights have completed their Promotion Quest. Do you wish to conduct the registration procedures for all of them?”