Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2436 - Zero Wing's Craziness

Chapter 2436 – Zero Wing’s Craziness

Upon hearing Phoenix Rain’s words, Blue Phoenix, who had just stood up from her seat, immediately came to a realization.

“Big Sis Rain, does this mean that Nine Dragons Emperor and that Vice Guild Leader from Mythology understood that something like this would happen from the very start, and that’s why they gave up and left so peacefully?” Blue Phoenix felt a sense of dread when she recalled how calm Nine Dragons Emperor and Cold Shadow had been after failing to force Phoenix Rain to sell her Candlelight shares.

Previously, when Shi Feng stated that he could supply Advanced Ancient Barrier Scrolls in large quantities, the benefits the Twelve Elemental Pillars could bring had occupied Blue Phoenix’s thoughts. She had failed to consider the potential problems that the Twelve Elemental Pillars would bring. She also never imagined that Nine Dragons Emperor and Cold Shadow would think of this problem so quickly.

Meanwhile, judging by how decisively Cold Shadow had left the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Residence, she might’ve already started planning how she could capitalize on this matter.

“That’s most likely the case,” Phoenix Rain said, nodding. “However, we can still salvage this situation. So long as we can falsify this matter, the two of them won’t be able to take action even if they want to.”

Although Shi Feng had publicly revealed that he possessed 10 sets of Twelve Elemental Pillars, he didn’t actually prove that he was capable of supplying the Ancient Barrier in bulk. At the very least, none of the people that knew about his ability to do so was an outsider. Hence, it wouldn’t be difficult to convince the various superpowers that he couldn’t.

If those superpowers discovered that this matter was fake, then Nine Dragons Emperor and Cold Shadow’s plan to target Zero Wing would naturally fall through. After all, the strength Nine Dragons Emperor and Cold Shadow possessed on the eastern continent couldn’t shake the current Zero Wing’s foundations.

“You really don’t need to hide this matter. If they wish to take action, they are free to do so. If they are capable of doing so, that is,” Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw Phoenix Rain and Blue Phoenix worrying about the problems that the Twelve Elemental Pillars would bring Zero Wing.

In the current God’s Domain, nobody knew better than Shi Feng what influence the Twelve Elemental Pillars would have.

Compared to the benefits the Twelve Elemental Pillars could bring Zero Wing, the consequences of publicizing it were insignificant. After all, the current Zero Wing was no longer as weak as it was before.

In God’s Domain, the period when players were transitioning from Level 100 to Tier 3 was the longest and most difficult for players to get through. In the past, a massive gap had formed between the various powers because of this period. Some unknown Guilds had become superpowers, and some superpowers had faded out of existence as a result of this period.

Although Zero Wing currently had a tremendous advantage when producing Tier 3 players, the Guild’s lack of experts prevented it from capitalizing on this advantage. Meanwhile, it was only a matter of time before the various superpowers caught up to Zero Wing in this regard.

Hence, what Shi Feng needed to do now was expand Zero Wing’s advantages and utilize these advantages to allow Zero Wing’s experts to break free from this problem.

“This…” Phoenix Rain hesitated when she saw Shi Feng’s confident expression.

Zero Wing’s current strength indeed could not be underestimated, especially with it having three Flying Ships. The presence of these three Flying Ships made it practically impossible for anybody to threaten Zero Wing’s air superiority. However, the various superpowers were not easy opponents, either. If the various superpowers banded together, even the Five Great Super Guilds would have to compromise.

Moreover, this matter was all because of her. In reality, Shi Feng could’ve conducted this transaction in secret and slowly developed Zero Wing’s strength in God’s Domain. There wouldn’t have been any need for Zero Wing to become enemies with the various superpowers at all.

“Actually, before I came here, I had Aqua contact a few other Guilds and arrange for a meeting with them three hours later. At that time, I’ll be selling the Twelve Elemental Pillars to them as well,” Shi Feng said, smiling. “So, even if the incident just now hadn’t happened, the various superpowers would still find out about this matter. There is no need to blame yourself, Phoenix Pavilion Master.”

So long as he started selling something like the Twelve Elemental Pillars, he would definitely draw the attention of all superpowers. Hence, he had not hesitated to use the Twelve Elemental Pillars to humiliate Nine Dragons Emperor and Cold Shadow.

By doing so, not only would he elevate Phoenix Rain’s position in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, but it would also serve as a small promotion to the several Guilds he had invited. At that time, he could save himself the trouble of proving that he was capable of supplying the Twelve Elemental Pillars in bulk. After all, the madness of the various superpowers was the best proof.

After hearing Shi Feng’s explanation, both Phoenix Rain and Blue Phoenix felt that he was simply crazy.

Shi Feng was basically forsaking his life for money!

Selling the Twelve Elemental Pillars might bring him a lot of benefits, but even Super Guilds would not dare risk becoming enemies with the various superpowers just for this much profit.

After all, the current era was different. Tier 2 experts were no longer as useful as before. Only Tier 3 experts could be considered a Guild’s true combat power.

Meanwhile, the various Super Guilds might have a lot more Tier 3 experts than an ordinary super-first-rate Guild, but the total number of Tier 3 experts of just three or five super-first-rate Guilds could easily surpass that of a Super Guild, what more all of the eastern continent’s superpowers.

“Since you have already said so, then I’ll represent the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion in purchasing 100 sets of Twelve Elemental Pillars from Zero Wing. Guild Leader Black Flame, may I know if you can supply this many?” Phoenix Rain asked seriously after taking a deep breath.

After seeing how crazy Shi Feng was behaving, she decided to take a leap of faith.

The current Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was in a very awkward position, ranking neither very highly nor lowly among the various superpowers. Since Zero Wing was already doing its best, she naturally had to try her best as well and gamble all of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s available materials and Magic Crystals.

The Twelve Elemental Pillars were very expensive. In the off chance that the loot of the Level 100-plus Mythic monsters the Guild hunted was not ideal and failed to allow the Guild to recoup its investment, the other superpowers in the Apocalypse Empire were likely to surpass the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. After all, a Guild’s development required plenty of resources. This was especially true for Magic Crystals.

However, if her gamble paid off and the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion managed to secure enough top-tier equipment to arm a 100-man raid team within a short period, at that time, not only would the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion attain absolute dominance over the Hill of Ruins, but it could also start raiding Level 100 Team Dungeons much sooner than other superpowers. With these advantages, the losses the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would suffer from expending so many resources would no longer be a problem.

“Big Sis Rain?” Blue Phoenix gaped in shock upon hearing Phoenix Rain’s words. She never thought that Phoenix Rain would take such decisive action.

With the invasion of the Otherworld powers having greatly intensified the competition in the Apocalypse Empire, just purchasing 30 sets of Twelve Elemental Pillars would have already put a heavy strain on the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s resources. Purchasing 100 sets would basically empty the Guild’s stockpile.

If the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion failed to secure dominance over the Hill of Ruins with the 100 sets of Twelve Elemental Pillars, then the Guild would suffer immense losses. At that time, Phoenix Rain would lose all hope of becoming the next Great Pavilion Master.

“That won’t be a problem. However, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for all 100 sets to be delivered,” Shi Feng said. He, too, was surprised at the amount that Phoenix Rain requested.

Purchasing 100 sets of Twelve Elemental Pillars would cost 500,000 Magic Crystals, 50,000 Gold, 50,000 Elemental Crystals, and 50,000 Elemental Cores. This was no trivial amount of resources. There was no superpower that would not feel strained from spending so many resources.

“Blue, start making the necessary preparations.” Once Phoenix Rain received Shi Feng’s confirmation, she immediately had Blue Phoenix collect the required materials from the Guild Warehouse.

When Blue Phoenix visited the Residence’s Warehouse, her actions immediately created an uproar among the Dragon- Phoenix Pavilion’s upper echelons.

The request for 50,000 Gold was fine, as that wasn’t a significant amount of money for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. However, the number of Magic Crystals, Elemental Crystals, and Magic Cores that Blue Phoenix requested was another matter altogether. These were all materials necessary to produce potions needed for exploration, yet Blue Phoenix had put in a request for more than 90% of the Guild’s stockpile for these materials.

However, neither Ku Rong nor the Grand Elders of the Guild tried to stop Blue Phoenix. On the contrary, they immediately approved Blue Phoenix’s request and instructed the warehouse manager to supply Blue Phoenix with all of the requested materials. They also didn’t bother questioning her purpose for these materials. After all, in the current Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, Phoenix Rain could already be considered the pseudo-Great Pavilion Master. She was well within her authority to make use of these materials.

Meanwhile, this shocking piece of news also entered the various superpowers’ ears immediately.