Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2435 - Structural Change

Chapter 2435 – Structural Change

On the top floor of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Guild Hall, three people were sitting inside the luxurious reception hall, which could easily accommodate 50 people.

Aside from Phoenix Rain and Shi Feng, only Blue Phoenix was present. The degree of privacy for the meeting was even greater than that for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Grand Elder meetings.

As for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Grand Elders who had been in the plaza before, they wisely stayed away, having no intention of participating in the discussions between Shi Feng and Phoenix Rain. Moreover, with Cola, Yan Tianxing, and Zero Wing’s other Tier 3 experts standing guard outside the reception hall, anyone who wished to spy on the meeting couldn’t do so.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I really have to thank you this time. If not for your help, those Grand Elders would’ve sided with Nine Dragons Emperor,” Phoenix Rain said as she looked at the 10 sets of Twelve Elemental Pillars on the table. “These Advanced Ancient Barrier Scrolls are extremely precious, so you should quickly store them. Although Magic Array Scrolls won’t suffer any damage from exposure, these scrolls are quite ancient. If you don’t store them properly, the magic arrays drawn on them might deteriorate. If that happens, it’ll be a huge loss.”

In God’s Domain, Magic Array Scrolls normally wouldn’t deteriorate. However, some ancient Magic Array Scrolls were a different story. The march of time would compromise the durability of some ancient Magic Array Scrolls. When durability fell to a certain point, it would affect the performance of the Magic Array Scroll itself. Meanwhile, moving the scrolls could reduce their durability by a certain amount.

Previously, Shi Feng had nonchalantly tossed these Ancient Barrier Scrolls on the ground to humiliate Nine Dragons Emperor. Now, he had even casually placed them on the table. These actions would undoubtedly affect the Ancient Barrier Scrolls’ durability.

As for selling these Ancient Barrier Scrolls, in Phoenix Rain’s opinion, he had said those words just to take control of the situation.

After all, Advanced Ancient Barriers were not ordinary Advanced Barriers. Collecting even one complete set of scrolls for an Advanced Ancient Barrier was extremely difficult. Even now, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had yet to collect a complete set, much less 10 sets.

Meanwhile, at this stage of the game, 10 sets of Twelve Elemental Pillars would be extremely helpful to any superpower. If Zero Wing actually sold these Ancient Barrier Scrolls, it would suffer an immense loss.

“No need. I originally planned to sell these 10 sets of Twelve Elemental Pillars to you, Phoenix Pavilion Master,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

“You really plan on selling them?” Phoenix Rain was a little surprised at the serious expression on Shi Feng’s face. She then tried to dissuade him, saying, “These are 10 sets of Advanced Ancient Barrier Scrolls we are talking about. You can kill a minimum of 10 Level 100 Mythics with them. If you properly locate these Bosses, Zero Wing’s main force will receive a huge improvement in strength. If you’re worried about Nine Dragons Emperor’s side, you can rest assured. I still have a few sets of Advanced Barrier Scrolls. With them, I should be able to head him off.”

The entire Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion could easily tell that Shi Feng was only conducting the transaction this time out of respect for Phoenix Rain. As for how many she purchased and how she used them, outsiders wouldn’t have a say. She could simply sell the few precious sets of Advanced Barrier Scrolls she had to the Guild to buy herself some time. Once she hatched the Homed Eagle Egg from the Molten Ruin, she would be able to secure much more resources from Level 100 neutral maps.

As for the 10 sets of Twelve Elemental Pillars, nobody would really know if she had used the scrolls or not. She didn’t need to worry about the secret getting out as her main force consisted solely of her trusted aides. With the resources she could gain with the help of a Flying Mount, tricking the Guild’s Grand Elders should be feasible.

Standing at a side, Blue Phoenix nodded in agreement with Phoenix Rain’s words. She felt that Shi Feng had already helped them a great deal this time. They naturally couldn’t let him suffer any more losses.

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, you’re overthinking things. I’m really here to do business,” Shi Feng said, a bitter smile forming on his face when he saw Phoenix Rain’s and Blue Phoenix’s reactions.

From the very beginning, he had intended to sell the Twelve Elemental Pillars, though not on such a large scale.

Instead, he merely planned to sell it to Zero Wing’s partners to ensure that the Ancient Barrier would not land in the hands of outsiders and aid his enemies. At the same time, it would also earn his Guild a large amount of resources and Coins.

The production of Twelve Elemental Pillars’ scrolls required a large number of Elemental Crystals and Magic Cores, which were treated as strategic resources by Guilds; Guilds normally wouldn’t sell them. As a result, it was impossible to purchase these materials in bulk.

Hence, if Zero Wing wished to mass-produce the Twelve Elemental Pillars, it would have to exchange for these materials with the various powers. Moreover, Shi Feng was currently in extreme need of Magic Crystals and Coins.

This was especially true for Magic Crystals. Even though he had two ore veins capable of producing Magic Crystals, his demand for Magic Crystals was still far above what the two ore veins and Zero Wing could supply.

As to why he was in dire need of Magic Crystals, it was because the teleportation gate linking the eastern and western continents cost a lot of Magic Crystals to operate. Moreover, Magic Crystals were far rarer and more valuable on the western continent. Hence, Magic Crystals could be considered a very powerful currency there. To purchase the rare materials over there in bulk, he had to have a large number of Magic Crystals.

Of course, there was also the option of selling the eastern continent’s unique materials on the western continent. However, these unique materials were similarly precious on the eastern continent. Moreover, the various superpowers had a monopoly on them, and Zero Wing could get its hands on only a limited amount. After all, superpowers capable of traveling between the two main continents generally traded with superpowers that possessed these unique materials.

In the end, Shi Feng had concluded that he could only conduct transactions using Magic Crystals.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, can you really supply these Twelve Elemental Pillars in bulk?” Blue Phoenix blurted out in surprise when she saw the bitter smile on Shi Feng’s face.

These were Advanced Ancient Barrier Scrolls they were talking about. If the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion could purchase them in bulk, then the Pavilion’s development would definitely skyrocket.

“Of course. However, you should know how precious the Twelve Elemental Pillars are. I cannot sell them too cheaply. In fact, they can’t even be weighed using Coins,” Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw Blue Phoenix’s excited expression. “A complete set of Twelve Elemental Pillars will cost 5,000 Magic Crystals, 500 Gold, 500 Elemental Crystals, and 500 Magic Cores.”

“That much?” Blue Phoenix gasped when she heard Shi Feng’s words, her excitement dimming considerably.

Based on the price he quoted, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion wouldn’t be capable of purchasing that many sets, not when the total value of each set of scrolls exceeded 4,000 Gold.

Moreover, Magic Crystals, Elemental Crystals, and Magic Cores were all strategic resources. Obtaining these items in large numbers wasn’t easy. After taking into consideration the Guild’s own use, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would be able to take out only a small number of these items for exchange. This would also be the case for other superpowers.

“Sure enough, the price really isn’t low.” Phoenix Rain also revealed a bitter smile as she gazed at the 10 sets of Twelve Elemental Pillars on the table. “I’ll buy 30 sets first, then.”

Although she had long since prepared herself for a high price, when she heard Shi Feng’s quote, she still could not help a little heartache.

However, the Twelve Elemental Pillars were an Advanced Ancient Barrier. Compared to the barrier’s value, the price wasn’t particularly high. After all, Intermediate Barrier Scrolls normally sold for roughly 800 Gold per set. Most importantly, these things rarely appeared on the market, as no power would be willing to sell them.

Moreover, so long as she properly chose which Mythic Bosses to raid and her luck wasn’t too bad, she would still be able to profit a lot. Not to mention, she would also get a lead on the other superpowers. This could be considered the greatest benefit of the Twelve Elemental Pillars.

That won’t be a problem. I’ll have someone deliver the remaining 20 sets by tomorrow,” Shi Feng said. He was not at all surprised to see a pained expression appear on Phoenix Rain’s face. On the contrary, he very much understood her feelings.

This was also the reason why he wanted to seek a partnership with several superpowers.

The Mana Stones required weren’t much of a problem. A set of 12 scrolls required only 12 Mana Stones. Even a Master Alchemist would need only 1,200 Magic Crystals to synthesize the Mana Stones. However, it was a different story for the Elemental Crystals and Magic Cores. Producing one set of Twelve Elemental Pillars consumed 144 Elemental Crystals and Magic Cores.

With Zero Wing’s current stockpile, it couldn’t create many sets at all. Needless to say, it definitely couldn’t supply the scrolls to the Guild’s Tier 2 teams.

After Phoenix Rain confirmed her transaction with Shi Feng and Blue Phoenix was about to head to the Guild’s Warehouse to retrieve the necessary materials, Phoenix Rain’s expression suddenly turned grim.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, why don’t we just forget about the transaction for now? We caused a huge commotion in the Residence’s plaza this time. Not to mention, Mythology’s Vice Guild Leader was present as well. News of this matter will definitely reach the ears of the various superpowers. To make matters worse, you really are capable of mass-producing the Twelve Elemental Pillars. If the various superpowers find out about this, they won’t let Zero Wing off the hook. They might even cooperate to force you to hand over the method for obtaining the Twelve Elemental Pillars,” Phoenix Rain said. After giving the matter some thought, she still concluded that it wouldn’t be wise to purchase the Twelve Elemental Pillars.

In God’s Domain, the various superpowers would always plant spies in other superpowers. The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was no exception. Hence, news of today’s matter had most likely reached the ears of the various superpowers already.

It might be fine if Shi Feng had simply been using the Twelve Elemental Pillars to trick Nine Dragons Emperor. At worst, her reputation in the Guild would plummet, and many of the Guild’s Grand Elders would switch to Nine Dragons Emperor’s side.

However, since this matter was true, things had become troublesome.

There would be no problem if the Twelve Elemental Pillars’ transaction involved only a small amount of materials. With her status as a Pavilion Master, she could secretly conduct the transaction without anybody finding out about it. However, the amount of materials the Twelve Elemental Pillars required was simply too much. If she took out that many materials from the Guild Warehouse, people would definitely notice. If she used the Twelve Elemental Pillars, the likelihood of discovery would be even greater.

The various superpowers might be able to ignore the fact that Zero Wing had a reliable method for obtaining Flying Ships, as Flying Ships could, at most, allow Zero Wing to stabilize its rule over the territories it currently possessed;these Flying Ships wouldn’t budge the various superpowers’ foundations at all.

However, the Twelve Elemental Pillars were a different story. If Zero Wing supplied the Advanced Ancient Barrier Scrolls in bulk, the structure of the current God’s Domain would change drastically. The various superpowers definitely wouldn’t cotton to Zero Wing restraining them or a pseudo-superpower deciding their future. Even the Five Great Super Guilds wouldn’t sit still and watch this happen.

In that case, there would only be two possible outcomes to this situation. The first would be the various superpowers joining hands to annihilate Zero Wing and maintain the status quo. The second outcome would be Zero Wing being forced to hand over its method for obtaining the Twelve Elemental Pillars and submit itself to the various superpowers. Both of these outcomes would be fatal to Zero Wing’s development.

Hence, Phoenix Rain decided that it was best to treat today’s incident as Shi Feng tricking Nine Dragons Emperor. That way, Zero Wing would be able to avoid destruction.