Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2433 - Foundations Revealed One After Another

Chapter 2433 – Foundations Revealed One After Another

Nine Dragons Emperor responded to Shi Feng’s statement with a hateful glare. The force Zero Wing had mobilized had sent Twilight City on high-alert. How could this be interpreted as anything other than an interruption?

Moreover, Shi Feng’s grand arrival had ruined Nine Dragons Emperor’s efforts to interest his Guild members in a partnership with Mythology. Not only had Zero Wing’s show of strength shocked the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members, but it had chased away any thoughts about Mythology.

“No, you haven’t interrupted us, Guild Leader Black Flame. You’re right on time,” Phoenix Rain said, a rare smile gracing her lips at Shi Feng’s greeting. She then turned toward Cold Shadow and firmly stated,” Vice Guild Leader Shadow, although I am very interested in a partnership with Mythology, I’m afraid that I cannot sell Candlelight’s shares.”

When Phoenix Rain rejected Mythology’s offer, silence filled the plaza. Every member of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion turned to stare at Phoenix Rain, complex emotions flashing in their eyes. Surprisingly, however, no one stepped up to object.

If she had rejected Mythology’s offer earlier, they would’ve fought her decision as illogical and doubted her ability to act as a Pavilion Master, but with Zero Wing’s three Flying Ships before them, no one could find a reason to argue with her decision.

They were talking about Flying Ships, and it was clear that Zero Wing had some method to secure multiple ships. Now that Zero Wing ruled the skies, no superpower would dare offend the Guild.

With Zero Wing’s help, the Dragon-Phoenix could ensure the safety of its transportation routes in the future. In fact, the Pavilion could even rely on Zero Wing’s reputation to secure even more sea zones, which they could develop, and in turn, fuel the Guild’s growth.

However, if Phoenix Rain sold her shares of the Candlelight Trading Firm to Mythology, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would likely lose Zero Wing’s assistance. The difference between an ally with shares and one without was massive, after all. Furthermore, everyone knew how stingy Zero Wing was with its shares. If Phoenix Rain sold Candlelight’s shares without Zero Wing’s consent, no one would be surprised if Zero Wing became an enemy.

“Rain, you should think this through carefully. You are aware of the Guild’s situation in the Apocalypse Empire. Many Otherworld powers have already begun to set their sights on our Guild, and you know better than I why we took the risk of transferring Twilight City to the Dawn Ridge,” Nine Dragons Emperor loudly proclaimed when none of his Guildmates spoke up. “If we can form a partnership with Mythology and obtain Combat Runes, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion can quickly establish a foothold in Level 100 neutral maps. With the resources and equipment we can acquire from those maps, we’ll be able to stabilize our position in the empire. Are you really willing to throw this opportunity away?”

Before Zero Wing’s Flying Ships had arrived, he had merely hoped to reduce Phoenix Rain’s popularity within the Pavilion, but now, he steeled himself to tear her from Zero Wing, no matter what it took.

Phoenix Rain and Zero Wing had become firm allies long ago. Zero Wing’s strength was Phoenix Rain’s strength. But Mythology was a different story. The potential alliance with Mythology might drastically elevate Phoenix Rain’s position, but it would be temporary. Mythology wasn’t interested in a partnership with Phoenix Rain specifically; it wanted an alliance with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. This would leave room for him to take advantage of plenty of opportunities, but if she stuck with Zero Wing, he’d have nothing.

Fortunately, Mythology had offered something that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion urgently needed. There was no way the Grand Elders could ignore the temptation of Mythology’s Combat Runes.

Although the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was a super-first-rate Guild, its strength was only considered average among the many superpowers in God’s Domain. Now powers from the various Otherworlds had begun to invade the main continent, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s position in the game was under threat.

To alleviate some of the pressure the Guild faced, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had decided to gamble and transfer Twilight City, the Guild’s strongest city, to Dawn Ridge to secure its hold over the neighboring Level 100 neutral map. However, the other superpowers in the Apocalypse Empire weren’t idiots. They had also invested plenty of resources and stationed their players in the Dawn Ridge.

If the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had a powerful tool like the Combat Runes, it would have a much easier time exploring Level 100 neutral maps. This was the Grand Elders’ ultimate goal.

Hearing Nine Dragons Emperor’s comment, several nearby Grand Elders frowned and turned toward Phoenix Rain, their expressions hinting that she needed to make her decision carefully.

The Combat Runes would be significantly helpful when the Guild’s members explored Level 100 neutral maps. The benefits these Combat Runes offered were just as impactful as Zero Wing’s Flying Ships could be. In fact, the Combat Runes might be even more beneficial to the Guild. Zero Wing owned those Flying Ships, after all; the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion did not. Moreover, rejecting Cold Shadow’s offer would be on par with slapping Mythology in the face.

Mythology was one of the virtual gaming world’s Five Great Super Guilds, and it had already shown the Pavilion a lot of respect by approaching the smaller Guild for an alliance. If the Pavilion rejected Mythology, the Super Guild would offer nothing. It might even move against the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Although Mythology was focused on its development on the western continent, it was still one of the Five Great Super Guilds. Causing trouble for the Pavilion would be child’s play.

Phoenix Rain’s expression turned grim. She had never expected Nine Dragons Emperor to pander to the Guild’s Grand Elders after failing to rouse their Guildmates. The Grand Elders didn’t normally meddle in the competition for the position of Grand Pavilion Master, but they were from the same generation as Ku Rong. Their influence in the Guild couldn’t be underestimated. Even Ku Rong had to weigh their words carefully.

What a smart move. It’s no wonder how he maintained his hold on the Black Dragon Empire in the past.

Many Planar Passages were connected to the Black Dragon Empire, which led to intense competition in the empire. Normally, only Super Guilds were confident in stopping so many Otherworld powers from invading, but during Shi Feng’s previous life, Nine Dragons Emperor’s Branch Guild in the Black Dragon Empire had successfully defended the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s territories, only losing insignificant sections.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to reject my offer, Phoenix Pavilion Master. Mythology is sincerely interested in an alliance. If we can negotiate a partnership, I can even speak with my Guild Leader about selling some of our Tier 3 Combat Runes to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Tier 3 Combat Runes will grant the Pavilion an absolute advantage when exploring Level 100 neutral maps,” Cold Shadow said sweetly, smiling. As she spoke, she glanced at Shi Feng.

Cold Shadow was familiar with the predicament the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion found itself in. As long as she could purchase Candlelight’s shares, she didn’t mind letting Nine Dragons Emperor borrow her power to suppress Phoenix Rain.

Naturally, Zero Wing couldn’t hope to compete with the terms Mythology could offer.

When Cold Shadow finished speaking, the nearby Grand Elders watched with bated breath. Although they didn’t know much about the western continent, they knew a thing or two about Tier 3 Combat Runes. Only three Super Guilds were capable of producing the tools, and they didn’t sell them to outsiders. If the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Tier 3 experts could equip Tier 3 Combat Runes, then the Guild would be unstoppable in the Hill of Ruins, the Level 100 neutral map neighboring the Dawn Ridge.

Moreover, these Combat Runes would ensure that the Pavilion had an easier time developing its navy.

Just as the several Grand Elders were about to step forward to persuade Phoenix Rain, Shi Feng retrieved an ancient Magic Array Scroll from his bag and handed it to her.

The moment Shi Feng revealed the scroll, it drew everyone’s gaze. The Magic Array Scroll’s Mana was extraordinarily dense, nothing like the scrolls players typically saw.

“This is the sample of what we spoke about earlier. If you find it acceptable, we can negotiate prices,” Shi Feng calmly stated as he gestured to the Magic Array Scroll now in Phoenix Rain’s hand.

Cold Shadow only grinned at Shi Feng’s play. She found it simply laughable that he wanted to use a Magic Array Scroll to compete with her Guild’s Tier 3 Combat Runes.

However, when one of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Grand Elders, who possessed a Master ranked Appraisal Skill, curiously appraised the scroll, he couldn’t help but gasp.

“An Advanced…Ancient Barrier Scroll?!