Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2431 - Commotion at the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion

Nine Dragons Emperor didn’t bother to keep his voice down, and the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members in the first- floor hall heard him. His statement immediately caused a commotion in the hall.

“What? That Mythology wants to work with our Guild?”

“Mythology is one of the Five Great Super Guilds. If we can form a partnership, our Guild will gain more strength and influence than ever before. Even Super Guilds will have to respect us.”

“That’s not all. Many powers from the Otherworlds have begun to arrive in the Apocalypse Empire and are competing with us for resources. If news of our partnership with Mythology spreads, even those powers will fear us and won’t dare to attack us in the fields so casually.”

Mythology was merely a famous Super Guild to most ordinary players, but the Pavilion’s members, particularly its internal members, knew that Mythology wasn’t that simple.

The virtual gaming world’s Five Great Super Guilds had been established at the birth of virtual reality games. Every one of them had more than a century of history, and they were responsible for hosting many international virtual competitions.

Generally, players had to give an outstanding performance in these competitions to become an internal member in one of the Five Great Super Guilds. Ordinary experts had no hope of being recruited.

Although the Five Great Super Guilds had relaxed their recruitment requirements considerably since God’s Domain’s launch, one still had to be a Refinement Realm expert at the very least. It was easy to imagine how powerful those Super Guilds’ foundations were.

The fact that Mythology was actively interested in forming a partnership with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was unbelievable.

Every Pavilion member in the hall turned toward Phoenix Rain.

Nine Dragons Emperor had clearly stated that whether or not their Guild worked with Mythology depended entirely on Phoenix Rain’s decision. Naturally, they all assumed they knew what her response would be.

“Big Sis Rain, Nine Dragons Emperor is doing this on purpose!” Blue Phoenix hissed, grinding her teeth when she saw everyone’s anticipatory looks.

Although the Great Pavilion Master and Grand Elders were responsible for choosing the next Great Pavilion Master in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, it was also incredibly important that the Guild’s members approved of the candidate. If the majority of the Guild’s members disliked the candidate, that individual would never become the next Great Pavilion Master.

The Pavilion’s members had no doubt that partnering with Mythology was far more important than Candlelight’s shares. Only a fool would turn down this opportunity. The benefits the Pavilion could gain from an alliance with Mythology were immeasurable. Just holding the Super Guild’s banner would deter every superpower in the Apocalypse Empire from provoking the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

Mythology could also supply plenty of precious materials and merchandise from the western continent. The Dragon- Phoenix Pavilion had far more to gain from an alliance with Mythology than from the Candlelight Trading Firm.

If Phoenix Rain decided against selling her shares of Candlelight, she would earn every Guild member’s resentment.

Blue Phoenix was sure that Nine Dragons Emperor had deliberately publicized the matter because he knew Phoenix Rain’s general disposition. She valued contracts and favors, and he knew that she wouldn’t just give away her shares of the trading firm. Hence, he had intentionally led Cold Shadow to the first-floor hall the moment Phoenix Rain returned to the Residence. He might have pretended to lead their guest to the meeting room, but in truth, he wanted everyone to see the two women meet.

“If you think Mythology’s offer is insufficient, Phoenix Pavilion Master, you may state your demands. As long as it is within my authority to do so, I will give them careful consideration,” Cold Shadow added after Phoenix Rain hadn’t said anything for a long moment. Smiling, she continued, “I’m even willing to sell some of the Combat Runes that are unique to the western continent.”

With Cold Shadow’s last statement, a tall, robust man behind her stepped forward. Silver runes flashed on his equipment, drawing in the surrounding Mana and increasing the intensity of his aura to a new level instantly. Even the Tier 2 peak experts in the hall took a step back, staring at the man with fear in their gazes.

How did he become so strong all of a sudden? Even Blue Phoenix, now a Tier 3 player, was shocked by the transformation.

Although she had sensed that the man was very dangerous, she had felt confident that she could hold her ground against him, but now, she felt powerless before him. However, she could tell that the difference between them wasn’t one of Basic Attributes, but from their different mental capacities.

So, this is the western continent’s rumored Combat Rune?

The situation even surprised Nine Dragons Emperor. Although the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had no power on the western continent, it had investigated it. The Pavilion had even dispatched quite a few internal members to the western continent, and although their efforts hadn’t yielded many results, they had more than nothing.

According to the Pavilion’s reports, Combat Runes were a special type of took that was similar to enchantments found on the eastern continent. However, the Combat Runes offered stronger control over Mana.

The Combat Runes couldn’t offer bonus Basic Attributes, but they could increase players’ affinity with Mana. They could even improve a player’s mental capacity.

In Nine Dragons Emperor’s initial opinion, the Combat Runes weren’t all that impressive. Basic Attributes and combat standards were far more important than Mana control and mental capacity.

However, he had realized how mistaken he was after reaching Tier 3.

Both Mana control and mental capacity were incredibly important for players’ combat power because they influenced a player’s ability to manipulate their Mana Body. The more control of one’s Tier 3 Mana Body one had, the greater their overall combat power would be.

Now that he had seen the Combat Runes in action himself, he realized how horrific they were.

If he could secure a large collection of weapons and equipment with Combat Runes for him and his subordinates, no one on Dragonheart Island or in the Black Dragon Empire would have the power to threaten his position.

“The Combat Rune we’ve researched is quite impressive, isn’t it? It’s only at Tier 2 Advanced rank, which can’t compare to the Tier 3 Combat Runes we’ve researched, but it can double Tier 2 players’ combat power. It can also provide a significant boost to Tier 3 experts’ combat power,” Cold Shadow explained, grinning smugly when she saw everyone’s reactions.

This isn’t even the best they’ve got? Nine Dragons Emperor could not help but gasp.

This revelation was terrifying!

Although the robust man beside Cold Shadow had reached the Domain Realm, Nine Dragons Emperor could sense that he was only as strong as Martial Dragon, but after he activated his Combat Rune, not even Martial Dragon would last long against him.

And yet, Cold Shadow informed them that the robust man’s Combat Rune was only at Tier 3 Advanced Rank. Nine Dragons Emperor didn’t even want to fathom how powerful the robust man would become if he were armed with a Tier 3 Combat Rune.

It was at this moment that Nine Dragons Emperor, more or less, realized how Mythology had survived as one of the Five Great Super Guilds, even in a game like God’s Domain. On paper, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion might only be one rank weaker than Mythology, but the true difference was like the difference between an ant and a Dragon.

Naturally, the robust man’s display with his Combat Rune sent the Pavilion’s members into another uproar.

“This is amazing! If I could equip that Combat Rune, too, I might be able to contend with Tier 2 peak experts!”

“With that Combat Rune, I could complete a higher-difficulty Tier 3 Promotion Quest!”

Many of the Refinement and Flowing Water Realm’s experts glowed as they gazed at the robust man. They all waited eagerly for Phoenix Rain to agree to Cold Shadow’s offer.

However, as her comrade’s desire for Mythology’s Combat Runes grew, Phoenix Rain’s expression darkened. She had never dreamed that Mythology would be so desperate for Candlelight’s shares that they’d sell Guild treasures like the Combat Runes.

If she rejected Mythology’s offer now, she’d become the Guild’s number one enemy.

Just as she was about to speak, however, another commotion broke out outside of the Guild Hall. As the seconds passed, the players outside made even more noise. Curious, many of the members in the Guild Hall ran out of the building.

“What’s wrong with all of you? What’s going on outside?” Blue Phoenix demanded an answer from one of her nearby Guildmates.

“There are Flying Ships! Three Flying Ships have arrived above our Residence!” a Tier 2 Ranger close to the entrance shouted back.