Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2430 - Mythology

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Dawn Ridge, Twilight City:

The Dawn Ridge was located right next to the Level 100 neutral map closest to the Apocalypse Empire, and it had long since become a hub for mainstream players. Many superpowers had established Guild Towns and Cities in the area, but of all the towns and cities in the map, the most popular was Twilight City. Twilight City had a player population of 3,000,000 and was in no way inferior to NPC cities.

The Dawn Ridge was located between a mountainous region and the sea, and Twilight City had been established on a hill near the shore. Not only did players have easy access to the sea from the city, but they could also reach a Level 100 neutral map quite quickly. The location was a convenience for players that occasionally operated on the ocean, which was why the city was so popular.

Aside from the city's convenient location, Twilight City was so popular because it was home to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's main headquarters. It was the most well-developed Guild City the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion owned, and it was far safer than any other Guild Towns or Cities in the Dawn Ridge.

Meanwhile, several flashes of light illuminated the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Guild Hall as Phoenix Rain and her team returned to the Residence. The moment the idling Guild members noticed her group, they adopted a respectful attitude, particularly the young men and women who had recently joined the Pavilion. When they saw Phoenix Rain's alluring, mysterious figure clad in bright-red robes, they were mesmerized.

"The Pavilion Master is amazing. Not only is she so charismatic, but she also completed her high-difficulty Tier 3 quest in one attempt. She's even Level 103 already. I wish I could join her personal security team. I'd get to play God's Domain with her every day," a Level 100 female Elementalist gushed, watching Phoenix Rain with starry eyes.

"Stop dreaming. You've just joined the Guild, yet you want to become the Pavilion Master's personal bodyguard? Only the top-ranked newcomers have a chance to earn such a position. You should've seen those monstrous players. Even if our Basic Attributes were equalized, they could single-handedly take out several dozen of us." A male Berserker, the Elementalist's team leader, rolled his eyes.

Once upon a time, he, too, had dreamed of earning such a high position in the Guild, but since he had begun to participate in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's training sessions and began to grow stronger, he fell into even greater despair. The difference between him and the Guild's geniuses was more than just a matter of Basic Attributes.

In ordinary Guilds, a Refinement Realm expert would be considered a part of the Guild's backbone, but in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, it was the minimum requirement to become a core member. Players would only become a pillar of strength once they reached the Void Realm.

Usually, only the top 10 players of the several thousand internal members the Pavilion recruited each year would have a chance of reaching the Void Realm.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was a veteran super-first-rate Guild, and it required much of its internal members. Experts who were well-known among the public meant nothing in the Pavilion.

While the Guild's members quietly conversed, another commotion erupted in the Guild Hall. A dozen or so players descended the stairs from the second floor, led by a beautiful woman. Beside the woman stood Nine Dragons Emperor.

The strange woman wore dark-blue leather armor and carried a crimson short sword, which hung from her waist toward her back. The sword's sheath was decorated with ancient ruins that attracted the ambient Mana.

As if the Mana in the first-floor hall had found its master, it fell under the strange woman's control as she appeared.

A special Bloodline Legacy?Surprise flashed in Phoenix Rain's gaze when she noticed the stranger.

As an Elementalist, Phoenix Rain's perception of Mana was keen, and she had gained a new-found understanding of Mana after she had reached Tier 3.

She could sense that, despite being a Tier 3 Assassin, the woman had just as strong Mana affinity as she did. It almost seemed like the beautiful Assassin was Mana's favored child.

The players behind the woman caused a similar phenomenon, only the ambient Mana's reaction to them wasn't as strong.

"Rain, you're here. Let me introduce you. This is Mythology's Vice Guild Leader, Cold Shadow," Nine Dragons Emperor introduced with an exceptionally pleased expression as Phoenix Rain emerged from the teleportation hall.

He had been startled when he had heard that Mythology's upper echelons intended to visit the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. He had assumed that the Pavilion was in major trouble.

Mythology was one of the virtual gaming world's Five Great Super Guilds, all of which had maintained their positions for many years. No Guild could threaten their standings. There were even rumors that the Five Great Super Guilds were no longer on the same level as other Super Guilds.

"Greetings, I am the Phoenix Pavilion Master, Phoenix Rain," Phoenix Rain introduced herself.

"I've heard of you before, Phoenix Pavilion Master," Cold Shadow said, smiling. "Your efforts at sea are a large part of the reason that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's naval prowess is what it is today. You also secretly supported Zero Wing in exchange for a large percentage of the Candlelight Trading Firm's shares. Now, Candlelight has influence in multiple kingdoms and empires and earns significant profits each day. Very few in God's Domain can match your exceptional insight, Phoenix Pavilion Master."

"Your praise is too generous," Phoenix Rain calmly replied. "May I know what business you have with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, Vice Guild Leader Shadow?"

Phoenix Rain was suspicious of Mythology's visit and clueless about the Super Guild's intentions. Mythology had focused its development on the western continent, yet it had come to visit the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, which was limited to the eastern continent, so suddenly. This was just as significant as an international corporation seeking out a small, domestic company, and Phoenix Rain didn't know what to make of it.

However, based on the Great Pavilion Master's tone when he had requested her return to the main headquarters, it seemed that Mythology had come to find her. Something about the situation didn't feel right to Phoenix Rain, and seeing Nine Dragons Emperor's attitude, she was certain that Mythology wasn't here with good news.

"Oh, it's nothing major, really," Cold Shadow said, chuckling. "Mythology simply wishes to extend its reach to the eastern continent and wants to investigate the situation first. Zero Wing's Candlelight Trading Firm is one of the potential partners we'd like to consider, but everyone knows that Zero Wing almost never sells its shares. Hence, we wish to purchase your shares of the trading firm. We're willing to offer you double the market price, in addition to selling some of the western continent's unique materials and merchandise to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. We believe the transaction will benefit all involved.

"I have already spoken with the Great Pavilion Master about this, but he insists that Candlelight's shares belong to you personally and that I'll have to speak with you about the situation. Of course, as long as you're willing to sell your shares of Candlelight, he'll be more than willing to ally with Mythology. Thus, I've come to negotiate with you, Phoenix Pavilion Master."

"Rain, this is the first time the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion will get to cooperate with Mythology. Many of the Guild's Grand Elders are looking forward to this. You mustn't let this opportunity go and disappoint the Guild Elders and Great Pavilion Master," Nine Dragons Emperor earnestly advised.

Blue Phoenix gave Nine Dragons Emperor a cold glare from behind Phoenix Rain. She wanted nothing more than to strangle the bastard.

Whether or not Phoenix Rain sold her Candlelight shares was her problem, but Zero Wing must have a reason for being so stingy. If Phoenix Rain sold her shares, the decision would affect her relationship with Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, Nine Dragons Emperor was trying to force Phoenix Rain's hand by using the excuse of 'Guild interest.' Regardless of what Phoenix Rain decided, it was clear that the Phoenix Pavilion wouldn't benefit.