Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2429 - Divine Artifact Ranked Tree of Life

Shi Feng stared at the Attribute Panel before him, stunned, and he even wondered if he were dreaming.

[Withered Tree of Life’s Main Branch] (Special Fragmented Legendary Rank)

A withered main branch from the Tree of Life. This branch contains a trace of the World Energy that has survived since the Great Destruction, which is why it continues to exist, even now.

Withered Rate: 94%

The branch’s introduction was simple and brief. Players new to God’s Domain wouldn’t see any value in the crystalline branch, but Shi Feng, who knew plenty about this world, was a different story.

The Elven race’s Tree of Life was the oldest Tree of Life still alive in God’s Domain. It was also the highest-quality Tree of Life, yet it had only grown after the Great Destruction.

However, the main branch in Shi Feng’s hand was even older. It was unbelievable.

Before the Great Destruction, God’s Domain had enjoyed the era of the Gods, an age when even Gods and roamed the continent. One could only imagine how amazing the world had been.

It was no exaggeration to say that even an ordinary item that had survived since the Great Destruction was an absolute treasure in the present day. Shi Feng couldn’t even begin to imagine what the rank the Trees of Life that had existed at that time had been.

For all he knew, those Trees of Life might have been Divine Artifacts!

Divine Artifacts could determine the prosperity or death of an entire race. Such items had been like the Ancient God’s children.

Shi Feng had only seen two Divine Artifacts’ Attribute Panels in the War God’s Temple due to a Legendary ranked Main Storyline Quest. The War God’s Temple was one of the strongest powers in God’s Domain; not a single kingdom or empire could rival it. And yet, despite such power, the War God’s Temple only had two Divine Artifacts in its possession.

Before today, Shi Feng hadn’t understood the true strength of Divine Artifacts. In fact, he had even wondered if players could actually get their hands on one.

Even after a decade in God’s Domain, no one had ever heard of a player acquiring a Divine Artifact. The strongest items he had heard of players obtaining were Legendary rank.

A Legendary item could allow a player to transcend tiers. If a player stumbled across a Divine Artifact, they’d gain unimaginable strength.

Although the Tree of Life was neither a weapon nor a piece of equipment, it could produce valuable items, such as the Water of Life, Fruits of Life, and Nuclei of Life. The higher the Tree of Life’s rank was, the more of these items it could produce, and the shorter its production cycles would be.

At the Fragmented Legendary rank, a Tree of Life had a one-month production cycle, which would only yield three of each item. A Tree of Life at Legendary rank could produce three to five items every fortnight.

Its Withered Rate is so high, at 94%. It’s just 1% away from becoming useless. I’ll have less than a 10% chance of restoring it to life. Shi Feng could not help but frown at the branch’s Withered Rate.

He knew that a branch would be useless if it had a 95% or higher Withered Rate, but only one power had successfully nurtured a Tree of Life from a 94% Whitered branch. Moreover, that had only been a side branch.

Of course, there was no difference between restoring a main branch or side branch. Both would need a steady supply of materials that contained high-purity Mana and life energy to restore the branch’s life force, allowing it to grow naturally.

Not even the various superpowers were guaranteed to return life to a Fragmented Legendary ranked branch with a 94% Withered Rate.

Restoring life to the branch would require Legendary ranked materials with exceptional Mana and life energy. Such Legendary materials were painfully rare. One would have to rely on luck to obtain them.

After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng found the situation reasonable. Compared to a Divine Artifact ranked Tree of Life, Legendary materials were insignificant.

It seems I’ll have to prepare for my trip to the western continent properly, Shi Feng inwardly decided.

As far as he knew, there were only two Legendary materials that filled the criteria to restore the branch in his hand.

The first was the World Core, an item that would only appear when a world was destroyed. Only three World Cores had ever appeared during Shi Feng’s previous life, and at least a dozen superpowers had fought desperately over each one.

The World Core was the best material for producing Legendary items. Players had even considered them Divine Artifact-level items back then.

The second material Shi Feng knew of was the Star of Light.

The Star of Light was a super-rare material that could only be found inside massive stars that fell on the western continent. Players had only found six Stars of Light in the past. Although they weren’t as rare as World Cores, they were even more valuable than Fragmented Legendary items.

One could use a Star of Light as the core of a city’s magic array. Not only would this substantially increase a city’s defenses and Mana density, but the city’s magic array would also absorb starlight at night, automatically replenishing its Mana reserves and reducing the city’s Magic Crystal cost. Stars of Light were the ideal energy core for Guild Cities.

After inspecting the crystalline branch, Shi Feng parted ways with Heaven’s Blade’s members and left the Molten Ruin with Cola and his comrades. He didn’t want to waste even a second more.

The Molten Ruin might have a lot of treasures and Flying Mount eggs, but they were nothing compared to the Tree of Life. Furthermore, Zero Wing already had the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship Design. As long as the Guild had enough materials, it could mass-produce flying ships for its members, which would be a much more reliable method of obtaining Flying Mounts.

Most importantly, if he could restore life to the main branch he now owned, he would have a source of Fruits of Life. Not only would he be able to increase the Growth Potential of the Guild’s Personal Guards, but he could also increase their Flying Mounts’ potential.

In God’s Domain, a Flying Mount’s rank made the difference in how much it could help players.

Shi Feng would also have a source for Nuclei of Life, a super-rare material that he could use to forge Epic Weapons and Equipment.

Just as Shi Feng was about to return to White River City with his party, however, he received a call request. The caller was none other than Phoenix Rain, whom Shi Feng hadn’t been able to contact while the Molten Ruin was still sealed.

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, has something happened in the ruin?” Shi Feng asked.

He had initially planned to meet up with Fire Dance and Phoenix Rain’s team to prevent War Blood and Starlink’s members from ambushing them, but since his victory over Evil Qilin’s team had come to light, he was confident that his enemies wouldn’t cause more trouble. Hence, he had decided there was no point in convening 她h 也em 抓d 1杖 continue exploring the Molten Ruin.

He had other concerns right now, and Fire Dance and Phoenix Rain’s team should be strong enough to handle anything the Molten Ruin could throw at them.

“Nothing’s wrong in the Molten Ruin. In fact, War Blood and Starlink’s members have chosen to leave us alone,” Phoenix Rain said, smiling. “We’ve also gotten quite lucky. So far, we’ve found two Horned Eagle Eggs.”

“You’ve already found so many?” Shi Feng was surprised to hear it.

Although the Molten Ruin was a treasure trove, obtaining so many Flying Mounts in it shouldn’t be possible. He figured the ruin would have, at most, 20 Horned Eagle Eggs. Otherwise, Flying Mounts would’ve been widely available in his previous life, not the luxury items they had been. With so few eggs available, Fire Dance and Phoenix Rain’s group would be fortunate to find a single one.

And yet, after only spending a few hours in the Molten Ruin, they had already found two eggs. Even if luck played a role, their harvest was astounding. Moreover, Phoenix Rain and her team had only explored the outer corridor. They’d likely find even more abundant treasures in the inner corridor.

“We got lucky and stumbled across a hidden room,” Phoenix Rain said, nodding. Jokingly, she continued, “However, I didn’t call you just to brag. I’ve just received a message from headquarters stating that Mythology’s representatives have visited the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s main Residence. The Great Pavilion Master has recalled both Pavilion Masters. I don’t think Mythology is visiting with good intentions, so I’d like to invite Lord Peerless Monster to make the trip back with me. With you by my side, I’ll have more leeway.”

“Mythology?” Shi Feng frowned at the mention of the name. He hadn’t expected Fang Shihan to act so soon and lock on to Phoenix Rain. “Alright, I’ll head your way immediately!”

He wasn’t sure if Mythology was trying to wound Zero Wing by pressuring the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, but he didn’t mind using this opportunity to show off Zero Wing’s strength.

After disconnecting the call, Shi Feng contacted Melancholic Smile.

“Melancholic, how is the production for the Crimson Dragon Flying Ships coming along?”