Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2428 - Tree of Life’s Quality

Chapter 2428 – Tree of Life’s Quality

Shi Feng didn’t know how Zwei had verified that the main branch had withered, but his Omniscient Eyes wasn’t an ordinary appraisal Skill. His Omniscient Eyes would reveal more detailed information. He might still have a chance of nurturing the branch.

The moment Shi Feng activated Omniscient Eyes, a 30-second loading bar appeared before him.

Even a withered main branch from the Tree of Life is such an amazing item? Shi Feng stared at the crystalline branch in astonishment.

For Epic items, Omniscient Eyes only required 21 or 22 seconds, yet appraising this crystalline branch would require half a minute. Obviously, the Tree of Life main branch was even more valuable than an Epic item.

Furthermore, this was only a branch from the Tree of Life, not the actual tree. Moreover, Zwei insisted that the branch had already withered, which meant it shouldn’t be nearly as valuable as a living branch.

In God’s Domain, the Elven race considered the Tree of Life a holy relic. It wasn’t a true Divine Artifact, but its abilities and value were close.

Of course, not all Trees of Life were that valuable. Trees of Life were special items that contained life energy. They generally ranked between Epic and Legendary rank. The most powerful Tree of Life belonged to the Elven race and was rumored to be on the cusp of becoming a true Divine Artifact[l].

Despite its lack of life energy, the withered branch in his hand was more powerful than an Epic item, which proved that it had great potential.

Please don’t let it be garbage! Even if it doesn’t have any life energy, please have less than a 95% Withered Rate! Shi Feng silently prayed as he watched the loading bar fill.

The Tree of Life was not a unique item. Many superpowers had obtained them in the past, but only a few had successfully nurtured a Tree of Life of their own.

Naturally, a branch’s Withered Rate.

Based on the various powers’ research, a branch had no chance of surviving if it had a 95% or higher Withered Rate, regardless of whether it was a main or side branch. The lower the Whitered Rate was, the greater the chances of survival the branch would have.

Branches that were empty of life energy generally had an 80% or higher Withered Rate, which included the main branch in Shi Feng’s hands.

Shi Feng knew that the main branches the various powers had obtained during his previous life hadn’t usually contained life energy. However, these branches were incredibly valuable, and as long as one could grow them, they’d be at least as valuable as several Fragmented Legendary items.

Fragmented Legendary items were some of the rarest and most valuable treasures in God’s Domain. Not even first-rate Guilds had had more than 15 of them, on average, in the past.

First-rate Guilds had held full control over entire kingdoms and over a million Guild members, but despite the resources in their grasp, they had only secured a small number of Fragmented Legendary items.

Time passed slowly for Shi Feng as he grew increasingly nervous while he watched the seconds pass.

Ten seconds… Twenty seconds…

While Shi Feng stared intently at the crystalline branch, Zwei spoke up.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, Heaven’s Blade has only dodged a tragedy because of your timely arrival. If you are interested, we will trade you a side branch for one Level 100-plus Epic item,” Zwei suggested as she watched the focused man before her.

Zero Wing had certainly helped Heaven’s Blade a great deal. Had Shi Feng’s group arrived just a few minutes later, Heaven’s Blade would’ve lost everything. She simply wasn’t satisfied with repaying Shi Feng by offering a withered main branch from the Tree of Life.

“There’s no need to feel bad about this, commander Zwei. A deal is a deal. In fact, Zero Wing has greatly benefited from this transaction. Nurturing a Tree of Life from a side branch isn’t easy, and Heaven’s Blade has suffered considerable losses in the Molten Ruin. If you sell another branch, your expedition will have been a complete waste of time,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head as he refused Zwei’s well-intentioned offer. “How about this? If you have any rare materials you wish to sell, Zero Wing would like to buy them at market price.”

A Tree of Life’s side branch was worth several Level 100-plus Epic items. If he accepted Zwei’s offer, Zero Wing would massively profit.

However, the Tree of Life’s side branches weren’t that important to Shi Feng. Rather than profit from a one-time trade, he’d prefer to deepen the relationship between Heaven’s Blade and Zero Wing.

Heaven’s Blade was the fifth-ranked adventurer team on Dragonheart Island, and although it couldn’t compare to the various superpowers, it’s naval prowess shouldn’t be underestimated. It also had several dozen powerful adventurer teams under its command. Overall, Heaven’s Blade had just as much access to the ocean’s resources as the Dragon- Phoenix Pavilion.

As God’s Domain’s players progressed in the game, the various powers would turn their focus toward the sea. God’s Domain was more ocean than land, after all. Even if Zero Wing eventually grew its naval strength, it would only be able to secure a small fraction of the available resources, which was why, despite having superior naval prowess, Starlink had chosen to ally with War Blood.

If Zero Wing could secure an alliance with Heaven’s Blade and gain a stable source of materials, this partnership would be worth far more than a side branch from the Tree of Life.

“Alright, if you insist. From now on, we will sell all of the rare materials that we would’ve otherwise sold on the market to Zero Wing,” Zwei agreed, somewhat taken aback. She had never thought that Shi Feng would refuse her offer. The Tree of Life’s side branches were also highly sought after, even by the various superpowers. She then turned to Cleansing Flame and said, “Flame, from now on, you’ll be the vice commander in charge of materials. You’ll also be responsible for handling transactions with Zero Wing.”

Cleansing Flame was stunned. She hadn’t expected Zwei to promote her to vice commander so suddenly. However, she quickly recovered from her daze and nodded, “Understood!”

Heaven’s Blade’s other members couldn’t help but envy their companion.

Heaven’s Blade might not be a superpower, but it was a top adventurer team with tens of thousands of members and several dozen large-scale adventurer teams under its commander. Even Dragonheart Island’s first-rate powers had to treat Heaven’s Blade’s current four vice commanders with respect.

Why wouldn’t they be jealous that Cleansing Flame had just become the adventurer team’s fifth vice commander?

Of course, despite their envy, nobody objected to the promotion. Cleansing Flame was a bona fide Void Realm expert. She merely bene unlucky during her Tier 3 Promotion Quest, failing it. Her combat standards, however, definitely qualified her for the position. The only reason she hadn’t been promoted previously was because she hadn’t contributed enough to the adventurer team.

After this expedition to the Molten Ruin, however, that was no longer the case. Their main force had only avoided utter destruction thanks to Cleansing Flame’s success in acquiring Shi Feng’s help. That major achievement was more than enough for her to earn the position of vice commander.

Even Yu Luo was a little jealous of Cleansing Flame. She had gotten lucky running into a peerless monster like Shi Feng, becoming a vice commander before Yu Luo.

Yu Luo had been surprised when her team encountered Zwei and Shi Feng’s group halfway through their journey into the inner corridor. She had never expected Shi Feng to reach her commander successfully, and based on what Zwei’s team members told her, it seemed that Shi Feng had suppressed War Blood and Starlink’s 32 Tier 3 experts with his presence alone.

Just you wait! Sooner or later, I’ll become a vice commander through my own strength! Yu Luo inwardly swore as she glanced at Shi Feng.

While Heaven’s Blade’s members envied Cleansing Flame, the loading bar before Shi Feng completed. The crystalline branch’s Attribute Panel then appeared before him.

What?! This is a Tree of Life branch that has survived since the Great Destruction?!