Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2427 - Dragonheart Shocked

Chapter 2427 – Dragonheart Shocked

When they heard Elder Wu’s explanation, War Blood and Starlink’s members gasped, filled with shock and disbelief.

“Elder Qilin’s team lost?” Blood Oath muttered, stunned. It was hard to believe, but Elder Wu had no reason to lie to him. He was also aware that Evil Qilin had led some of Demon Palace’s main force members into the Molten Ruin.

However, not only was Evil Qilin one of Demon Palace’s Elders, but he also ranked among the top 10 experts on Dragonheart Island. Not even Sword Demon was as powerful.

Moreover, Evil Qilin had his two vice commanders from Demon Palace’s third trump card legion to support him in combat, and Blood Oath had experienced their strength personally. Both could even put up a good fight against Sword Demon. Although the rest of Evil Qilin’s team was slightly weaker, they were all Tier 3 experts with the Demonic Hell Word’s special Legacy. Aside from Dragonheart Island’s three peerless monsters’ teams, no power on the island should be able to defeat Evil Qilin’s team.

And yet, Elder Wu had just informed them that Shi Feng had done just that. Moreover, Shi Feng had nearly instant- killed Evil Qilin. How could Blood Oath believe something so outlandish?

“I know you don’t believe me, but I have the battle video of that encounter. You can take a look for yourself,” Elder Wu said, smiling at Blood Oath’s frozen expression. He then sent the video to War Blood’s commander.

In truth, Elder Wu was a little annoyed that War Blood had ignored Thirteen Thrones’ warning and continued its pursuit of Heaven’s Blade’s team. Hence, he hadn’t minded letting Blood Oath and his team learn their true worth.

For now, Shi Feng’s battle video wasn’t available to the public, but War Blood should be capable enough to acquire it, which was why Elder Wu didn’t mind revealing this secret.

How is this possible? Blood Oath watched the video, utterly stupefied. The battle’s outcome was even more unbelievable that he had imagined.

Not only did the video show Shi Feng nearly instant-killing Evil Qilin, but it also displayed Demon Palace’s retreat as the team fled like rats from a sinking ship. The battle between Shi Feng and Demon Palace’s experts had been completely one-sided…

“With the players you have here, your team isn’t enough to take on Black Flame alone. Of course, if you think you can defeat Dragonheart Island’s peerless monsters, you can challenge the man,” Elder Wu said, still smiling as he saw Blood Oath’s expression shift to one of horror.

It’s no wonder why he ignored us. So, he already this powerful.” Even Sword Demon paled when he saw the video.

Sword Demon knew that he was just slightly stronger than Dark Scorpion, and that was only because he had superior combat standards. Shi Feng, however, had killed Dark Scorpion in one move. Sword Demon doubted that he would’ve fared any better if he had been in Dark Scorpion’s place. Even if he activated his battle array, he would, at most, rival Evil Qilin’s power. The outcome of a battle with Shi Feng wouldn’t be any different for him.

Complex emotions swam within Blood Oath. He felt both terrified and fortunate.

The fact that Shi Feng had become a peerless monster after reaching Tier 3 petrified him, and he celebrated the fact that he hadn’t rushed into a fight with the Swordsman. War Blood would’ve suffered so severely that it might have been forced to use its trump cards, which Blood Oath wanted to avoid more than anything.

“I’ve already done you a kindness in warning you. I’ve heard that War Blood has a grudge against Zero Wing. If that’s the case, you should be careful in the future,” Elder Wu said, chuckling before he left the hall with his team.

War Blood had disregarded Thirteen Thrones after gaining Demon Palace’s support, but now that Zero Wing had a peerless monster like Shi Feng, War Blood would have a tough road ahead.

That despicable old fox! Blood Oath inwardly cursed as he watched Elder Wu’s departing figure.

Elder Wu hadn’t told him this out of kindness, but as a warning to War Blood. Now that the adventurer team’s backer had made such a powerful enemy, War Blood had lost its reason to act so arrogantly.

“Commander, I’m afraid that our future is going to be challenging now that Black Flame is so strong,” Ink Feather said.

They had clashed with Zero Wing on Dragonheart Island frequently. If Shi Feng disregarded his reputation and moved against War Blood’s experts personally, the adventurer team would suffer grave losses. War Blood would be utterly helpless before the Swordsman…

“It seems I’ll have to have a chat with Demon Palace and Starlink,” Blood Oath said. He, too, understood that the situation had grown beyond War Blood’s capabilities. A peerless monster had astonishing strength and influence. War Blood’s only hope of survival was to rely on the two superpowers.

Meanwhile, news of Shi Feng’s victory over Evil Qilin’s team spread like wildfire. The strength he had displayed had particularly shocked Dragonheart Island’s various superpowers. Only the island’s three peerless monsters had the strength to defeat a team of that caliber single-handedly.

This incident had also begun to change the various superpowers’ attitudes regarding Zero Wing.

The various superpowers had only felt that Zero Wing’s peak combatants could rival those from ordinary superpowers, but when it came to overall strength, the Guild couldn’t compare.

However, after this event, the various superpowers began to view Zero Wing as an equal. At the very least, they intended to treat Shi Feng, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, as respectfully as they did Guild Leaders of actual superpowers.

And this was all because of Shi Feng had been recognized as a peerless monster now that he had reached Tier 3.

It wasn’t easy to reach Tier 3 in God’s Domain. Even peak experts had less than a 50% chance to succeed. Although more players would complete their Tier 3 Promotion quests as they reached higher levels and obtained better equipment, they would still be a minority among God’s Domain’s player base.

Moreover, there would be a huge difference in players’ strength depending on what difficulty they completed. All of the game’s superpowers acknowledged this fact.

Based on the fighting combat power Shi Feng had displayed, it was clear that Shi Feng had completed a very high difficulty setting with his Tier 3 Promotion Quest. His potential growth and strength couldn’t be underestimated.

While Dragonheart Island’s denizens reeled over Shi Feng’s strength, he had safely escorted Heaven’s Blade’s members out of the Molten Ruin. During their journey, the various superpowers’ experts they had encountered had stared at Shi Feng as if they had seen a ghost, and they promptly made way for the team.

The spectacular scene had dumbfounded Heaven’s Blade’s members. It also reaffirmed that in God’s Domain, strength was everything.

Commander Zwei was extremely powerful and ranked among Dragonheart Island’s top MTs, but not even she could instill such fear and command such respect from the various superpowers.

“Thank you for escorting us out personally, Guild Leader Black Flame. According to our previous agreement, this main branch from the Tree of Life is yours,” Zwei said when she sensed the seal on her lift. She then took a dark-gray crystalline tree branch out of her bag and said, “However, this branch has already withered. I’m afraid returning it to life will be very difficult.”

Regardless of how precious the Tree of Life’s main branch was, it had withered. Unlike the side branches, she couldn’t sense a trace of life energy from the main branch. Although Shi Feng had earned it, whether or not he could nurture it into a Tree of Life was uncertain.

“It’s dead?” When he received the crystalline branch, Shi Feng inspected it with Omniscient Eyes.