Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2425 - At the Brink of War?

Chapter 2425 – At the Brink of War?

With the appearance of Elder Wu’s team, the silent atmosphere grew tense once more.

“Commander, this is bad. Elder Wu actually made a personal trip here,” Prison Tiger said, his expression turning grim when he saw Elder Wu and the two neat rows of Thirteen Thrones experts standing behind the elderly man.

Every one of the Thirteen Thrones members present was a Tier 3 player. They outnumbered War Blood’s and Starlink’s Tier 3 experts combined—a clear display of a Super Guild’s strength.

Meanwhile, Elder Wu was someone every power operating on Dragonheart Island knew about. After all, this elderly man was one of Thirteen Thrones’ Grand Elders and major shareholders. He had watched Thirteen Thrones grow from nothing into a Super Guild. Even Thirteen Thrones’ current Guild Leader had to listen to Elder Wu’s words. He was someone with authority within the Super Guild Thirteen Thrones.

In addition, Elder Wu had full control over Thirteen Thrones’ development on Dragonheart Island. Even Thirteen Thrones’ Guild Leader could not casually interfere in the Guild’s development here.

To save itself, Heaven’s Blade had had no choice but to make a transaction with Thirteen Thrones. Of course, the precondition for this transaction was for Thirteen Thrones to reach Heaven’s Blade in the inner corridor ahead of Zero Wing. Whichever Guild managed to reach Heaven’s Blade first would receive the Tree of Life’s main branch.

The main branch should’ve gone to Zero Wing, as Shi Feng’s group of four had reached Heaven’s Blade’s team first. However, with Thirteen Thrones’ Elder Wu having personally made the trip to rescue Heaven’s Blade’s team, the situation was now much more complicated.

“It doesn’t matter who they sent. A deal is a deal,” Zwei said calmly. She remained utterly unfazed by the appearance of Elder Wu and Thirteen Thrones’ experts. “We can only let Thirteen Thrones waste a trip here this time.”

Upon hearing Zwei’s words, Heaven’s Blade’s members could not help but gaze at her in awe and reverence. Her overwhelming strength and absolute justice were precisely the reason why they had chosen to join Heaven’s Blade.

However, despite their sentiments, Heaven’s Blade’s members still felt their heads aching because of the current situation.

Thirteen Thrones was a Super Guild.

Having dispatched such a grand force to save Heaven’s Blade, Thirteen Thrones was unlikely to tolerate returning empty-handed. Not to mention, a prestigious individual like Elder Wu was even leading the Super Guild’s team this time.

If this matter was not handled properly, chances were high that Thirteen Thrones would decide to annihilate Heaven’s Blade.

Meanwhile, on the other side, when Blood Oath saw Thirteen Thrones’ arrival, his pale complexion suddenly brightened into a smile.

Nice timing! I want to see what Zero Wing is going to do in this situation! Blood Oath thought as he turned to look at Shi Feng, his excitement apparent for all to see.

Blood Oath knew about the agreement between Heaven’s Blade and Thirteen Thrones. If Thirteen Thrones had reached Heaven’s Blade before Zero Wing, he would indeed have considered the situation hopeless. After all, War Blood and Starlink’s joint team stood no chance against the 50-plus Tier 3 experts Thirteen Thrones had dispatched.

Moreover, Elder Wu’s left and right hands were also on this team. They were none other than the masked man and woman standing behind Elder Wu. Although this pair did not have any fame or achievements on Dragonheart Island, Blood Oath had had them secretly investigated and learned that both of them were more than capable of ranking among the top 10 experts of Dragonheart Island. After all, both of them had secretly fought Demon Palace’s Evil Qilin in a one-on-one fight before, with the result being a draw.

The presence of these two great experts, in addition to the 50 other Tier 3 experts, meant this team from Thirteen Thrones could move through Dragonheart Island completely unhindered. Even the three peerless monsters of Dragonheart Island would not be willing to clash with such a team unless absolutely necessary.

However, under the current circumstances, not only would Thirteen Thrones not become War Blood’s enemy, but it would also serve as War Blood’s greatest helper.

Unless Shi Feng was willing to give up on the Tree of Life’s main branch, what awaited him would be Thirteen Thrones’ sanctions. At that time, Blood Oath would not mind lending a hand to Thirteen Thrones.

During the time Heaven’s Blade and War Blood were pondering over this matter, Elder Wu got a clear look at the situation inside the altar hall.

“Zero Wing arrived first?” Elder Wu’s complexion turned slightly ugly when he saw Shi Feng.

The peak experts present were able to detect Elder Wu’s change in complexion instantly. After all, the physique of Tier 3 players was incredibly powerful, allowing peak experts and above to perceive even the smallest changes in a person’s expressions.

Immediately, the atmosphere in the hall chilled.

So, they’re planning to fight? Prison Tiger’s head ached when he sensed the change in the atmosphere. He then glanced at Cleansing Flame, who stood beside him, and said quietly, “Flame, can you try persuading Black Flame? A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. We stand no chance against Thirteen Thrones’ and War Blood’s teams.”

Prison Tiger knew very clearly that with Zwei’s personality, it was utterly impossible to dissuade her from a decision she had made. Hence, their only hope now was to change Shi Feng’s mind. If Shi Feng was willing to give up on the Tree of Life’s main branch, then they could avoid fighting a futile battle. However, if Shi Feng was adamant in keeping the main branch, then a battle against Thirteen Thrones and War Blood would be inevitable.

“You want me to persuade him?” Cleansing Flame revealed a bitter smile upon hearing Prison Tiger’s words. “Big Brother Tiger, I’m afraid that will be very difficult.”

Through her journey with Shi Feng, she had gotten a clear idea of the man’s personality. Similar to Zwei, Shi Feng would persist with his decisions regardless of the cost. Moreover, the decision to give up on the Tree of Life’s main branch was for Zero Wing to make. An outsider like herself had no place in the decision-making process.

As Heaven’s Blade’s members racked their brains over this matter, Blood Oath and his team took the initiative to approach Elder Wu.

“Greetings, Elder Wu. I am Blood Oath, War Blood’s commander,” Blood Oath said, smiling. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time now. Since you have made a personal trip here today, War Blood and Starlink will withdraw from the struggle for the Tree of Life.”

“So, you’re War Blood’s commander. Younger people really are growing increasingly stronger with each generation.” Elder Wu nodded his head approvingly at Blood Oath’s respectful attitude.

“If Elder Wu requires War Blood’s help, please feel free to say so. We will definitely assist you to the best of our abilities,” Blood Oath offered, smiling. He then glanced at the distant Shi Feng and continued, “If there’s anybody that dares disrespect you, War Blood will definitely teach them a lesson.”

Blood Oath’s attitude immediately made the Heaven’s Blade members present nervous. They had never thought that Blood Oath would give up on the Tree of Life so decisively and even choose to side with Thirteen Thrones. This situation wasn’t beneficial to Heaven’s Blade or Zero Wing at all.

“Allow this old man to thank you, then,” Elder Wu said, chuckling. He then stopped paying attention to Blood Oath and started walking toward Shi Feng’s group of four, together with his subordinates.

As Elder Wu’s group approached Shi Feng, the anxiety Heaven’s Blade’s members felt ramped up. At the same time, the atmosphere also grew increasingly tenser. It felt as if a war would break out at any moment.

Hopefully, Guild Leader Black Flame won’t be too persistent, Cleansing Flame prayed inwardly.

Although the Tree of Life was important, there were still plenty of opportunities inside the Molten Ruin. If Zero Wing started a fight with Thirteen Thrones now, it would not gain any benefits. After all, Thirteen Thrones possessed far greater strength on Dragonheart Island than War Blood and Starlink combined.

Meanwhile, Blood Oath, who was watching this scene play out from a short distance away, wore a sneer on his face.

Now, so long as Shi Feng made one wrong decision, Zero Wing would face the full wrath of War Blood, Starlink, and Thirteen Thrones. Even if Shi Feng chose to compromise today, Zero Wing would still lose the Tree of Life.

Regardless of Shi Feng’s decision, Zero Wing would not be gaining any benefits.

During the time everyone was anticipating a fight breaking out, Elder Wu arrived before Shi Feng and quietly observed the young Swordsman for a short moment.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, we meet again. I have to congratulate you this time. You actually reached this place so quickly from the Molten Ruin’s outer corridor. This old man really cannot help but admire you. If you have some spare time in the future, you should pay a visit to Thirteen Thrones’ Residence. You remember Happy Art, right? That little girl has been pestering me to form a partnership with Zero Wing,” Elder Wu said with a friendly smile, his behavior making it seem as if he had just met an old friend.

Meanwhile, upon hearing Elder Wu’s words, whether it was War Blood’s or Heaven’s Blade’s members, they could not help but gape at this scene, unable to wrap their heads around this situation.