Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2422 - Black Flame’s Arrival

Chapter 2422 – Black Flame’s Arrival

Cleansing Flame’s sudden appearance stunned and confused Heaven’s Blade’s members.

“Why is Flame here?” Prison Tiger wondered as he rubbed his eyes, wondering if he was so exhausted that he was hallucinating.

Their commander and sent Cleansing Flame retreating from the inner corridor with a portion of the exploration team. Although she had later run into Zero Wing, which had helped her team, returning to the inner corridor and reaching this altar hall so quickly shouldn’t have been possible.

Moreover, Heaven’s Blade’s members couldn’t figure out how Cleansing Flame had made it past the army of Mechanical Golems that roamed the inner corridor. They had suffered considerably to get this far, yet Cleansing Flame didn’t even seem to have lost much Stamina or Concentration, much less HP. She looked as if she had taken a leisurely stroll through her backyard.

“How did she get here?” Blood Oath narrowed his eyes at Cleansing Flame.

The corridor was littered with Mechanical Golems, and many of them were Great Lords. There were also several Grand Lord ranked Mechanical Golems outside the hall. Not even his team would’ve made it to the altar hall safely without using a Tier 3 Group Invisibility Scroll.

And yet, despite being a Tier 2 player, Cleansing Flame had entered the hall without taking any obvious damage. It was also obvious that she hadn’t used an Invisibility Scroll. It was astonishing.

While everyone stared at her, Cleansing Flame ignored War Blood’s team and addressed Zwei.

“Commander! Reinforcements have arrived!” Cleansing Flame excitedly announced, her voice resonating throughout the hall. “We’re saved!”


“This is great! We can finally leave this godforsaken place!”

Heaven’s Blade’s members released a held breath, joy, excitement, and relief washing over them.

The constant fighting and hiding had tormented their mental states, and they had been incredibly depressed when they thought about how Heaven’s Blade might fall from their position as one of Dragonheart Island’s top 10 adventurer teams once they were annihilated. How could they hold themselves back from celebrating now that reinforcements had arrived to save them?

Even if without the main branch, Heaven’s Blade’s strength could reach a new level with the Tree of Life’s side branches.

“Reinforcements?” In contrast, Blood Oath was clearly unhappy about Cleansing Flame’s announcement. “How did Thirteen Thrones’ members get here so quickly?”

He knew that Thirteen Thrones was trying to rescue Heaven’s Blade since the Super Guild’s representative had contacted him, asking him to give up on his hunt for Zwei.

However, the idea of owning a Tree of Life was too tempting, and Thirteen Thrones’ forces had been nowhere near Zwei’s team. If War Blood could annihilate Heaven’s Blade’s team and secure the Tree of Life’s main branch, Thirteen Thrones would likely let the matter slide. Furthermore, War Blood and Starlink were partners in this situation, and starting a war with both organizations wouldn’t benefit Thirteen Thrones, especially not over a Tree of Life main branch.

If War Blood clashed with Thirteen Thrones’ main force, however, it would be a different story. The Super Guild would consider it a declaration of war, and to protect its reputation, Thirteen Thrones wouldn’t let War Blood or Starlink off the hook.

“Are we going to continue this fight, Commander Blood?” Sword Demon asked in a whisper to Blood Oath.

“This…” Blood Oath hesitated, unsure of which route to take.

With Thirteen Thrones’ members here, the tables had turned, but he didn’t want to give up now that he had set his sight on the Tree of Life’s branches.

While Blood Oath hesitated, Cleansing Flame spoke again, and the atmosphere changed again with her next statement.

“Commander, Guild Leader Black Flame and his three companions will be here soon. Then we can all get out of here safely,” Cleansing Flame said, joyfully jogging up to Zwei.

Prison Tiger and the rest of Heaven’s Blade’s members fell silent at that, their expressions twisting in disappointment. What was going on?

Zero Wing was their reinforcements?

After giving the matter some thought, Heaven’s Blade’s members realized what was happening. Cleansing Flame had informed them that she had secured Zero Wing’s help and was going to lead the Guild’s members to the inner corridor.

But why did Zero Wing only bring four people to rescue them?

“Did you misspeak, Flame? Are you sure it’s four people and not forty?” Prison Tiger anxiously asked.

There was a huge difference between four and forty people.

“No, I said what I meant, four people,” Cleansing Flame confirmed, shaking her head.

The statement rendered Heaven’s Blade’s members speechless. They all assumed there was something wrong with Cleansing Flame’s mind.

“Good! This is excellent! You actually dare to play us for fools!” Blood Oath gave Cleansing Flame a painfully cold look. “Do you really think you can just leave because Zero Wing is here?”

His team had seen his earlier hesitation, but he had only paused because he had thought Thirteen Thrones’ team had arrived. But now he learned that Zero Wing’s members had come, not Thirteen Thrones. To make matters worse, only four of Zero Wing’s members were coming to rescue Heaven’s Blade.

If everyone thought he had shrunk back in fear of four Zero Wing members, he’d be humiliated.

Blood Oath wasn’t the only one enraged. Every War Blood and Starlink member in the hall was furious. A Tier 2 player like Cleansing Flame had played them all for fools.

“You’ve doomed us, Flame,” Prison Tiger said, smiling bitterly when he noticed War Blood and Starlink’s members burn with rage and fighting spirit.

Cleansing Flame might’ve fooled Blood Oath and his companions, but her actions had only added fuel to the fire. Even if Zero Wing’s members could help them, they’d likely have an even more difficult time dealing with their enemies now.

“Relax, Big Brother Tiger. We’re safe now,” Cleansing Flame confidently replied, smiling at Prison Tiger’s gloomy expression.

“Safe?” Prison Tiger was at a loss for words.

War Blood and Starlink had arrived with a team of 32 players, and every one of them had already reached Tier 3. How could they possibly be safe against such a force?

“Kill them! Leave none alive!” Blood Oath snarled, his expression darkening when he saw the smile on Cleansing Flame’s face.

War Blood and Starlink’s experts moved in on Heaven’s Blade’s members, rage burning in their eyes. They wanted nothing more than to tear Heaven’s Blade’s team to shreds.


Suddenly, before War Blood and Starlink’s team could act, a deafening blast echoed throughout the hall. A gigantic figure, eight-meters-tall, then flew into the hall. The figure was made of steel and wielded a greatsword. It was a Guardian Soldier, a Grand Lord ranked Mechanical Golem.

The Guardian Soldier crashed into one of the hall’s stone pillars, shattering it. Upon close inspection, one would notice the deep slice in the Golem’s body, which nearly split the Grand Lord in two.

“A Guardian Soldier?”

“Who did this?”

Everyone in the hall was familiar with how powerful the Guardian Soldier was. Even Tier 3 MTs struggled to tank the Level 107 Grand Lord’s normal attacks, and yet, a sword strike had sent it flying…

Before everyone could react, another deafening boom reached them from the inner corridor. This time, several Great Lord ranked Mechanical Golems were thrown into the hall. As clouds of dust filled the corridor, the players in the hall felt as if some monster lurked within. Moreover, this monster was approaching the altar hall.

Everyone suddenly felt a cold chill crawl down their spines as they watched the hall’s exit, overwhelmed with anxiety.

As the dust settled, four cloaked players walked toward the hall. Blood Oath and the others were quite familiar with the figure in the lead, instantly recognizing him—Sword King, Black Flame!