Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2421 - Monster-level Genius Molten Ruin, inner corridor:

Chapter 2421 – Monster-level Genius Molten Ruin, inner corridor:

After venturing further into the inner corridor, Zwei and her team reached an altar hall the size of a football field. Because of the various traps and monsters they had encountered, less than 30 players remained on the team. Of the 8 Tier 3 players the team had started with, only 6 remained. Their losses had been considerable.

“Commander, those monsters seem afraid to enter the hall,” a Tier 3 Berserker mentioned when he realized that the Mechanical Golems pacing in the corridor refused to follow them. Breathing a sigh of relief, he continued, “That was close. I almost thought we wouldn’t make it.”

To escape War Blood’s pursuit, they had run through the inner corridor. They desperately fought the entire time, unable to relax their guard. Doing so had exhausted their Stamina and Concentration.

If they had to continue at that pace for another half an hour, War Blood wouldn’t have needed to attack; they would’ve died as soon as the Mechanical Golems caught up.

Now that they had made it to a room where the Mechanical Golems wouldn’t follow, they could finally catch a breather.

“This might be one of the inner corridor’s safe zones. Take this chance to rest up, everyone,” Zwei, the female Guardian Knight wearing a silver knight’s helmet and a black-white suit of armor, said as she glanced around the hall. “Assassins and Rangers, check this room for traps.”

As always, Zwei’s voice sounded gentle and sacred. It was impossible to detect her fatigue. It earned even more respect from her team members.

Zwei was the team’s lead MT, and as such, she had been fighting for hours. She had even borne the burden of tanking two Grand Lords. She should’ve expended more Stamina and Concentration than any of her teammates, yet she seemed perfectly fine.

The team’s Assassins and Rangers did as they were told and began to inspect the hall for traps. Meanwhile, the rest of the team sat and pulled potions from their bags, using the opportunity to restore some of their lost Stamina and Concentration.

“What should we do now, commander? War Blood’s members are likely getting close, but if we move deeper into the ruin, we’ll likely encounter a challenge we can’t overcome,” a Tier 3 female Elementalist worriedly asked as she examined her system map.

Although they had found a safe zone, it wouldn’t protect them from War Blood’s team. It was only a matter of time before War Blood caught up to them. Furthermore, they should be very close to the central corridor according to the system map. The monsters in that area were all Level 110 or higher and were too strong for players of their levels to defeat.

If they died, not only would they lose all of the Tree of Life’s branches they had acquired, but they’d also lose levels and equipment.

“If we are doomed, we might as well charge into the central corridor and meet our deaths. I refuse to let War Blood take advantage of us,” Prison Tiger, the Tier 3 Berserker, declared.

He had already thought the matter through. It did not matter whether their team ran into War Blood’s members or rushed head-long into the ruin’s heart. Both meant their annihilation. If they were going to die, either way, they might as well ensure that War Blood waste their time and energy.

The rest of the team members nodded their agreement.

They had thought that the Tree of Life’s branches would help their adventurer team’s development skyrocket, but War Blood had pushed them to the brink of annihilation. They absolutely couldn’t allow War Blood to benefit from their destruction.

“I’m afraid that isn’t for you to decide!”

Shortly after the Tier 3 Berserker’s proclamation, a deep, powerful voice echoed throughout the hall.

“Who is it?!” Prison Tiger snarled in surprise.

Everyone spun toward the speaker, only to find no one there. It confused them.

Two seconds later, however, space blurred, and several translucent figures appeared. The figures solidified after another three seconds, revealing more than 30 players at the end of the hall, and every one of them radiated the aura of Tier 3 players.

“Blood Oath!”

Prison Tiger’s expression turned grim when he saw who the man leading the group of new arrivals. He hadn’t expected War Blood’s team to catch up to them so quickly.

“That’s right. You guys really know how to run. We had to use a Tier 3 Group Invisibility Scroll just to catch up,” Blood Oath said, smiling. He then glanced at Zwei and continued, “Commander Zwei, it’s time for you to hand over the Tree of Life’s branches. Or do you still insist we take them from you?”

Blood Oath had wanted to avoid using the precious Tier 3 Group Invisibility Scroll, but when he had heard that Thirteen Thrones was on his tail, his hand had been forced.

If Thirteen Thrones’ main force caught up with Heaven’s Blade’s, not even War Blood and Starlink would be able to touch the adventurer team. Thirteen Thrones was a veteran Super Guild with a foundation that easily trumped Starlink’s and War Blood’s.

Blood Oath’s team didn’t wait for a response, and the 31 Tier 3 experts behind him moved to surround Heaven’s Blade’s members.

Heaven’s Blade’s team began to despair. They could sense that the weakest of their opponents was a Void Realm expert. Furthermore, Starlink’s Four Shadow Demons had joined War Blood on this hunt.

The Four Shadow Demons were particularly famous in the virtual gaming world. Any virtual gaming expert knew of them. During their early days, these four players had given the various super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds massive headaches.

Not only did those four players have Starlink’s full support in God’s Domain, but they had also reached Tier 3. The Four Shadow Demons could likely wipe out Heaven’s Blade’s entire team on their own.

“Commander, you should get out of here. Tiger and I will hold them back. They won’t be able to get to you once you’re in the central corridor,” the Tier 3 Elementalist advised Zwei.

The Elementalist recognized that Heaven’s Blade’s team stood no chance against War Blood’s experts. Rather than involve Zwei in this meaningless battle, she’d be better off if she fled into the central corridor by herself while the rest of the team bought her time. Without needing to worry about her teammates, Zwei would have an easier time reaching the central corridor, as well.

“I’ve already told you that isn’t up to you!” Blood Oath spat. He then turned toward the Four Shadow Demons and politely requested, “I’ll have to trouble you four.”

“Leave it to us. After all, it’s why the Guild Leader sent us,” Sword Demon agreed, nodding. He and the three other Shadow Demons then approached Heaven’s Blade’s commander. “We’ve heard plenty about you, Commander Zwei. Although we’d like a proper battle with you, we’re burdened with responsibility. I’m afraid you’ll have to take offense!”

The three other Shadow Demons then moved to surround Zwei. They were so fast that Heaven’s Blade’s other members didn’t have time to react.

“Come! I’ve waited for the chance to learn from you four!” Zwei shouted back. Her helmet hid her expression, but based on her calm tone, everyone knew she wasn’t afraid in the least. On the contrary, she burned with fighting spirit.

With her bold declaration, an immense amount of Mana burst from her body, so dense that a white mist began to manifest around her. She radiated a powerful, sacred aura, which felt as if a God had descended to the mortal plane.

“Amazing! As expected of the player to single-handedly lead Heaven’s Blade in becoming one of Dragonheart Island’s top 10 adventurer teams. I admire you for reaching that realm at such a young age!” Sword Demon praised Zwei, shocked by her performance.

Everyone believed that Zwei had only reached the initial stages of the Domain Realm and still had a long way ahead of her.

However, Sword Demon could tell that wasn’t the case. Zwei had progressed quite far into the Domain Realm. Even he had only managed the feat in his old age.

As the two teams were about to engage, a loud commotion broke out outside the hall. Everyone spun to see what had happened.

“Has Thirteen Thrones arrived?” Prison Tiger muttered hopefully.

A moment later, a figure entered the altar hall, and when they saw who it was, Heaven’s Blade’s members were shocked.

“Cleansing Flame?”