Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2420 - Powerful Backer?

Chapter 2420 – Powerful Backer?

“There’s a team ahead of us, Team Leader Yu Luo!” a Level 102, Tier 2 Ranger reported when he noticed blurry figures in the dimly lit passage about 400 yards ahead.

As one ventured closer to the inner corridor, they’d have less visibility. At their current location, not even Tier 3 players could see more than 300 yards ahead of them. Only a few classes, such as the Ranger class, would be able to see a little farther.

“A returning team?” By the time Yu Luo heard the Ranger’s report, she, too, spotted a slowly approaching team of players. She immediately shouted a warning in the team chat, “Everyone, be careful! Maintain some distance! We want to avoid any misunderstandings! We’re not here to fight!”

There was only one path leading into the Molten Ruin’s inner corridor, and no one, aside from Shi Feng’s group and Demon Palace’s team, had entered the tunnel ahead of them.

They had already made it past the most difficult parts of the tunnel and were almost guaranteed to reach the inner corridor. Any other team that had gotten this far should be able to get into the corridor, as well.

Hence, any returning team they encountered had to have already visited the inner corridor.

Any team that could reach the inner corridor was extraordinary. They must’ve also obtained some treasure and were likely wary of other players. If they had a misunderstanding with this team, unnecessary conflict could easily break out.

When the other two superpowers’ team members heard Yu Luo’s warning, they nodded and moved toward the left side of the passage. They were careful to show no signs of hostility or intentions to plunder the stranger’s loot. Nobody wanted an unnecessary fight this far in the tunnel. A large number of treasures and opportunities waited for them in the inner corridor, which was even more dangerous than the Molten Ruin’s outer region. Conserving as much strength as possible would be best.

However, as the two teams grew closer to each other, Yu Luo and the others revealed shock and confusion, getting a better look at the team leaving the tunnel.

They were quite familiar with the returning team’s members.

Demon Palace!

Practically every power had been afraid when they had seen Demon Palace’s team enter the tunnel. Even Yu Luo had rushed to band together with other superpowers because of their presence.

And now, Demon Palace’s members were returning to the ruin’s outer area. Moreover, they were all in a miserable state, and more than half of the team’s Tier 3 players were missing.

“How is this possible?!”

“Why are they returning?”

“Did something prevent them from completing their mission?”

The various superpowers’ members stared at Evil Qilin and his comrades in astonishment as their anxiety spiked.

They knew how strong Evil Qilin’s team was, with a total of 16 Tier 3 experts. Evil Qilin was even one of the top 10 experts on Dragonheart Island. Overall, the man’s team was even stronger than theirs, which included players from three superpowers.

However, Evil Qilin’s team was retreating with severe losses. For a moment, the various superpowers’ members even wondered if they would make it to the inner corridor.

The two superpowers’ team leaders glanced at Yu Luo, questions and doubt flashing in their eyes. She had assured them that once they reached this point, they would have cleared the passage; they shouldn’t encounter any challenges from this point on and would be able to enter the inner corridor to search for treasure and opportunity.

Has the latter half of the tunnel’s difficulty changed? The situation confused Yu Luo, as well.

Based on the information from her commander, the latter half of the passage should only have a few monsters and a Guardian Boss. Once they slew the Guardian Boss, they’d obtain the key to enter the inner corridor.

The Guardian Boss was merely a Level 105 Grand Lord. Although casualties were unavoidable, killing it shouldn’t be a problem for their team. Defeating the Guardian Boss should be child’s play for Demon Palace’s team. What could have happened to them to leave them in such a pitiful state?

While everyone was confused, Evil Qilin had noticed Yu Luo. Suddenly, a frightening aura washed over her team, and Demon Palace’s remaining Tier 3 experts glared at Yu Luo. An intense pressure bore down on everyone in the tunnel.

“Excellent! You Heaven’s Blade members are quite impressive!” Evil Qilin coldly hissed. “I’ve truly underestimated you! I had never realized that you had such a backer! Demon Palace acknowledges this defeat, but don’t you dare think that they can protect you for long! We’ll see who gets the last laugh!”

With that comment, Evil Qilin brushed past Yu Luo’s team. The rest of Demon Palace’s members followed, glaring at Yu Luo and her companions from Heaven’s Blade.

Once Demon Palace’s members were out of sight, the two superpowers’ members turned to Yu Luo, curious. Evil Qilin hadn’t said much, but what he had said was shocking. None of them had thought that Heaven’s Blade had support from an entity that could defeat Demon Palace’s members so grievously that they had to retreat. If news of this spread, it would cause a sensation across Dragonheart Island.

Not even the various superpowers dared to offend Demon Palace, yet Heaven’s Blade’s backer was capable of contending with the Guild’s experts. This proved that Heaven’s Blade had the support of a horrifying entity.

“How could you hide this from us, Team Leader Yu Luo? I hadn’t thought that Heaven’s Blade had hidden so much strength. It’s no wonder how Commander Zwei was able to reach the inner corridor while the rest of us could only stare at the tunnel’s entrance.”

Your people must be amazing to make Demon Palace’s members suffer like that. Would you introduce us to this backer of yours? Even a little information will be satisfactory. We might have an opportunity to cooperate again in the future.”

The team leaders from the two superpowers amicably approached Yu Luo, asking questions. They spoke as if they were addressing a family member.

They were both eager to know more about the power that was powerful enough to contend with Demon Palace. They also wanted to avoid accidentally offending this power. If this power had beaten Demon Palace’s team so badly, they’d meet an even more miserable end if they offended it.

“This… I’m not sure what he’s talking about,” Yu Luo replied, confused. She had never heard of Heaven’s Blade working with a power that was a match for Demon Palace on Dragonheart Island.

Both team leaders glanced at Yu Luo, skeptical.

An act!

This was clearly an act!

Evil Qilin, one of Demon Palace’s Elders, had clearly stated that his team had encountered Heaven’s Blade’s backer, and as one of the adventurer team’s Tier 3 experts and Chief Healer, there was no way Yu Luo didn’t know who it was.

“It’s true! I don’t know what he was talking about!” Yu Luo insisted when she saw the two team leader’s dubious looks.

If Heaven’s Blade had the support of such a powerful entity, why would she go to so much trouble to save her commander?

The team leaders said nothing more to Yu Luo’s denial, but they ordered one of their subordinates to log out of the game and notify their superiors.

The message was simple. Demon Palace has encountered a mysterious power in the Molten Ruin that had defeated them and forced them to flee. Meanwhile, this mysterious power supported Heaven’s Blade.

They also suggested that their superiors launch a thorough investigation on this mysterious power as soon as possible.

While the subordinates related the message, Heaven’s Blade’s members wracked their minds to figure out when their adventurer team had allied with such an amazing power.

As for the possibility of Evil Qilin lying to them….

That was impossible. Evil Qilin had no reason to lie.

Unless Evil Qilin was suicidal, he wouldn’t broadcast his defeat and tarnish Demon Palace’s reputation and prestige.

Could it be Thirteen Thrones’ doing? After pondering the matter, the only Super Guild Yu Luo could think of that had any relationship with Heaven’s Blade was Thirteen Thrones. That would explain Demon Palace’s injuries, but considering the situation further, something felt amiss to her. I should notify the commander. She should know something about this.

Yu Luo sent one of her Assassins to log out of the game and notify their commander. Demon Palace’s retreat, after all, was wonderful news for their adventurer team.