Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2419 - Evil Qilin Terrified

Chapter 2419 – Evil Qilin Terrified

“We’ve won?”

Hearing Evil Qilin’s order to retreat, Cleansing Flame’s jaw hit the floor.

When Demon Palace had first arrived on Dragonheart Island, it had caused a huge sensation, and many of the superpowers had quickly learned to fear it. Of all the feats Demon Palace had accomplished on the island, the most amazing was its achievement of elevating War Blood to the number one adventurer team on Dragonheart Island.

Meanwhile, Evil Qilin’s team had beaten the various superpowers’ main forces into submission, ensuring that no one dared to oppose his Guild. Aside from a few Super Guilds’ main forces, not a soul on Dragonheart Island could contend with Evil Qilin’s team.

When Cleansing Flame had learned that Demon Palace had sent Evil Qilin’s team to hunt down her commander, she had nearly fallen to despair. Heaven’s Blade had the power, more or less, to resist War Blood, but against Demon Palace, it would be utterly helpless.

And yet, not only could Shi Feng contend with the main force from one of Demon Palace’s trump card legions, but he had also defeated that team. It was unbelievable!

Although Dragonheart Island’s top three experts could defeat Evil Qilin’s team, they’d have to rely on guerilla warfare in the fields to pick off the team members. Defeating the team head-on was practically impossible. Evil Qilin, Dark Scorpion, and Twilight Dawn were no ordinary experts. Evil Qilin, in particular, was one of the top 10 experts on Dragonheart Island and fully capable of annihilating Heaven’s Blade’s main force by himself.

Meanwhile, Demon Palace’s members felt bitter about their commander’s order to flee.

Normally, they were the ones that terrified their opponents, but Shi Feng had single-handedly forced them to run with their tails tucked between their legs.

If they told this story to the people waiting outside the tunnel, those players would assume they were joking. This situation was simply impossible.

They were all extremely strong, and 16 of their 50 members were Tier 3 experts. Moreover, two of them ranked among the top 20 of Dragonheart Island’s experts. Twilight Dawn might not rank among the top 20, but she definitely ranked among the top 30. Not even Super Guilds could afford to dispatch such a powerful team without limiting its operations. Even if a Super Guilds sent such a team against them, they wouldn’t suffer such a devastating loss.

However, this impossibility had happened, and their opponent wasn’t a trump card legion from some Super Guild. They merely faced a pseudo-superpower, and to make matters worse, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Shi Feng, had defeated them without help…

If word of this spread, Demon Palace’s reputation on Dragonheart Island would be ruined.

But despite their bitterness, Demon Palace’s members didn’t hesitate to follow Evil Qilin’s orders. They immediately scattered and fled, ignoring Shi Feng’s doppelgangers. Their retreat was so decisive that even Shi Feng was stunned by their abrupt response.

He wouldn’t have been surprised if ordinary players were fleeing from him, but such a retreat was humiliating for experts like those from Demon Palace. The stronger an expert was, the more prideful they’d be. Many experts would be more willing to die standing, rather than live on their knees. Furthermore, they’d only die once. With the support of a powerful Guild like Demon Palace, recovering that level would be a piece of cake.

What Shi Feng didn’t know was that Demon Palace wasn’t like other superpowers. The Guild hailed from the Demonic Hell World, where competition was far more intense than anywhere on the main continent. Losing a level and a piece of equipment could result in losing their positions as upper echelons in the Guild.


Because opportunities were so hard to come by!

Only with high levels and great strength could one find fortuitous opportunities, especially when one was a frontline expert. Losing their chance to reach greater heights because of a single death was entirely possible.

The various superpowers generally had a cold, realistic attitude regarding their expert members. If players could rank at the top in a superpower, they’d receive more resources than their weaker comrades, but if they fell from that rank, they’d lose some of those resources and benefits.

Unless it was an order from the Guild, Demon Palace’s members wouldn’t sacrifice themselves for their own pride.

Demon Palace had no qualms about abandoning its peak experts without a second thought, with the exception of Domain Realm experts. Given enough time, talent, and resources, the Guild could nurture more Void Realm experts. Reaching the Domain Realm, on the other hand, required more than just those three factors. Luck was also necessary. Otherwise, the various superpowers wouldn’t shower Domain Realm experts with such respect, going so far as to offer them positions as Grand Elders without hesitation.

Shi Feng didn’t bother to chase after Demon Palace’s fleeing members after recovering from his shock. He simply stood there and watched them run.

“Are we just letting them go, Guild Leader?” Shadow Sword asked after finishing White Rainbow off. As far as he was concerned, it was only natural to annihilate Demon Palace’s team and teach them about Zero Wing’s strength since the team had dared to ambush them.

“We’ve already obtained the key. We don’t have the time to waste on them,” Shi Feng said nonchalantly. He then turned to unlock the steel gate.

Shi Feng’s goal wasn’t to annihilate Demon Palace’s members. It was to save Heaven’s Blade’s commander as quickly as possible. He was satisfied enough with teaching Demon Palace a lesson and letting Shadow Sword and the others get some training in. There was no reason to engage Demon Palace in a meaningless battle.

Besides, even with his doppelgangers, hunting down every one of Demon Palace’s fleeing members would take a very long time. By the time he finished, War Blood or Thirteen Thrones would’ve reached Zwei. He’d only lose his chance to acquire one of the Tree of Life’s main branches. He wouldn’t let a small skirmish with Demon Palace ruin his plans.

Shi Feng’s decision reminded Shadow Sword and his companions that they were here to save people, and they followed Shi Feng into the inner corridor.

After putting some distance between them and that monster of a Swordsman, Demon Palace’s members realized that Shi Feng’s party hadn’t chased after them, and they breathed a sigh of relief. They all knew that if Shi Feng intended to chase after them with his doppelgangers, very few of them would make it out of the tunnel alive.

“Damn it! Black Flame is ignoring us!” Twilight Dawn cursed and slammed her fist into the wall beside her when she realized that no one had run after them, her expression shifting through a series of complex emotions.

While she was glad that they hadn’t lost a level, they were the creme de la creme of Demon Palace’s third trump card legion. And Shi Feng obviously considered them negligible, too lazy to bother hunting them down. It was humiliating!

“He’s not coming after us?” Evil Qilin frowned deeply when he saw the steel gate at the end of the tunnel disappear. “It seems we have severely underestimated Zero Wing. We need to leave and meet with the Vice Guild Leader!”

If Shi Feng had continued after them, he would’ve, at most, acknowledged that Shi Feng was very strong, but since the Swordsman ignored them, he couldn’t help the terror he felt.

Since the very beginning, Shi Feng hadn’t considered them equals. He didn’t even consider them a threat to Zero Wing. Thus, it didn’t matter if they escaped or died. Neither outcome would affect Shi Feng’s Guild.

As for the idea that Shi Feng had let them go out of respect, that was a joke. Shi Feng had killed Dark Scorpion and more than half of their team’s Tier 3 experts. How could that be interpreted as respect?

Twilight Dawn nodded reluctantly and started to organize the team to head back to the tunnel entrance.

Ten minutes into their return trip, Evil Qilin’s team encountered a small army of several hundred players. The team leader was none other than Yu Luo, who had temporarily allied with two other superpowers.