Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2418 - Soloing a Team

Chapter 2418 – Soloing a Team

Demon Palace’s members froze, shocked when they saw Shi Feng split into eight clones of himself.

“Im-Impossible! This can’t be real!”

“That’s right! This must be a trick! These doppelgangers must be fake!”

The Demon Palace members felt stifled as they stared at Shi Feng’s doppelgangers. One of him had already been more than enough to suppress Evil Qilin and Twilight Dawn. Seeing eight copies of the Swordsman was enough to push them to the brink of madness.

Demon Palace’s members couldn’t believe their eyes.

They only had 15 Tier 3 players left standing, and two of them were tied up with Zero Wing’s members. That left them with only 13 Tier 3 players.

Against eight monsters like Shi Feng, they wouldn’t even have a chance with 30 Tier 3 players, much less 13.

“Don’t let him mislead you!” Twilight Dawn shouted at her team members. “He may have split into eight, but his doppelgangers’ Basic Attributes can’t be as high as his normal body’s! Besides, he’s controlling all eight doppelgangers by himself! Their combat standards will be limited, and we have healers on our side! We can outlast him!”

Twilight Dawn could sense that the doppelgangers were physical, and the development had dealt a massive mental blow.

However, she could also sense that the doppelgangers’ auras were weaker than Shi Feng’s normal aura, which proved that their Basic Attributes weren’t as high.

At the end of the day, Shi Feng was still human. Controlling all eight clones perfectly was impossible. Even as a Domain Realm expert, at most, he should be able to control three doppelgangers at the Void Realm standard. He’d be fortunate if he could get the remaining doppelgangers to the Refinement Realm.

On average, Shi Feng’s eight clones could fight at the Flowing Water Realm standard and only the initial stages.

Tier 3 experts had no reason to fear these significantly weaker versions of Shi Feng.

Hearing Twilight Dawn’s encouragement, the Demon Palace players snapped out of their dazes and mustered their courage once more.

They had been so shocked to see Shi Feng’s eight clones that they had forgotten that players weren’t like NPCs. No player could perfectly control so many doppelgangers.

“Is that so?” Shi Feng chuckled when he heard Twilight Dawn’s deduction, and all eight of him charged at Demon Palace’s members.

They were experts among experts, and as such, Demon Palace’s members didn’t panic, despite facing the doppelganger’s sudden assault. They retaliated with everything they had, with the Tier 3 melee players rushing to meet the doppelgangers in battle while the Tier 2 MTs formed a defensive line to protect their healers and long-range players.

Meanwhile, Twilight Dawn went all-out against the doppelganger before her. While manipulating the six ice swords to attack, she cast her Tier 3 Legacy Spell, Demonic Fall.

“Let’s see how long you last!”

The six icy swords radiated a frightening amount of Mana as the intensity of their auras doubled. These weapons then attacked as one, each one locked onto the doppelganger’s vital points.

This move was even stronger than Evil Qilin’s Flame Serpent, and controlled by a Half-step Domain Realm expert, they could even give Tier 3 Domain Realm experts a run for their money.

Shi Feng was controlling his doppelgangers in the fight against Demon Palace’s other Tier 3 experts. If she could force him to focus most of his attention on the doppelganger she fought, the other doppelganger’s combat standards would suffer. This would make it easier for the other Demon Palace members to kill off Shi Feng’s doppelgangers.

However, Shi Feng remained unfazed as he faced Twilight Dawn’s all-out attack. His doppelganger merely executed Sword’s Orbit and created a barrier of stars around itself.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Metallic clangs echoed throughout the tunnel as the ice swords bounced off the glittering stars. None of the weapons were able to reach the doppelganger, which continued to approach Twilight Dawn.

How is this possible?! Twilight Dawn was shocked as Shi Feng’s doppelganger so effortlessly deflected her attacks.

She could see the flaws in the doppelganger’s offense and defense and knew it was only at the Flowing Water Realm standard, yet Shi Feng relied on his doppelganger’s powerful Basic Attributes to bridge the gap.

However, Twilight Dawn didn’t know that Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes were even higher than a Grand Lord’s of the same level. Moreover, Shi Feng had already reached Level 107. Even if his doppelgangers only had 85% of his Basic Attributes, they were still as powerful as a Level 105 Grand Lord.

While Twilight Dawn tried to fight through her shock, Demon Palace’s Tier 3 experts were at a complete disadvantage against Shi Feng’s doppelgangers, and they continued to lose HP. Many of them couldn’t even hold their ground, and the doppelgangers sent them flying with a single hit. If not for the rear line healers’ diligent healing, they would’ve long since fallen.

Even Evil Qilin, who had just recovered to full HP, failed to secure an advantage against the doppelganger he fought. Of course, that doppelganger was also the strongest of Shi Feng’s clones, with combat standards to rival veteran peak experts.

For a time, Shi Feng’s eight clones thoroughly suppressed Demon Palace’s 40-plus experts, repeatedly pushing them back and away from Wind Gull’s and White Rainbow’s fights.

Is he even human? Twilight Dawn began to panic as Shi Feng suppressed her team all by himself.

Their team was the main force of Demon Palace’s third trump card legion. Almost no one was strong enough to threaten them.

And yet, Shi Feng single-handedly pushed their team to the brink of annihilation. Surviving was enough of a problem right now, let alone saving their two Assassins. This was an utter nightmare.

“Everyone, hold on for a little longer! Black Flame’s doppelgangers can’t last that long! Once the doppelgangers are gone, his time will be up!” Evil Qilin shouted, seeing his teammates lose their confidence. Shi Feng’s performance had exceeded his expectations, but Doppelganger Skills typically had a short duration. Once Shi Feng lost his doppelgangers, ending his life would be easy.

“I’m afraid that you don’t have that luxury!” Shi Feng quipped, activating his Disintegration Armor’s Disintegration Field.

Suddenly, Demon Palace’s members felt an indescribably powerful pressure, and their Basic Attributes and physiques rapidly began to weaken. The Tier 2 players’ Attributes, in particular, fell by 30%. Now, even ordinary Level 100, Tier 2 experts would be a match for them.

Demon Palace’s Tier 3 experts didn’t fare much better. Both their Basic Attributes and physiques fell by 20%, causing their combat power to plummet.

Because of the Disintegration Field, the gap between Shi Feng’s doppelgangers and Demon Palace’s members widened even further.

Now, even Evil Qilin slid back as he fought Shi Feng’s doppelganger. He was no longer a match for the clone head-on.

The other Tier 3 experts from Demon Palace couldn’t even put up a fight. Shi Feng’s doppelgangers sent them flying with every swing of their swords, forcing them to reveal weaknesses for the doppelgangers to exploit. The Tier 3 healers couldn’t keep up with the doppelganger’s damage.

After five seconds, one of the Tier 3 peak experts fell. Another followed a few seconds later.

This battle was no longer a fight. It was a slaughter.

In the 20 seconds after Shi Feng had activated Disintegration Field, 5 of the 13 Tier 3 players from Demon Palace had died.

The remaining Demon Palace members were terrified. At this rate, Shi Feng would eliminate them all in less than a minute.

“Retreat! Everyone retreat!” Evil Qilin shouted, gritting his teeth. He couldn’t continue watching Shi Feng massacre his team.