Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2417 - Overwhelming Tier 3s

Chapter 2417 – Overwhelming Tier 3s

Demon Palace’s members were stunned when they saw how much HP Evil Qilin had lost. They had never dreamed that their commander would be at a disadvantage against Shi Feng.

“Not even the commander is a match for him?! How high are Black Flame’s Attributes?!”

Shocked, Demon Palace’s members turned toward Shi Feng.

They were Demon Palace’s main force members, experts among experts in their Guild. Even the weakest of them had reached the peak of the Refinement Realm. They could all recognize the difference between two fighting players’ strength.

In terms of combat standards, Evil Qilin and Shi Feng were matched; both were Domain Realm experts. Their physical control was exceptional, and they could make the best judgments based on their surroundings. Their combat standards were nearly impossible to beat.

However, Shi Feng was considerably faster and had much higher Strength than Evil Qilin. Despite sharing the same standard of Skills and combat techniques, the combat power those two had displayed thus far was on completely different levels. The difference between their reaction speed was glaringly noticeable, which was precisely the reason that Evil Qilin had failed to dodge all of Shi Feng’s lightning arcs.

The members of Demon Palace’s main force knew exactly how high Evil Qilin’s Basic Attributes were. Even at Tier 2, his Attributes had been high enough to rival that of ordinary Tier 3 players. Naturally, his Basic Attributes had reached even greater highs now that he had reached Tier 3. It was no exaggeration to call him a humanoid monster.

And yet, Evil Qilin’s Basic Attributes were no match for Shi Feng’s. They couldn’t fathom how Shi Feng had obtained such inhuman Attributes.

Meanwhile, Cleansing Flame, who watched from afar, could do nothing but gape.

Is this Guild Leader Black Flame’s true strength?

Evil Qilin was one of the top 10 experts on Dragonheart Island. Not even Zwei was his match, yet Shi Feng had overwhelmed such an expert.

That Swordsman might even be able to contend with the peerless monsters that ranked among Dragonheart Island’s top three experts.

Even superpowers’ Guild Leaders were afraid of the top three monsters on the island. All three were capable of destroying a superpower’s expert legion by themselves. They were practically invincible on Dragonheart Island.

At that moment, Cleansing Flame finally realized why Shi Feng had dared to mount a rescue mission with only four people. With his strength, he certainly was capable of rescuing her commander.

After stumbling back half a step, Evil Qilin stared at Shi Feng in astonishment.

How are his Basic Attributes higher than mine? Confusion overwhelmed Evil Qilin as he looked at Shi Feng. He currently wore the Level 100 Legacy Set Equipment for the Demonic Fighter Class, and combined with his Legacy’s effects, he had the Strength to rival Grand Lords of the same level. Still, he could only surpass the power in Shi Feng’s normal attacks by using a Tier 3 Skill. Moreover, he wasn’t nearly as fast as Shi Feng, which had resulted in him taking a hit.

However, Shi Feng didn’t stop after pushing Evil Qilin back. He immediately thrust the Abyssal Blade at the Demonic Fighter.

Tier 2 Skill, Shadow Blade!

Ten phantom swords flew toward Evil Qilin from all directions, leaving him no room to retreat.

Realizing that he couldn’t evade the phantom swords, Evil Qilin swung his war axe in a horizontal slash and activated the Demonic Fighter class’s Defensive Skill, Iron Wall. At his command, four magic barriers appeared around him, each twice as large as an MT’s shield. Evil Qilin controlled the barriers to circle him in a unique trajectory.

Advanced Defensive Combat Technique, Firm Wall!

The 10 phantom swords slammed into the magic barriers, which trembled violently from the impact. The blows even forced Evil Qilin to stumble backward again.

One hit… Two hits… Three hits…

Each hit felt like the blow of a massive hammer, and the barrier’s Mana density steadily drained.

On the ninth attack, two of the phantom swords merged, thrusting at one of the magic barriers.


With the sound of an explosion, the magic barrier shattered.

It broke? Evil Qilin watched one of his barriers shatter with wide eyes.

Not even the Primordial Guard’s golden spear had been able to break through the magic barriers he summoned with his Legacy Defensive Skill, but Shi Feng had shattered it with one hit. It was simply unbelievable!

That blow had also forced Evil Qilin to stumble another two steps back, but this time, he failed to maintain his stance. Not only did he reveal holes in his defense, but the impact had also made his Defensive Skill unstable.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Shi Feng thrust Killing Ray at his opponent, and the Sacred Sword slid through Evil Qilin’s weak point, heading straight for the Demonic Fighter’s forehead.

Shi Feng’s attack was far too fast for Evil Qilin to evade or defend, and as a result, he could only take the direct hit.

If Killing Ray found its mark, the attack would be fatal.

God’s Domain had undergone so many updates, and now, injuries would affect players’ performance in battle. If players injured their arm, for example, the limb would be difficult to control for a while. If players received a head injury, their perception and total physical control would suffer.

Evil Qilin was no match for Shi Feng’s reaction speed in the first place. If he lost even more reaction speed, he’d be a lamb for the slaughter.

Just as Killing Ray’s tip was about to slice into Evil Qilin’s forehead, an icy greatsword enveloped in azure flames descended from above and landed between Shi Feng and his opponent. The interruption halted Killing Ray’s advance, giving Evil Qilin room to breathe.

Mana control? When Shi Feng saw the disintegrating greatsword, he couldn’t help but glance at the female Demonic Fighter that was walking toward him.

Demonic Fighters in God’s Domain fell into two main categories. The first type of Demonic Fighter used Mana to amplify their Strength, while the second type wielded Mana as a weapon.

Both Dark Scorpion and Evil Qilin were Strength-type Demonic Fighters. This female Demonic Fighter, however, was a control-type.

The icy greatsword reappeared in the female Demonic Fighter’s hand, radiating a bone-chilling cold that plummeted the temperature in the tunnel.

“I’m coming, commander! Let’s see if he can stop us together!” Twilight Dawn, another vice commander from Demon Palace’s main force, shouted as she began to manipulate her icy greatsword again.

The weapon split into six smaller swords of ice that spun around Shi Feng.

Advanced Combat Technique, Windwheel.

Evil Qilin did not reject Twilight Dawn’s help. He now knew that he couldn’t defeat Shi Feng on his own, and defeating this Swordsman was of the utmost importance. If they lost here, the prestige Demon Palace had earned on Dragonheart Island would vanish.

Following which, Evil Qilin raised his war axe and leaped into the air. He then smashed the axe down on Shi Feng, transforming the weapon into a blazing meteor mid-swing. The meteor carried so much power that space around it began to fragment.

Tier 3 Legacy Skill, Falling Strike!

“With the commander and vice commander working together, Black Flame is dead for sure!”

Demon Palance’s members regained their confidence and excitement as they watched the blazing meteor and ice swords fly toward Shi Feng.

Twilight Dawn might not have as much combat power as Dark Scorpion, but her coordination with Evil Qilin was far better. With attacks coming at him from all directions, Shi Feng wouldn’t come out unscathed.

“Not bad!” Shi Feng praised as he watched the 8-meter-radius meteor and six ice swords. His gaze hardening, Shi Feng slashed Killing Ray at the axe-turned-meteor while he swung Abyssal Blade to counter the icy swords around him.

Dragon Breath!

Nine Dragons Slash!

A brilliant beam of white light shot through the air, crashing into the descending meteor. When the two attacks collided, bright light illuminated the tunnel as if the sun had just appeared.

After a brief moment, the white beam devoured the blazing meteor. A black figure shot back from the beam like a bullet, crashing into the tunnel’s wall and cracking the stone. The figure was none other than Evil Qilin, and after that blow, his HP had dropped to a critical low, leaving the man hovering between life and death.

Meanwhile, 21 Abyssal Blade phantoms created a massive cluster of stars as Shi Feng used Sword’s Orbit to stop Twilight Dawn’s Windwheel. None of her icy swords could get within 10 yards of Shi Feng. Furthermore, Shi Feng controlled three of the phantoms in an attack against Twilight Dawn. Despite her attempts to dodge and block the weapons, her HP plummeted throughout the fight.

Seeing this, Demon Palace’s members fell deathly silent.

Not only had their commander and vice commander failed to suppress Shi Feng, despite working together, but the Swordsman also had turned the tables and suppressed them both.

“Just how strong is he?”

“So, this is the Sword King?”

Demon Palace’s members shuddered as they watched Shi Feng. Not even Dragonheart Island’s top three monsters could overwhelm Evil Qilin and Twilight Dawn to this extent.

“This won’t do. At this rate, those two are going to die.”

“It seems we have no choice but to attack as a group. He may be a monster, but we have so many Tier 3 players on our side. How many Skills can he possibly have?”

“That’s right. If we let him kill our commander and vice commander, the reputation we’ve built on Dragonheart Island will be in tatters.”

Shi Feng’s performance scared Demon Palace’s members, but quite a few of them were peak Tier 3 experts. If they worked together, whittling Shi Feng down and killing him was entirely possible. Fights between Tier 3 players largely relied on Tier 3 Skills and Spells, and they had healers on their team, whereas Shi Feng didn’t.

When she saw the rest of Demon Palace’s team rush toward the fight, Cleansing Flame paled.

Are they really going to fight to the end? As she watched Demon Palace’s healers restore Evil Qilin and Twilight Dawn’s HP, Cleansing Flame desperately wished she was a healer herself.

Despite the rest of Demon Palace’s members dashing toward him, Shi Feng retained his composure. He simply sent them an uninterested glance.

Very good!” A grin spread across Shi Feng’s face as he replaced Killing Ray with the Twilight Blade. “It seems that you think I’ll be a pushover if you can outnumber me.”

Shi Feng then activated Twilight’s Shadow and Twilight of the Gods.

Shi Feng suddenly split into eight physical copies, and they all quietly watched Demon Palace’s members.

“Let’s begin the third round, then!”