Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2415 - One Strike

Chapter 2415 – One Strike

Since Shi Feng wore a Black Cloak to conceal his appearance, a dark shadow hid his face. Combined with the Nightwalker’s Cape, no player could see his features.

However, Dark Scorpion and his six teammates couldn’t help but stare at Shi Feng in astonishment after hearing his threat. They even wondered if they had misheard him.

Cleansing Flame, on the other hand, nearly choked when she heard Shi Feng’s statement. She felt he had gone too far with his latest joke.

He had practically asked Demon Palace to attack, throwing oil to the fire.

Every member of Demon Palace was a battle maniac that had engaged in constant conflict in the Demonic Hell World. Nobody dared to provoke Demon Palace on Dragonheart Island, not even experts from Super Guilds.

You really are something, kid! You actually dare to speak like that to our vice commander!”

“Bold! You really are bold!”

“This guy must think he’s invincible since he’s a Tier 3 player.”

The six Demon Palace members beside Dark Scorpion looked at Shi Feng as if he were a fool. They had very nearly laughed at his statement. It was the funniest thing they had heard since joining God’s Domain.

Dark Scorpion was a god of death in the Demon Palace. To get used to his Tier 3 form, he had killed over 30 Tier 3 experts after arriving on Dragonheart Island. Not even the various superpowers’ old monsters had escaped his grasp and ended up dying.

Not even superpowers’ Vice Guild Leaders had the courage to speak so boldly to Dark Scorpion, much less Heaven’s Blade’s commander.

“Interesting. You’re the first person to stand against me since I’ve come to Dragonheart Island.” Contrary to expectations, Dark Scorpion didn’t explode in a rage. Rather, he smiled and said, “I want to see if you’re so brave once we meet in battle!

“Weeping, Seizing, get him!”

Without hesitation, a Shield Warrior and a Berserker charged toward Shi Feng. The two were well-coordinated, and their movements were far more refined than Wind Gull and White Rainbow.

As Weeping Soul and Seizing Soul moved, they left numerous afterimages in their wake. The afterimages continued to crisscross, making it difficult to determine where the two players were. If a player attacked the duo and missed, they’d face a ruthless counterattack.

Dread filled Cleansing Flame as she watched from afar.

The two Tier 3 Assassins had already revealed their very high combat standards, but compared to this Shield Warrior and Berserker, they were children. Cleansing Flame knew she wouldn’t be a match for either of them, even after reaching Tier 3.

How does the Demon Palace have so many powerful experts? Cleansing Flame couldn’t pinpoint where Weeping Soul and Seizing Soul were. She could only watch as the due darted toward Shi Feng.

Once the duo was within 20 yards of Shi Feng, however, the Swordsman moved.

A resplendent arc of lightning flew toward the Berserker and Shield Warrior.

Secret Technique, Lightning Flash!

Shi Feng had merged all 17 sword lights perfectly.

Weeping Soul and Seizing Soul instinctive knew that they couldn’t evade the incoming lightning arch, and they both activated a Tier 3 Skill to block the attack.


A deafening boom echoed throughout the passage, and both Weeping Soul and Seizing Soul shot backward like bullets, their arms and weapons violently vibrating. Both players were covered in scorch marks and had lost more than half of their HPs. Seizing Soul, the Tier 3 Berserker King, in particular, was an inch from death’s door. A random strike would be enough to send him to his grave.

The duo crashed to the ground, and silence filled the passage. Demon Palace’s members stared with grim expressions.

Weeping Soul and Seizing Soul were veteran peak experts. Their strength ranked among the top 10 of the 50 players on their team. If they hadn’t been so powerful, Dark Scorpion wouldn’t have sent them to attack someone who could even threaten him.

And yet, not only had Shi Feng repelled the duo with one attack, but he had also devoured most of their HPs. His strength could definitely be described as ‘horrifying.’ Not even Dark Scorpion could accomplish such a feat.

Meanwhile, the Demon Palace members watching from a distance stared at Shi Feng with dropped jaws. They had never thought the Swordsman would be powerful enough to suppress two veteran peak experts.

“Who is this guy? He tossed two Tier 3 peak experts away with a single move. He can likely even rival Thirteen Thrones’ Crazed Sword.”

“Could he be Thirteen Thrones’ Crazed Sword?’

Demon Palace’s members were overcome with confusion and surprise as they looked at Shi Feng. This was the first time since the duo had reached Tier 3 that they had seen anyone defeat Weeping Soul and Seizing Soul so thoroughly.

When those two worked together, they could even force a Tier 3 Domain Realm expert into a corner. Shi Feng, however, had overwhelmed both of them. Even on Dragonheart Island, there were very few with Shi Feng’s strength.

Based on their information, it seemed that Thirteen Thrones intended to offer its help to Heaven’s Blade. With a Sword King like Shi Feng before them, they assumed he was the Super Guild’s Crazed Sword.

“Crazed Sword, huh?” Even Evil Qilin knew he had to take the situation seriously.

If their opponent really was Thirteen Thrones’ Crazed Sword, they’d have to be careful. Crazed Sword wasn’t just incredibly powerful; he also represented Thirteen Thrones.

Demon Palace might be able to ignore the various super-first-rate Guilds on Dragonheart Island, but it could not do the same with Super Guilds. A confrontation with such powerful Guilds wouldn’t be easy for Demon Palace.

“It’s no wonder why you’re so brave. With this kind of strength, you are certainly capable of ranking among the top 20 on Dragonheart Island, but I don’t care if you’re Thirteen Thrones’ Crazed Sword or not. No matter what, I will interfere!” Dark Scorpion snarled as he watched Wind Gull and White Rainbow’s HPs fall to a critical low. He immediately removed the two greatswords from his back and brandished them at Shi Feng.

Dark Scorpion’s two greatswords radiated a dismal glow as they absorbed Mana from his surroundings. The weapons also exerted a weak force on all players in the vicinity, pulling them towards the blades.

“The vice commander is finally making a move.”

“With his strength as a Tier 3 Demonic Fighter, not even Thirteen Thrones’ Crazed Sword is his match!”

When Dark Scorpion appeared above Shi Feng like a phantom, merging his greatswords into one, gigantic blade, his comrades’ eyes glowed with excitement.

Dark Scorpion’s greatswords were the Netherblades, an Epic Weapon Set, and that move was his trademark. Dark Scorpion had used the move to severely injure a Grand Lord of the same level. If players received this attack, only death awaited them. Moreover, the attack was impossible to dodge since it covered an AOE of 15*50 yards. Not even a Domain Realm expert could evade his attack.


Looking down at Shi Feng, Dark Scorpion swung the gigantic blade.

In response, Shi Feng unsheathed Killing Ray and countered the descending weapon with a light slash.

Although Shi Feng’s counter-attack seemed gentle, everyone saw space split around the weapon. A lightning bolt then toward the gigantic blade among the gloomy, blue flames, and a pitch-black tear followed it.

Lightning Slash!

Against the brilliant lightning bolt, Dark Scorpion’s merged weapons were as flimsy as paper, and Shi Feng’s counter strike sundered the gigantic blade in half as it passed through the weapon.

Before anyone could react, Dark Scorpion’s blade began to disintegrate, and a fine cut and scorch marks appeared on his body.

Like a puppet with cut strings, Dark Scorpion, who still hung in the air, tumbled gracelessly to the ground, an item appearing beside his corpse.

“He died?!”

“The vice commander’s dead?!”


Demon Palace’s members panicked, unable to pull their astonished gazes away from Dark Scorpion’s corpse. They couldn’t believe that someone had killed him with a single hit.

Everyone turned toward Shi Feng, overwhelmed by fear and curiosity.

Suddenly, Evil Qilin realized something. With a grim expression, he turned to Shi Feng and asked, “Sword King, Black Flame?”