Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2414 - - Tough Opponent

Chapter 2414 – Tough Opponent

As the two Tier 3 Assassins vanished, the other Demon Palace members sat on the ground and rested while watching Shi Feng’s party in the distance.

“These players really have some bad luck. They must’ve gone to great lengths to defeat the Guardian Boss, yet they have to deal with Gull and Rainbow right after their raid.”

“We should’ve just charged over and gotten rid of them.”

“Gull and Rainbow have just reached Tier 3 and unlocked more of their Legacies’ potential. My guess is that the commander wants to give them a chance to get used to their new bodies. Their Basic Attributes are on an entirely different level than when they were still Tier 2, after all.”

Many of the Tier 3 experts from Demon Palace watched the two Assassins in envy.

Their strength had substantially increased after reaching Tier 3, and getting used to it was proving difficult. Although they often sparred with each other, a sparring match couldn’t compare to true battle.

However, they also knew that Evil Qilin wanted to prioritize Wind Gull and White Rainbow’s growth. Both Assassins had incredible potential for growth. Despite the fact that he was only 27, Wind Gull had already reached the Void Realm. White Rainbow, who was the same age as Wind Gull, had reached the Half-step Void Realm standard.

Since they had completed their Tier 3 Promotion Quests so soon, their future was limitless.

There would be a massive difference between reaching Tier 3 now and completing the Tier 3 Promotion Quest in the next two weeks. Players would encounter completely different opportunities.

This was precisely why Evil Qilin prioritized the two Assassins. Someday, they might become Domain Realm experts and true pillars of the Guild.

Meanwhile, Wind Gull and White Rainbow used a footwork technique that allowed them to get within 30 yards of Shi Feng and his four companions without the slightest sound.

“Rainbow, you take care of that Tier 2 female Guardian Knight. I’ll distract the other two MTs. Once you get rid of the female Guardian Knight, we’ll take our time and play with the others. But you’d better not kill the Tier 3 Berserker beside the woman,” Wind Gull whispered as he watched Cleansing Flame rest.

He didn’t care about a Tier 2 player like Cleansing Flame, but to ensure that their training went smoothly, they’d get rid of the miscellaneous target first.

“Relax. How could I waste an opportunity like this? Hopefully, they’re not so weak that they die too quickly,” White Rainbow whispered back, excitement flashing in his eyes.

Opportunities to fight Tier 3 experts were extremely rare right now. Although they could spar in the Battle Arenas around God’s Domain, it was impossible to push themselves without the threat of the system’s death penalty.

Moreover, every player had their own combat style, and they could only rapidly improve by fighting different opponents.

“Let’s begin!” Wind Gull declared. He started to sneak toward the two resting Tier 3 MTs and waited for White Rainbow to make his move.

White Rainbow adjusted his footwork and dashed toward Cleansing Flame like a cooling breeze. He had integrated with his environment; not even Tier 3 players with sharp perception would detect him, let alone a Tier 2 player like Cleansing Flame.

Twenty-five yards…

Twenty yards…

Fifteen yards…

As White Rainbow inched closer to Cleansing Flame, he took more care with his movements. When only 10 yards remained between him and his target, the Assassin unsheathed his daggers.

Just as White Rainbow was about to attack, Shadow Sword, who had been relaxing with his eyes shut, opened them. Without warning, he swung his greatsword, sending an energy blade toward Cleansing Flame. It startled the exhausted Guardian Knight.

Shadow Sword’s energy blade was so sharp that it sliced through the air cleanly, and his execution was so fast that Cleansing Flame had no time to react. Just as she thought she was about to die, however, she heard a metallic clang beside her.


The attack had revealed a hidden figure behind her, and when she saw him, she broke out in a cold sweat. Cleansing Flame had never thought that she’d fail to notice someone creeping up to her.

Fortunately, Cleansing Flame was a peak expert. Reacting quickly, she leaped forward, creating some distance between her and the nefarious stranger. If an Assassin was able to get so close to her undetected, she knew he’d be extraordinarily powerful, and she didn’t bother with an offensive or defensive maneuver. Furthermore, the Assassin was a Tier 3 player, and she knew she would be no match for him.

“You discovered me? It seems you’re not such a weakling, after all,” White Rainbow said, unfazed by the fact that Cleansing Flame had escaped his grasp. He ignored Cleansing Flame and focused his attention on Shadow Sword with an ecstatic expression as he said, “It seems I can take this seriously now.”

Although his footwork wasn’t as masterful as Wind Gull’s, detecting him from farther than 7 or 8 yards should be very difficult for ordinary Tier 3 experts. Shadow Sword, however, had noticed him from a little over 10 yards, which proved that the man’s combat standards were considerably high. At the very least, Shadow Sword had better perception than an ordinary Tier 3 player.

Meanwhile, Wind Gull, who had watched this play out from a short distance away, became just as excited.

Rainbow sure is lucky. I knew I should’ve started the attack instead, Wind Gull thought, regretting his strategy as he watched Shadow Sword.

As he finished that thought, however, another energy blade flew toward him, forcing him to evade and expose himself.

Wind Gull spun toward the attack’s origin, astonished when he saw who had launched the energy blade. The attack had come from the five-man party’s Tier 3 male Guardian Knight, and based on his accuracy, this Guardian Knight had long since noticed him.

Moreover, the Tier 3 female Shield Warrior had clearly sensed him as well.

Who are these people? Wind Gull stared at Cola and his comrades, surprised.

Wind Gull was already amazed that Shadow Sword had discovered White Rainbow, but he found it unbelievable that the party’s two Tier 3 MTs had discovered him while Stealthed as well. When he was in Stealth, only his commander and vice commander could sense his presence from 10 yards away, yet these two MTs could do the same. For a moment, Wind Gull even wondered if he had really activated Stealth.

When Cleansing Flame saw White Rainbow and Wind Gull, she paled.

Demon Palace members?! Why are they here?! Cleansing Flame had a bad feeling when she saw the two Tier 3 Assassins’ Guild Emblems.

“Oh? You guys are from Heaven’s Blade?” Wind Gull sneered when he saw Heaven’s Blade’s logo engraved on Cleansing Flame’s armor. “This is a good opportunity to get rid of you, then. Rainbow, ignore that female Knight! Target their Tier 3s first!”

“Got it!” White Rainbow became serious about this battle and prepared to meld with the shadows once more.

“Don’t think you can hide from us so easily!” Shadow Sword bellowed as he charged at White Rainbow, hacking at the Assassin with his greatsword.

Shadow Sword’s attack was simple, but White Rainbow couldn’t dodge the strike due to the man’s high Attack Speed. Realizing this, the Assassin raised his daggers to block the attack.

A loud, metallic clang echoed throughout the tunnel, and the impact threw White Rainbow nearly 6 yards back as he instantly lost more than 20,000 HP. When he landed, he nearly lost his footing, as well.

How is this possible? Seeing the Berserker throw White Rainbow with a single swing confused Wind Gull.

White Gull was familiar with White Rainbow’s Strength. Not even Tier 3 Berserkers would necessarily be a match for him, yet Shadow Sword had sent the Assassin flying with a normal attack. It was simply unbelievable!

By the time Wind Gull snapped out of his daze, Turtledove was already using Shield Bash against him.

Not daring to be careless, Wind Gull used his short sword and activated his Block Skill.

The moment short sword and shield collided, Wind Gull felt his hand go numb, and he stumbled four steps back.

How is her Strength so high, too? The situation confused Wind Gull further.

He understood how Shadow Sword had overpowered White Rainbow. The man was a Tier 3 Berserker, after all, but despite being a Tier 3 Shield Warrior, Turtledove’s Strength was on par with Shadow Sword’s. Wind Gull began to wonder if this small party had suppressed his Basic Attributes somehow.

Naturally, neither Shadow Sword nor Turtledove gave their opponents any room to breathe. They both launched fierce assaults, forcing White Rainbow and Wind Gull to defend themselves, and the two Assassins fought desperately as they continued to lose HP.

The other Demon Palace members, who watched from a safe distance, were stunned.

“What? They’re actually pushing Rainbow and Gull back?”

“Who are these people?”

They all knew how powerful the two Assassins were. Both could effortlessly overpower ordinary Tier 3 players, and yet, White Rainbow and Wind Gull were clearly at a disadvantage. At this rate, they’d both die within a minute.

“Commander, I’m afraid that Rainbow and Gull won’t last long,” a handsome, white-haired youth surmised to Evil Qilin when the two Tier 3 Assassins had lost more than one-third of their HPs. “If we let them die, they’ll need a long time to recover.”

“I suppose we’ll have to call off this training session,” Evil Qilin said as he nodded in agreement with his vice commander, Dark Scorpion’s, statement. “Take a group and save them.”

Every Tier 3 player was a precious combatant for Demon Palace. He couldn’t afford to let the two Assassins lose a level during their training.

Dark Scorpion grabbed six of the team’s Tier 3 experts and hurried toward White Rainbow and Wind Gull.

When Cleansing Flame noticed seven more Tier 3 players approach, she felt her scalp tingle, particularly when she saw Dark Scorpion among them.

Dark Scorpion was famous on Dragonheart Island. Once, he had killed the commanders from two of Dragonheart Island’s top 10 adventurer teams, instantly becoming one of the most famous players on the island. Individually, he was even stronger than Heaven’s Blade’s commander, Zwei.

If Dark Scorpion’s group joined the fray, their party would be doomed.

Suddenly, however, a blue lightning bolt arced toward Dark Scorpion and his minions. Seeing this, Dark Scorpion and his allies slid to a halt and attempted to evade the attack.

After dodging the lightning bolt, Dark Scorpion’s group turned toward the Tier 3 Sword King that had launched the attack.

“Who are you? Are you trying to make Demon Palace your enemy?” Dark Scorpion hissed coldly, glaring at Shi Feng’s cloaked figure.

That lightning bolt had felt lethal to Dark Scorpion, and it was the first time he had felt such a threat since he had reached Tier 3. He didn’t dare take this mysterious Swordsman lightly.

“This is a fair, one-on-one match. You can’t blame me for trying to stop you if you plan on interfering,” Shi Feng threatened as he returned Killing Ray to its sheath.