Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2412 - 2412 Frostwolf Set“s Migh

2412 Frostwolf Set“s Migh

“This… Impossible!”

“Is that Guardian Knight a monster?”

“Who are they? Not even Zwei, Heaven’s Blade’s strongest MT, is that powerful!’

The various superpowers’ experts were indescribably shocked as they watched Cola stop the Primordial guard’s attack without stumbling back in the slightest. For a moment, they even wondered if they were hallucinating, but no matter how they rubbed their eyes, the scene before them remained the same. Realizing that this was real, they all wondered about Cola’s identity.

All of these players had personally experienced the Primordial Guard’s strength. The Grand Lord’s raw power was unstoppable. Only by rotating three or four Tier 3 MTs could a team hold the monster off long enough for the rest of the team to slip by the Primordial Guard.

And yet, Cola single-handedly stopped the Primordial Guard’s attack, and he did so without relying on a Lifesaving Skill. Why wouldn’t they be shocked?

Among the spectating players, no one was more shocked than Yu Luo.

How is this possible?! Yu Luo stared at Cola, unable to believe her eyes.

She hadn’t thought that Zero Wing’s MT would be this powerful!

Heaven’s Blade’s commander, Zwei, had fought with everything she had to tank the Primordial Guard, and she was one of the top three MTs on Dragonheart Island. Her astonishing strength was the reason that so many prideful independent experts were willing to submit to her commands.

Before anyone could overcome their shock, the Primordial Guard, seeing that its first attack had failed, thrust its golden spear at Cola with enough power to make space itself tremble.

“What?! It’s using its spear already?! I thought it only used its spear once players had crossed the halfway mark?!”

All of the players in the cavern were surprised by the Primordial Guard’s second attack. They couldn’t help the fear they felt when they saw the golden weapon.

That golden spear had claimed many Tier 3 MTs’ lives thus far, giving those players no chance to retaliate. That spear was also the reason that so many superpowers’ teams had failed to pass the tunnel’s first checkpoint. Those that had had only done so after suffering tremendous casualties.


In contrast, Cola was excited to see the weapon. He immediately raised his Titan Guard to greet the spear in battle. Boom!

When the golden spear and Titan Guard collided, the resulting impact stirred an intense storm that spanned over several hundred yards.

Cola stumbled back a step as a damage exceeding -30,000 appeared above his head.

To Tier 3 MTs, who possessed nearly 1,000,000 HP, -30,000 was practically negligible, especially for Cola, who had 1,540,000 HP thanks to his Frostwolf Set and Titan Guard.

Seeing Cola block the Primordial Guard’s spear, a deathly silence descended on the crowd watching from the tunnel’s entrance.

“Is that Guardian Knight even human?”

“Could he be a Tier 3 NPC?”

Cola had nullified the Primordial Guard’s full-powered attack so easily, and he had only lost a little over 30,000 HP in the process. His performance shattered everyone’s understanding of Tier 3 MTs.

Even the best Tier 3 MTs from the various superpowers could only tank Level 100 Grand Lords. Tanking a Level 105 Grand Lord would be a major challenge. Every five levels in God’s Domain was a minor turning point, after all, even for monsters.

Yet, Cola had successfully stopped a Level 105 Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species’ full-powered attack without using a single Skill. He was definitely stronger than the best Tier 3 MTs the various superpowers currently possessed.

Meanwhile, Yu Luo was utterly flabbergasted. The biggest challenge in reaching the inner area was the Primordial Guard’s golden spear, but Cola had blocked it and only taken negligible damage.

Compared to Yu Luo, however, Cleansing Flame, who acted as Shi Feng’s guide, was shocked senseless.

Is this how Zero Wing was able to establish itself in a Level 100 neutral map?

Although Cleansing Flame knew that Shi Feng and the others were very strong, she had never dreamed that they’d be this strong!

“Cola, stop fooling around. We’re in a rush,” Shi Feng admonished, sending Cola, who was deliberately playing with the Primordial Guard to test the Frostwolf Set’s effects, a reproachful glance.

Shi Feng wasn’t surprised in the slightest to see Cola stop the Primordial Guard so effortlessly. In fact, he would’ve been surprised if Cola hadn’t stopped the Grand Lord’s attacks.

During Shi Feng’s past life, the Frostwolf Set had been publicly acknowledged as a top 10 Level 120 Dark-Gold Set Equipment in God’s Domain. Even the various superpowers’ old monsters had coveted the set. With this set, defeating a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species of the same level would be child’s play.

Hearing Shi Feng scold his MT, Cleansing Flame wanted to cry.

If Cola’s frightening performance was just him fooling around, what did that make Heaven’s Blade’s attempts to stop the Grand Lord?

Cola only nodded and suppressed his excitement. He began to block the Primordial Guard’s attacks seriously, employing techniques instead of relying on brute strength.

The Primordial Guard attacked with its golden spear again, and in response, Cola accurately timed his counter and smashed his shield into the side of the weapon, diverting the spear into a nearby wall. This time, Cola didn’t lose a single point of HP after blocking the attack.

Cola then jumped up to the Primordial Guard’s knee and slashed his saber twice.

Combat technique, Strength Combination!

The two rapid strikes merged and bit into the Grand Lord’s joint.


The powerful attack brought the Primordial Guard to its knees and opened a path that was large enough for a dozen players to pass side-by-side.

“Let’s go,” Shi Feng said once the Primordial Guard was temporarily immobilized.

Meanwhile, Cola raised his Titan Guard and slammed it down on the Primordial Guard as the Grand Lord was about to stand.

Tier 3 Legacy Skill, Dragon Strike!

The phantom of a crimson dragon’s claw struck down the guardian monster.

The sound of an explosion echoed throughout the passage as the impact drove the Primordial Guard into the ground…

The spectating crowd was speechless. They merely watched, silent, as Shi Feng’s party walked past the Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species unhindered, eventually disappearing into the tunnel.