Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2411 - Commotion at the Molten Ruin

Chapter 2411 – Commotion at the Molten Ruin

Shi Feng’s statement stunned Heaven’s Blade’s members.

Even Cleansing Flame and her team, who had led Shi Feng to the cavern, stared at him in shock, not to mention Yu Luo and her people.

The passage to the Molten Ruin’s inner area was incredibly dangerous. Even superpowers sent teams of several hundred main force members to ensure the team survived the path, and their survival still wasn’t certain. The superpowers’ teams that had made it through the path had merely gotten lucky.

Cleansing Flame had assumed Shi Feng must’ve notified Zero Wing’s members within the Molten Ruin to join them. She had never thought that he intended to enter the ruin’s inner region with just his three companions. It was utterly insane!

“Do you know how dangerous this passage is, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Yu Luo asked after taking a moment to calm down. Seeing his serious expression, she continued, “Even the superpowers’ teams, which have 400 main force members, have less than a 50% chance of surviving the trip through the passage. If you really intend to go in there with just four people, I’m afraid that I cannot accompany you.”

If Shi Feng hadn’t done Heaven’s Blade a favor by saving Cleansing Flame, Yu Luo would’ve likely erupted at him. Because of War Blood, her team was already in a tight spot. She had only agreed to take the risk of returning to the passage because she had heard that Zero Wing’s Guild Leader was willing to save her commander. Due to that decision, her team had suffered several dozen casualties.

And now, Shi Feng insisted that he only intended to rescue her commander with four players as if the Molten Ruin were his own backyard.

“It’s a pity that Team Leader Yu Luo isn’t willing to come with us. Cola, get ready. We’re heading in,” Shi Feng said, unfazed by Yu Luo’s response.


Cola was excited to head out, and without hesitation, he approached the tunnel’s entrance. Helplessly, Turtledove, and Shadow Sword followed after him.

Heaven’s Blade’s members were again dumbfounded as they watched Zero Wing’s members. They hadn’t actually thought Shi Feng was serious about going in with just four players.

“Yu Luo, you went too far. Guild Leader Black Flame is only entering the inner area to save our commander,” Cleansing Flame hissed. “Moreover, he’s only recently arrived in the Molten Ruin. He doesn’t know much about the ruin yet.”

This disagreement didn’t bode well for either side.

Yu Luo wanted to rescue her commander as quickly as possible, and that would be easier with more allies, especially if those allies were Tier 3 experts like Shi Feng and his comrades.

However, since Yu Luo had taken her stance, Shi Feng’s group wouldn’t want to work with her team.

“I understand what you’re trying to say, but you know that reaching the inner area is impossible with four players. It’d be better for us to look for other options, rather than waste our time trying,” Yu Luo growled back as she watched Shi Feng’s departing figure. Sneering, she continued, “I know a little about Black Flame, too. He has relied on his advantage as a Tier 3 player to suppress the various superpowers, but times have changed. Not a single superpower doesn’t have a Tier 3 player now, yet most of them still can’t get through that tunnel.

“Since Black Flame is so insistent, we should let him find out how dangerous that tunnel is. Once he hits a wall, he’ll realize that he has to cooperate. If we don’t, and he still insists on taking the lead, we’d be lucky if Zero Wing’s members aren’t just extra baggage.”

Yu Luo acknowledged that Shi Feng was a powerful individual, but they were talking about venturing deeper into the Molten Ruin, which was even more dangerous than Level 100 neutral maps.

If Shi Feng had shown up with a large number of Zero Wing’s main force members, there wouldn’t have been an issue, but he had only arrived with three companions, and Yu Luo refused to let him take charge. When her commander’s team had entered the inner region, War Blood hadn’t sealed off the Molten Canyon yet, and she had received plenty of information about what to expect in that area. She wouldn’t allow Shi Feng to lead her team blindly.

“Alright, stay here then. I’ll lead the way for them,” Cleansing Flame said, sighing. Although Yu Luo had a point, she was responsible for asking Shi Feng to save their commander. She couldn’t abandon Zero Wing. She walked away from her fellow team leader and followed Shi Feng’s group to the tunnel.

“Cleansing Flame is too soft. How are those four from Zero Wing going to listen to us if we don’t let them suffer a little?” Yu Luo shook her head in exasperation as she watched Cleansing Flame walk off. She then turned to her two vice team leaders and said, “Speak with the superpowers in the area. Tell them that Heaven’s Blade will offer information about the passage, and we’re willing to work with them to get to the inner corridor.”

Yu Luo had no hopes for Zero Wing’s four players. As far as she was concerned, their only hope for reaching their commander was to cooperate with the other superpowers in the cavern. She’d let Shi Feng know how laughable his 4- man rescue attempt was.

Having received their orders, Yu Luo’s two vice team leaders got to work and began to speak with other superpowers. Meanwhile, a team of several hundred players emerged from the tunnel, and they were all in miserable shape.

“What?! Even the Flame Hammer adventurer team failed?!”

The players waiting outside of the passage began to despair when they saw the players return to the cavern.

Flame Hammer was the third-ranked adventurer team on Dragonheart Island, and it had sent 14 of its Tier 3 players to fight through the passage, yet even their powerful team had failed to reach the inner corridor. The team had gone in with 500 members, but only returned with 300. In addition, only 8 of the Tier 3 experts had survived the expedition. The loss was devastating for Flame Hammer.

Look at them and realize how immature you’re being, Yu Luo thought, chuckling as she glanced back at Shi Feng.

However, Shi Feng reacted as if he didn’t see Flame Hammer’s team and continued toward the tunnel without any hesitation.

As he and his three comrades approached the tunnel with Cleansing Flame in tow, a commotion broke out in the cavern.

“They’re entering the passage with just five players? Are they insane?”

“Who are they? Didn’t they see that even Flame Hammer’s team failed to make it through?”

“Isn’t that female Guardian Knight Heaven’s Blade’s Cleansing Flame?”

“I heard that War Blood is going all-out to hunt down Heaven’s Blade’s commander in the inner corridor. They must be going in to save her.”

“But with just five people? Are they suicidal? I bet they won’t even get past the first guardian. I guess Heaven’s Blade is really doomed.”

The various superpowers’ experts discussed Shi Feng and his small party, mocking Heaven’s Blade. Overhearing it, Yu Luo’s complexion turned ashen.

While everyone badmouthed her adventurer team, a giant statue, which had stood 100 yards in the tunnel, began to move.

[Primordial Guard] (Elemental Creature, Archaic Species, Grand Lord) Level 105

HP 2,400,000,000/2,400,000,000

When the various superpowers’ experts noticed the Primordial Guard, they were overcome with dread.

A Level 105 Grand Lord was already a very powerful foe. Even a Tier 3 MT would struggle to tank a Level 105 Grand Lord, and to make matters worse, the Primordial Guard was an Archaic Species. It had such overpowered strength that it could easily send a Tier 3 MT flying with an ordinary punch. Moreover, players couldn’t use Berserk Skills while inside the tunnel. Even if they activated their Lifesaving Skills, Tier 3 MTs would barely be able to tank the Grand Lord.

Many teams had ventured into the tunnel, and every one of them had made plenty of sacrifices to hold the Primordial Guard, allowing the rest of the team to pass.

Fortunately, the Primordial Guard only prevented players from entering the tunnel; it didn’t prevent players from leaving. Otherwise, teams that retreated from the passage halfway through would’ve been in for another beating.

“I wonder if the five of them can last more than 20 seconds?”

“Twenty? Are you kidding me? That’s the Primordial Guard we’re talking about. Not even Tier 3 MTs with active Lifesaving Skills last more than a few hits. I bet they’ll survive for 10 seconds at best.”

“I agree.”

While the players within the canyon chatted about how quickly they thought Shi Feng’s party would fall, the Primordial Guard had already reached the players in question. It was easily faster than a Tier 3 Assassin.

The Primordial Guard immediately raised a foot and kicked at Shi Feng’s party.

The Grand Lord was a twelve-meter-tall giant, and the foot it thrust at Shi Feng’s party was as large as a small house. Dodging the attack would be impossible for Tier 3 players that didn’t focus on Agility builds.


When the kick struck Shi Feng’s party, the very ground shook.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, however, Shi Feng and his companions didn’t fly through the air. To the various superpowers’ experts shock, the Primordial Guard’s foot had stopped just before it had reached Shi Feng and the others. Cola, the reason the kick had failed, remained steady in his original position…