Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2407 - Hidden Terror

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When Remnant Snow commanded his team to give way, both the spectating experts and Heaven's Blade's members were stupefied.

What was going on?

Had Remnant Snow hit his head at some point?

Even War Blood's members gaped at Remnant Snow. They even wondered if this were some imposter. Why else would he show respect to Zero Wing's Guild Leader?

War Blood had an irreconcilable feud with Zero Wing, and the two organizations frequently clashed in the Gravity Mountain Range.

Although Zero Wing's Guild Leader was a Tier 3 player, Remnant Snow was a Tier 3 Berserker King. He shouldn't have any reason to treat Shi Feng respectfully.

Not a single player watching the scene could understand why Remnant Snow behaved as he did.

"Are you deaf?! Why aren't you moving?!" Remnant Snow snarled as his team members stared at him.

Seeing his rage, War Blood's members followed their orders and opened a path for Cleansing Flame's team, regardless of how confused they were.

When the watching experts saw this, they were utterly flabbergasted.

At first, they had wondered if they had misheard Remnant Snow, but after watching War Blood's members move aside and let Cleansing Flame's team pass, they had to accept the odd situation as fact.

"I'll thank you in their place then, Team Leader Remnant. I still have other matters to deal with, so I'll be heading out," Shi Feng said. Remnant Snow's behavior had surprised him, too, but since the man had taken a step back, it'd be in poor taste if Shi Feng escalated the situation. Thus, he decided to continue on his way into the Molten Canyon after a polite response.

Remnant Snow couldn't help but breathe a deep sigh of relief as he watched Shi Feng's group walk off.

Others might not realize how powerful Shi Feng was, but he had experienced the Swordsman's astonishing might for himself.

Shi Feng had caused a huge scene on Tranquil Mine Island even before he had reached Tier 3. He had then slain Blood Oath, who had been protected by several of his bodyguards and one of the adventurer team's vice commanders, within the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Residence. And yet, Shi Feng had still slain Blood Oath. The Swordsman was inhumanly strong.

Now that Shi Feng had reached Tier 3, he had undoubtedly become even more terrifying.

Remnant Snow had no wish to provoke such a monster. Even among Tier 3 players, there were still differences. Reaching Tier 3 did not grant invincibility.

"Are we really letting them go, leader? The higher-ups have made it clear that we are under no circumstances allowed to let Cleansing Flame's team leave the Molten Canyon," the Tier 2 Ranger whispered to his team leader. "Even if Black Flame is Tier 3, there are plenty of us here, and we have a battle array. Do we really have to fear Black Flame?"

Tier 3 players were powerful, but that did not mean that Tier 2 players had no way to retaliate.

Even if they couldn't defeat a Tier 3 expert, they could put up a good fight with their 100-man, large-scale battle array. If Remnant Snow joined the fray, it wouldn't be impossible to defeat Shi Feng.

Yet, Remnant Snow had ordered them to allow Cleansing Flame's team to leave without a fight. War Blood's upper echelons definitely wouldn't tolerate this insubordination.

"That is true. I am confident that I could hold my ground against Black Flame with the help of a battle array, but do you truly believe that he's only a Tier 3 player?" Remnant Snow said as he rolled his eyes at his vice team leader. "Didn't you see the three players behind him?"

"Even if they are all Tier 3 players, we can buy enough time for our other Tier 3 experts and Starlink's Tier 3 experts to arrive. Winning that battle isn't necessarily impossible," the Ranger insisted.

Although Tier 3 players were still rare at this stage, War Blood and Starlink had a few. Surrendering without a fight would tarnish War Blood's reputation.

"So what if they make it here?" Remnant Snow shot back, chuckling. "You're aware that I learned a special Skill after I completed my Tier 3 promotion, right? With this Skill, I can see through Black Cloaks' concealment effects. Do you know what those players' levels and equipment standards are?"

"How strong could they possibly be? Are they Level 105 players in Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment?" the Tier 2 Ranger offhandedly mocked the notion. He knew about Remnant Snow's Identification Skill. That Skill was the reason War Blood had ordered the Berserker King to guard the Molten Canyon's exit in the first place. With him running the show, Heaven's Blade's members wouldn't be able to sneak out of the Molten Canyon with Black Cloaks.

At this point, Tier 3 experts' equipment standards weren't much higher than Tier 2 players'. Most Tier 3 experts were still wearing Level 100 Epic Equipment. A player would only have a distinct advantage if they equipped Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment, but obtaining that kind of equipment was nigh-impossible for current players.

More experts were reaching Tier 3, but not a single power had enough Tier 3 players to raid Level 100 Team Dungeons, and because of that, obtaining Level 100-plus top-tier equipment was still extremely difficult. Players could grind Level 100-plus Grand Lords, but the best equipment those Field Bosses would drop would be Fine-Gold rank.

"Bingo," Remnant Snow said, chuckling. "Not only have they reached Level 105, but they're even wearing Dark-Gold Set Equipment."

"Level 105? Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment? How is that possible?!" the Tier 2 Ranger exclaimed, astonished.

"Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment?" Shaking his head, Remnant Snow revealed an envious expression as he said, "They're not wearing Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment; they're wearing Level 105 Dark-Gold Set Equipment!"

"Impossible! How can they have possibly acquired such items?!" Stupefied, the Ranger refused to believe his leader's claim.

Obtaining Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment was an unbelievable feat at the moment, and obtaining Level 105 Dark-Gold Set Equipment was an utter joke.

Yet, that was what Remnant Snow had seen after using his special Identification Skill, so it must be absolute truth. Furthermore, the Ranger had no reason to doubt his leader. Remnant Snow was fighting to become a vice commander. He wouldn't benefit in the least from letting Cleansing Flame's team go.

As Remnant Snow had said, even if War Blood and Starlink sent Tier 3 experts as reinforcements, they'd be nothing but a joke against those four Zero Wing members.

"Why else would I have let Cleansing Flame's team leave without a fuss?" Remnant Snow asked, rolling his eyes. As he stared at Shi Feng's departing figure, a trace of fear flashed in his eyes.

There was one bit of information he hadn't revealed: the fact that he hadn't gleaned the slightest detail regarding Shi Feng. When he had stood before the Swordsman, it had felt as if he were trying to stare down a Tyrannosaurus-rex.

Honestly, the Tier 2 Ranger silently celebrated his leader's wisdom. Had they started a fight with those players, they all would've died.

As Shi Feng's group passed, delving deeper into the Molten Canyon unhindered, the various experts in the area gaped in shock.

"Leader, is Zero Wing's Black Flame really that powerful of a player? Remnant Snow actually stepped aside out of respect for him," the Level 101 female Cleric beside Cleansing Flame asked, confused and stunned.

Even the various superpowers feared Tier 3 players, yet Remnant Snow had conceded after a few words from Shi Feng.

It was utterly unbelievable!

"I don't know exactly how powerful Guild Leader Black Flame is, but I know that this is an opportunity for us," Cleansing Flame said, excitement flashing in her eyes after seeing Remnant Snow's extraordinarily respectful display before Shi Feng. She immediately tried to catch up with the small Zero Wing group.

None of Heaven's Blade's members knew what she was up to.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, I am Cleansing Flame, one of Heaven's Blade's team leaders. Thank you for saving us. If you hadn't come along, we would've died here," Cleansing Flame sincerely thanked Shi Feng.

"It was just a small effort on my part. There's no need to be so polite, Team Leader Flame," Shi Feng said.

Shi Feng hadn't intended to save Cleansing Flame's team. He had just wanted to spoil War Blood's fun. He had hoped that Remnant Snow would attack him, and he could use the chance to wipe out some of War Blood's members. He certainly hadn't expected the Berserker King to concede. It had left him with no choice but to abandon his original plan.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, may I request your help in saving our trapped commander? If you're willing to save our commander and her team, Heaven's Blade will offer this item as compensation," Cleansing Flame said as she revealed an ancient, withered tree branch.

The branch didn't look like anything special, but it radiated a timeless aura. Moreover, it contained a powerful life force.

"The Tree of Life!"

When he saw that special tree branch, Shi Feng couldn't help his shock.