Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2406 - Shock

Chapter 2406 – Shock

As the question echoed throughout the canyon’s exit, everyone fell silent. None of them had ever thought someone would willingly stand against War Blood, and they all spun toward the origin of the voice.

Four figures, three men and a woman, entered the canyon. They had all hidden their information under Black Cloaks, and the group’s leader, a man who looked to be around 30-years-old, walked into the canyon as if he hadn’t sensed the tense atmosphere surrounding the adventurer team groups.

“Zero Wing?” “Four players? Are these people tired of living?”

“Zero Wing’s members must be insane. Shouldn’t they be mindful of the time and place if they want to challenge War Blood? War Blood might be helpless against Zero Wing in the northern region, but we’re in the Gravity Mountain Range’s southern region. More than half of War Blood’s members are in the area.”

Players from various major powers were watching the situation at the canyon’s exit, and they were surprised and confused as they watched four Zero Wing members interfere in the fight between War Blood and Heaven’s Blade.

War Blood’s members might have been afraid of the declaration if this were taking place in the Gravity Mountain Range’s northern region.

However, in the Molten Canyon, even the various superpowers had to consider their options carefully before provoking War Blood. War Blood was the official number one adventurer team on Dragonheart Island, after all.

Even if Zero Wing’s members were hellbent to poke their nose into the matter between War Blood and Heaven’s Blade, they should at least compare the two sides’ numbers

A total of 600 War Blood members blocked the canyon’s exit, and every one of them was Level 100 or higher. In contrast, Zero Wing had only sent four players to interfere.

Zero Wing’s audacity even rendered Heaven’s Blade’s members speechless, not to mention the spectators from the various major powers. Everyone thought Zero Wing was playing with fire. Although they were grateful that Zero Wing’s members had stepped in, those four players really should have considered how outmatched they were before they had interrupted.

“You Zero Wing players sure are bold! You dare spout such nonsense before our team leader, Remnant?! You must be tired of living!” a Level 102, Tier 2 Ranger mocked, sneering at Shi Feng’s group.

Their commander had long since ordered all of the adventurer team’s members to kill any Zero Wing members on sight. Unfortunately, since Zero Wing held the Northern Fortress and could use Return Scrolls to teleport to it, War Blood’s members had found their targets difficult to ambush in the fields.

However, War Blood’s team had sealed off the Molten Canyon. Not only was communication with the outside world impossible, but they had also rendered teleportation tools, such as Return Scrolls, unusable. Killing any Zero Wing members they encountered would be a piece of cake.

“Remnant! We are your targets! There’s no need to involve outsiders! If you think you can take me, let’s fight! I want to see how strong you’ve grown after becoming a Berserker King for myself!” Cleansing Flame, the female Guardian Knight leading Heaven’s Blade’s team, shouted to Remnant Snow, the Berserker King leading War Blood’s team.

She knew that escape was no longer possible for her team.

Aside from how badly outnumbered they were, Remnant Snow was more than powerful enough to annihilate her entire team. She had already witnessed the strength of Tier 3 players, and she knew that Tier 2 players had no hope against them.

She was grateful that Zero Wing’s members were so willing to help her, but she couldn’t let them die for their good intentions.

“You actually think you qualify to challenge our leader to a one-on-one match, Flame?” the Level 102 Ranger from War Blood disdainfully asked Cleansing Flame. “You might be strong, but our leader has already reached Tier 3. Even your vice commanders would have to think twice before challenging him. There’s only one way we’ll let your team leave in peace; you just have to hand over all of your weapons and equipment. If you do, we might reconsider cursing you with double the death penalty and sending you all back to Level 99!”

As the Tier 2 Ranger ended his threat, the various major powers’ spectators turned to Remnant Snow in awe.

More players had begun to reach Tier 3, but most of them were peak experts from the various superpowers. Ordinary experts simply weren’t strong enough to complete their Tier 3 Promotion Quests this soon. In fact, many players might never reach Tier 3.

Tier 3 players were on an entirely different level compared to Tier 2 players. Even superpowers’ upper echelons had to treat Tier 3 players respectfully.

“Cleansing Flame might be one of the top-ranked team leaders from Heaven’s Blade, but she doesn’t qualify to challenge Remnant Snow. I wonder when I’ll finally reach Tier 3, too?”

“Reaching Tier 3 isn’t so easy. Remnant Snow just got lucky. It’s a pity that Cleansing Flame had chosen such a high difficulty for her Promotion Quest. If she had chosen a lower difficulty, she’d probably be a Tier 3 player right now.”

“Cleansing Flame and those four Zero Wing members are dead for sure, gainst a Tier 3 Berserker King, even a 100-man team of Tier 2 experts is nothing but cannon fodder.”

The various major powers’ experts couldn’t help their rueful sighs as they watched Cleansing Flame and her team.

Times had changed, and it was no longer the era of Tier 2 players. The time of quantity over quality had ended. This era belonged to Tier 3 players, and before them, Tier 2 players were nothing. A Tier 3 expert could even take out Tier 2 apex experts in just a few moves.

As Cleansing Flame waited for Remnant Snow’s reply, she noticed that the Berserker was staring at the leader of Zero Wing’s small group with a foreboding look on his face. It piqued her curiosity.

“Is something wrong, leader?” the Tier 2 Ranger asked, giving Remnant Snow a strange look.

Normally, Remnant Snow was quite outspoken. He had recently been promoted to team leader in War Blood, in addition to reaching Tier 3. He was now one of the candidates to become one of the adventurer team’s new vice commanders. This was the prime of his life. Why else would he have been so arrogant in his exchange with Cleansing Flame?

However, before the Tier 2 Ranger could continue, Remnant Snow pulled away from his team and approached Zero Wing’s players.

“Zero Wing’s members are doomed now.”

“It seems Remnant Snow intends to take care of those Zero Wing fools himself.”

The various major powers’ experts gave Shi Feng’s group pitying glances as Remnant Snow made his move. Cleansing Flame, on the other hand, paled. She wanted to stop the man, but with several hundred War Blood members in her way, rushing forward would accomplish nothing.

Just as the spectators expected Remnant Snow to attack, the man in question expressed his respect for Shi Feng as he reached Zero Wing’s four players.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you jest. How could I show such disrespect to your request? We’ll allow them to leave,” Remnant Snow said. He then barked an order for War Blood’s members to open a path for Cleansing Flame and her team to leave the Molten Canyon unhindered.