Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2405 - Changes to the Gravity Mountain Range White River City, Zero Wing’s Residence

Chapter 2405 – Changes to the Gravity Mountain Range White River City, Zero Wing’s Residence

When Shi Feng and the others returned to the Guild Residence, an unusually depressing atmosphere greeted them. Now, less than 100 players stood in line to take the recruitment test to join Zero Wing.

The Guild members in the Residence only seemed to reanimate as Shi Feng and his companions entered the Guild Hall; they were all excited for their Guild Leader’s return.

“It’s the Guild Leader! The Guild Leader is back!”

“This is wonderful! Boss Blackie and the others have returned as well!’

The several hundred players in the hall ran up to Shi Feng and his team to welcome them back. When Liang Jing, who was working in the lobby, saw the group, she ran over, just as elated.

“Guild Leader, you’ve finally decided to come back!” Liang Jing breathed a sigh of relief. “I didn’t know what I was going to do if you hadn’t returned soon.”

“Why does the Guild suddenly seem so disheartened? What happened while we were gone? Did we not earn enough Coins from leasing Stone Forest City’s private houses?” Shi Feng asked, curious.

He had spoken with Liang Jing half a day ago about accepting Coins as rent for Stone Forest City’s private houses. Even in the worst-case scenario, the auction should’ve earned the Guild around 20,000 Gold, which would be more than enough to support Zero Wing for half a day. Zero Wing had other income sources, after all. Even if the Guild were restricted in the Dark Night Empire, Zero Wing shouldn’t have had a problem holding on for another five or six days.

“We still have enough Coins, but we recently learned that someone discovered a special ruin in the Gravity Mountain Range and within it, a Homed Eagle Egg. Moreover, the power discovered more than one egg. This has caused an uproar on Dragonheart Island. Now, the various superpowers are rushing to the ruin to search for more Horned Eagle eggs. We’ve partnered with Phoenix Rain to take part in the hunt,” Liang Jing said. Anxiously, she continued, “However, War Blood and Starlink have begun to cause more trouble. They’re doing all they can to hinder our progress in the ruin. We thought it best to send Fire Dance and the other recently promoted Tier 3 players to lead the Guild’s Level 100-plus experts to the Gravity Mountain Range as reinforcements. Unfortunately, Starlink started to target our players in the neutral maps around Star-Moon Kingdom, and we don’t have anyone left to stop it.”

Horned Eagle Eggs? Liang Jing’s report left Shi Feng a little confused.

He had never considered that the Gravity Mountain Range would be home to Horned Eagle Eggs. He certainly hadn’t heard of such a thing in his previous life.

Horned Eagles were one of God’s Domain’s Flying Mounts. They were only Intermediate Common rank, but they were still Flying Mounts, and as long as players obtained their eggs and hatched them, they could take the Horned Eagle hatchling to a tamer, where it would become a true Flying Mount.

The very idea of Flying Mounts had driven the various superpowers to the brink of madness, but aside from Zero Wing, the number of superpowers on the eastern continent with Flying Mounts could be counted on one hand.

Flying Mounts were the future of God’s Domain. Whoever had the most would have a massive advantage.

It was easy to imagine the various superpowers’ reactions to the news that someone had found Horned Eagle Eggs in the Gravity Mountain Range. Meanwhile, to prevent Zero Wing from exploring the ruin, Starlink would do all it could to limit Zero Wing’s movement to the Star-Moon Kingdom.

“Based on what we’ve learned from the Secret Pavilion, Demon Palace has secretly sent over a dozen Tier 3 experts to the Gravity Mountain Range to help Starlink and War Blood against us. I’m afraid Fire Dance’s group is in grave danger,” Liang Jing said worriedly.

By now, some of the various superpowers’ experts had completed their Tier 3 Promotion Quests, and although Zero Wing had the most right now, it couldn’t take on multiple superpowers at once.

“In that case, let’s split up into two groups,” Shi Feng said as he turned to Cola and the others. “Cola, Turtledove, Shadow Sword, you three will follow me to the Gravity Mountain Range. Tianxing, you’ll lead the rest of the team to deal with those bastards hunting our players in the neutral maps nearby.”

“It’s too dangerous for just the four of you, Guild Leader. You should take more people with you. Starlink isn’t the only power in the ruin. Many superpowers are heading there as we speak,” Liang Jing hurriedly advised Shi Feng.

Shi Feng was the Guild’s symbol. They couldn’t afford for something to happen to him, and at this point, he no longer had the advantage of being the game’s only Tier 3 player. Zero Wing couldn’t afford to be as relaxed as it had been.

“Relax. No player should even dream of getting near the Guild Leader with the three of us around!” Cola declared, grinning as he patted his chest.

“But…” Liang Jing gave Cola and the other two a worried look. Times had changed. Cola and his team had been busy on a quest, so they had no idea how much God’s Domain had changed while they’ve been gone.

“Rest assured, Big Sis Jing. We’ve grown a lot stronger,” Shadow Sword said, nodding his agreement with Cola’s statement.

They had not just been wasting time in the Demonwolf Mountain Range. They might not be a match for a monster like Ulunium, but they were definitely strong enough to deal with new Tier 3 players.

“Alright, enough chatting. Everyone, let’s get to work,” Shi Feng said. He could not help but shake his head and chuckle at Cola and Shadow Sword’s confidence. He then turned back to Liang Jing, saying, “I need you to purchase Elemental Crystals and Magic Cores in bulk. I have an important use for them. If you don’t have enough money, sell these Intermediate Magic Array Scrolls. I’m sure they’ll fetch a high price.”

As he spoke, Shi Feng retrieved the 100-plus sets of Intermediate Magic Array Scrolls he had obtained from the Sacred Magic Temple and handed them to Liang Jing.

Although the Guild had quite a few Elemental Crystals and Magic Cores in stock, it didn’t have nearly enough for him to exploit the Twelve Elemental Pillars Design.

When she saw the scrolls, Liang Jing was stupefied.

“Do you really want me to sell all of these Intermediate Barrier Scrolls, Guild Leader?” Liang Jing had to ask.

At this stage of the game, there were very few Tier 3 players in God’s Domain. Most of the players in Level 100 neutral maps were still at Tier 2.

However, exploring Level 100 neutral maps was a major challenge for Tier 2 players, especially when it came to Grand Lord ranked Bosses.

Unfortunately, players needed to hunt these Grand Lords to obtain better equipment. Without strong enough equipment, players would have no hope of completing their Tier 3 Promotion Quests. Hence, the various powers had turned to magic arrays to suppress these Bosses, increasing their chances of acquiring better weapons and equipment for their Tier 2 members.

Because of this, Intermediate Barrier Scrolls were incredibly popular right now, especially when sold in complete sets. A full set of Intermediate Barrier Scrolls could easily fetch 800 Gold or more.

“Mhm. I’ve obtained an Advanced Barrier-type Magic Array Design, so we don’t need these anymore, but don’t sell too many at once. Post them for sale one by one,” Shi Feng said.

Intermediate Barriers were valuable, but they couldn’t compare to the Twelve Elemental Pillars. Furthermore, this was the best time to sell Intermediate Barrier Scrolls. As more players reached Tier 3, these scrolls would become less valuable. Since Shi Feng didn’t need to keep them for his Guild, selling them for materials to craft Advanced Magic Array Scrolls would only benefit Zero Wing as a whole.

“I understand. I’ll start posting them in the various kingdoms and empires’ Auction Houses,” Liang Jing said, her eyes glowing with excitement. She hadn’t expected Shi Feng to return with such an abundant harvest.

An Advanced Barrier-type Magic Array Design!

With such a design, Zero Wing could produce as many Advanced Barrier Scrolls as it wanted. With an Advanced Barrier, a team of Tier 2 players would even have a chance of defeating a Level 100-plus Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species.

Liang Jing left to carry out Shi Feng’s orders. Shi Feng, on the other hand, hurried toward the Gravity Mountain Range with Cola, Turtledove, and Shadow Sword.

The Molten Canyon, located within the Gravity Mountain Range’s core region, was crowded with players. Most of them were from the various superpowers and top adventurer teams, and every one of these players had reached Level 100 or higher.

Several players wearing the Heaven’s Blade adventurer team emblem fought desperately to escape the Molten Canyon. However, several hundred Level 100-plus experts, led by a Tier 3 player, stood between them and the canyon’s exit.

“Leader, what should we do? They have a Tier 3 expert on their side. We’ve already used up all our Instantaneous Movement Magic Scrolls,” a Level 101 Assassin from Heaven’s Blade said, watching the Tier 3 Berserker King a short distance away with an anxious expression.

“I’ll hold them off while the rest of you get out of here! If you don’t make it out, Blood Oath will kill the commander!” the Level 102 female Guardian Knight leading the team growled through gritted teeth.

“We’ve sealed the area off already. Do you really believe you can escape? Even if you guys get past us, no one can save you. No one can stop War Blood in the Gravity Mountain Range!” the Tier 3 Berserker King shouted, sneering at Heaven’s Blade’s members.

The Heaven’s Blade’s players despaired. The Berserker King had only spoken the truth. The War Blood adventurer team had evolved. With the help of Starlink and Demon Palace, War Blood had become Dragonheart Island’s number one adventurer team. Even if they managed to break past War Blood’s blockade and got far enough to ask for help, no one would help them.

However, the moment the Berserker King finished his gloating, everyone in the area heard a deep voice.

“Is that so? And what if Zero Wing gets involved?”