Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2404 - Frightening Treasury System: You have become a Master Magician.

Chapter 2404: Frightening Treasury

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System: You have become a Master Magician. Rewarding the "Great Magician" title.

The system notification repeated three times. However, Shi Feng paid no attention to it whatsoever. Instead, he shut his eyes and focused on the Mana flow of his Mana Body. He then unsheathed Killing Ray and executed a slash.

Secret Technique, Lightning Flash!

With just a swing of the sword, 17 sword lights crisscrossed and cut through the empty space before Shi Feng, the attack creating a sonic boom that echoed down the corridor.

No wonder the magician class is labeled the number one subclass. So, this is why.Shi Feng was a little surprised by the effects of his technique.

Magic arrays were the foundation for controlling Mana. Many items could not exist without magic arrays. Hence, many players in God's Domain would pick up the magician class as a subclass. This was especially true for forgers and alchemists, who would not be able to tread far on their path without the magician class.

However, Shi Feng had never thought that becoming a Master Magician would raise his control over his Mana Body to a whole new realm.

Now, not only could he simultaneously control multiple streams of Mana much more quickly, but his body also became much more agile. The power of his combat techniques also improved considerably. Although his proficiency at multitasking with Mana still was not particularly high, which prevented him from fully leveraging these new advantages, he just needed time. Once he familiarized himself with this process, his utilization of it in combat would improve.

Moreover, the Great Magician title increased his maximum Concentration by 10% and improved his Mana control by 10%, which made controlling his Mana Body easier.

At this moment, Shi Feng more or less understood why players who had become Master Magicians in the past were usually very powerful.

Just the minor improvement toward the Mana Body would allow players to exhibit much greater power with their combat techniques, Skills, and Spells. Not to mention, a Master Magician could construct Basic Magic Arrays without the assistance of materials and use these magic arrays as a tool for support or interference. The benefits of becoming a Master Magician were massive.

Now, if he could get Aqua Rose, Violet Cloud, and the other magical class experts of Zero Wing to become Master Magicians within a short period, the Guild's overall strength would definitely increase substantially.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng shifted his gaze to the center of the nearby hall.

Now that he had decoded the last magic array, the Advanced Magic Array Design was already within his reach. So long as he could obtain it, helping Zero Wing's members get promoted to the Advanced Magician rank and, subsequently, the Master Magician rank would be much easier.

When Shi Feng stepped into the hall, the contents of the hall entered his view.

The hall was not particularly large, only the size of about three basketball courts. However, many magic array scrolls were displayed all over the hall. These magic array scrolls, ranging from Intermediate Magic Arrays to Advanced Magic Arrays, all came in complete sets. Every one of these magic arrays was of the barrier-type. Shi Feng was dumbfounded upon seeing this scene.

Barrier-type magic arrays were things that the current powers of God's Domain urgently needed, especially Intermediate Barrier-type Magic Arrays.

Past Level 100, monsters at the Grand Lord rank or above would be immune to the effects of Basic Barrier-type Magic Arrays. One needed Intermediate Barrier-type Magic Arrays or better to suppress them. However, Intermediate Barrier-type Magic Arrays were incredibly rare; even Zero Wing had only a few complete sets.

Inside this hall, however, there were over 100 sets of Intermediate Barrier-type Magic Arrays and as many as 12 sets of Advanced Barrier-type Magic Arrays. This was practically a treasury of magic arrays.

No wonder nobody was willing to reveal any concrete information about the Sacred Magic Temple's second floor.When Shi Feng looked at the treasure trove before him, he understood why there had been so little information regarding the Sacred Magic Temple's second floor in his previous life.

One could make a fortune just selling the magic array scrolls here since the various major powers were willing to pay over a thousand Gold to purchase a set of Intermediate Barrier-type Magic Arrays.

After all, not all Guilds possessed as many Fine-Gold Guards as Zero Wing did. Meanwhile, without the help of powerful Personal Guards, raiding a Level 100-plus Grand Lord was an extremely difficult and costly task.

However, with the suppression effects of an Intermediate Barrier, the raid difficulty would instantly decrease by a large margin. The expert teams of Guilds would then have the ability to raid Level 100-plus Grand Lords. With the scrolls for an Intermediate Barrier at hand, teams could also start exploring Level 100 neutral maps much more boldly, as they no longer had to fear Level 100-plus Grand Lords.

While Shi Feng was thinking of sweeping these magic array scrolls into his bag, his gaze still drifted to the golden tome hovering in the middle of the hall.

Previously, as he had been too far from the tome, he could only tell that the magic array design was of the Advanced standard. Now that he was standing so close to it, he discovered that it wasn't just an ordinary Advanced Magic Array Design.

Not only was the golden tome enveloped by a dense layer of Mana, but it also radiated a faint trace of Divine Might.

Although the power of this Divine Might was negligible and would have no effect on a player's performance, it still signified that the tome was once the possession of a God. Otherwise, it wouldn't have absorbed a God's aura.

Following which, Shi Feng walked up to the tome to inspect it.

This is…an Ancient Magic Array Design!Shi Feng's breathing accelerated when he read the tome's statistics.

[Twelve Elemental Pillars] (Ancient Magic, Advanced Magic Array)

Requires at least 12 Tier 2 magical classes to cast.

Places a seal on all enemies within a 200-yard radius. Effects will improve by one grade with every additional 12 casters added. The magic array can be cast by up to 36 casters.

Required materials: 1 Mana Stone, 12 Elemental Crystals, 12 Magic Cores, and 1 Advanced Magic Scroll.

Ancient Magic had been lost after the Great Destruction. Although humans had researched new forms of magic after the Great Destruction, the performance of current Spells and magic arrays was still greatly inferior to that of Ancient Spells and Ancient Magic Arrays. This was because Ancient Magic was taught to humans by the Gods. It was not only much more refined but also much closer to the essence of magic.

Any player that successfully learned Ancient Magic would be much stronger than players of the same tier. Magic arrays that applied the principles of Ancient Magic were also much stronger than those that did not.

Only, very few Ancient Magic Arrays had been passed down in God's Domain. Hence, every Ancient Magic Array was incredibly valuable, and their designs all the more so.

The value of an Intermediate Magic Array Design that applied Ancient Magic principles could rival that of Fragmented Legendary items. Needless to say, Advanced versions would be even more valuable.

Now that such a design had appeared before Shi Feng, how could he not be surprised?

For a moment, Shi Feng even entertained the thought of attempting the other two corridors and securing the Magic Array Designs housed in the halls beyond them. Fortunately, though, his rationality prevented him from doing so.

The reason for this was very simple. If even the easiest corridor required a Master Magician to break through, then the other two corridors would definitely demand an even higher standard. At least, those two corridors were not challenges that a newly minted Master Magician like himself could break through for now. He would merely waste his time trying.

The materials needed for the Twelve Elemental Pillars are relatively easy to procure. Even the Mana Stone, which is the most troublesome material to get, is no problem for me. So long as I can mass-produce this magic array, I can definitely raise the performance of the Guild's teams by a large margin. At that time, even the superpowers' expert teams won't be a match for Zero Wing's when it comes to raiding Field Bosses.Shi Feng grew excited as he looked at the design in his hands.

In his opinion, even the combined value of 10 Fragmented Legendary items could not match the value of the Twelve Elemental Pillars Design.

"Guild Leader, we're done setting up a teleportation point here. All we need to do is set up a teleportation device in the Ten Saints Empire, and we can teleport here anytime we want," Blackie reported excitedly after contacting Shi Feng.

"Alright. Have everyone get ready. It's time we headed home," Shi Feng said, nodding, and started collecting all of the magic array scrolls inside the hall.

In less than 10 minutes, he had cleared out the entire hall. He then returned to White River City together with Blackie and the others.