Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2400 - Sword Saint

Chapter 2400 – Sword Saint

Seeing Alba Gray break free from his curse, Shi Feng breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Although the Higher Valkyrie could keep Ulunium busy, it couldn’t exist for long. If the Higher Valkyrie had disappeared before Alba Gray had freed himself, Shi Feng wouldn’t have been able to stop the Ice Elf even with Twofold Berserk. Not only was there a full-tier difference between them, but Ulunium was also powerful enough to rival a Dragon. Shi Feng wouldn’t have been able to resist her attacks for long.

“Damn it!” Ulunium grew incensed when she noticed Alba Gray was free. She swung her icy staff at Shi Feng, bellowing, “I’ll send you all to hell!”

The High Magic Elf began to chant an incantation, and a threefold magic array covering a 500-yard radius began to form in the sky.

The instant the array took shape, it tore apart space around it. Two seconds later, these spatial tears transformed into a gigantic black hole.

So, this is her true strength. Shi Feng looked up at the black hole with a grim expression.

Tier 5 Spell, Void Storm!

Tier 5 Spells were beyond extraordinary. They had enough power to destroy an entire city, transforming it into a lifeless land. This was why the various kingdoms and empires feared Tier 5 beings. Even emperors had to show respect before them.

Shi Feng had never dreamed that Ulunium could cast Tier 5 Spells, despite being a Tier 4 creature.

There was only a difference of one tier between Tier 4 and 5, but the difference between a Tier 4 Spell and a Tier 5 Spell was like the difference between heaven and earth. Any random Tier 5 Offensive Spell could severely injure a Tier 4 creature. If a Tier 4 player tried to stand against a Tier 5 Spell, their death would almost be a guarantee. Even Tier 4 MTs could withstand such power. Players wouldn’t even have a chance to flee since the amount of Mana a Tier 5 Spell commanded would freeze space around them.

When Zero Wing’s members saw the Void Storm forming above them, they turned a deathly pale.

The resulting shockwave would easily cover several thousand yards. They had no hope of escaping this Spell’s range.

Before any of them could start running for their lives, however, a pitch-black storm emerged from the black hole, covering the world in an endless darkness.

Not even Shi Feng knew how to get out of this one. Absolute Domain might be able to protect them, but the Skill was still on Cooldown. They couldn’t escape via Instantaneous Transfer Scrolls, either, since space around them had frozen.

Fortunately, they had completed their quest. Even if they died, they’d only lose some EXP, which they could quickly recover.

Seeing the descending storm of darkness, Shi Feng prepared to die.

Suddenly, Alba Gray unsheathed the golden sword hanging from his waist and slashed it toward the endless darkness.

A brilliant light spread through the darkness, purifying it. In just three seconds, Alba Gray’s holy light had vanquished Ulunium’s Void Storm.

“Crap! Isn’t that Hero a little too powerful?!”

Yan Tianxing and the others gaped in shock, unable to process what had just happened.

In one move, Ulunium had transformed the day into night, whereas Alba Gray had returned daylight to the frozen lake with a move of his own. Their combat power was simply unbelievable.

Staring at Alba Gray, Zero Wing’s members finally understood what it meant to be a Hero.

A Hero could not be overwhelmed by numbers. All of the monsters they had fought were insignificant before Alba Gray. The NPC could likely even slaughter a full group of Tier 4 players instantly.

“Damn it! You’ve actually become a Sword Saint?!” Ulunium stared at Alba Gray in astonishment as her Void Storm dissipated.

“That’s right! Removing the curse has allowed me to grasp some of the principles I needed to make a breakthrough! You are no longer a match for me!” Alba Gray roared, a hint of excitement lacing his tone.

Although the Jealous Witch’s curse had caused him endless suffering, studying it had allowed him to understand the concepts he needed to become a true Tier 5 Sword Saint.

A Tier 5 Sword Saint?! Shi Feng was similarly shocked, and he spun to look at Alba Gray.

[Alba Gray (Sacred Magic Knight)] (Hero, Sword Saint) Level? ? ?


NPCs faced greater struggles when trying to complete their promotions, but this was also why NPCs’ status rose dramatically with every promotion in God’s Domain.

A Tier 3 NPC, for example, could serve as a minor city’s Magistrate, while a Tier 4 NPC could serve as a Magistrate in a major city. Even emperors had to show respect before Tier 5 NPCs.

But as far as Shi Feng could remember, Alba Gray had only been a Tier 4 Hero during his previous life. This hadn’t changed even after 10 years since God’s Domain’s launch. Alba Gray had never managed to become a Tier 5 Sword Saint.

Even so, as a Hero, Alba Gray had been able to contend with ordinary Tier 5 NPCs. Including his identity as a Famed Smith, even the various empires had taken him seriously.

And yet, Alba Gray was now a Tier 5 Sword Saint!

“It is true. Now that you are a Sword Saint, I am no match for you, but don’t you dare think this is over!” Ulunium declared as she glared at Alba Gray. She then turned to Shi Feng and continued, “You, as well, adventurer!”

After her bold declaration, the Ice Elf began to disintegrate into snowflakes.

“Don’t think you can get away from me that easily!” Alba Gray shouted. He unsheathed the second sword hanging from his waist and charged at Ulunium, swinging the pitch-black blade.

He had only executed a normal slash, but from a distance, the attack had looked like a black wall, rising into the air and extending more than 500 meters.

The pitch-black wall bisected the High Magic Elf, and Ulunium released a harrowing scream as a snow-white energy crystal fell from her body. Although the attack had significantly weakened Ulunium’s life aura, she successfuU^

As the black wall faded from existence, only Alba Gray remained on the snow-covered lake.

“It seems she still managed to escape.” Alba Gray frowned as he glared at the spatial tear before him.

Shi Feng, who stood nearby, wasn’t surprised in the least that the Ice Elf had gotten away. A Mythic ranked High Magic Elf was on par with a Mythic ranked World Boss of the same level. In fact, she should be even stronger. She could cast Tier 5 Spells, after all, which proved that she was only half a step away from becoming a Tier 5 being herself. Even a Tier 5 Hero would face a long battle to kill her.

With Ulunium’s disappearance, Shi Feng heard the sound of a system notification.

System: Congratulations! You have completed the Inferior Legendary Quest, “Last Knight.” Quest completion rate – 93%. Quest rating: S-rank.