Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2399 - Power of Tier 4

Chapter 2399 – Power of Tier 4

As he swung Killing Ray, the python of ice and wind stretched open its maw and threatened to devour Shi Feng.

When the Sacred Sword and the blizzard clashed, the results stupefied everyone watching.

With a passing flash of light, the blade sliced apart the powerful, icy attack, dispersing the blizzard.

“He blocked it?!”

“What did the Guild Leader do?”

Cola, who desperately fought to hold his ground against the powerful blizzard attacking him, and Yan Tianxing and the rest, who watched from a distance, wondered if they were hallucinating.

Yan Tianxing and the others could tell how powerful the wind pythons were based on Cola’s struggle against Ulunium’s attacks. If they tried to block one of the wind python’s strikes, it’d be a miracle if they didn’t die instantly, even with an active Berserk Skill.

Cola had already activated his Lifesaving Skill, which drastically reduced incoming damage. Without that, Ulunium’s wind pythons would’ve long since ended his life.

And yet, Shi Feng had countered one of the wind pythons with a single strike.

The outcome even surprised Shi Feng. He hadn’t expected his strike to be so powerful after using Disintegration Power to upgrade himself to a Tier 4 Sword Emperor.

So, this is the true strength of a Sword Emperor. Shi Feng thought as he relished the strength he had wielded with his counterattack.

Shi Feng had never been able to break past Tier 3 into Tier 4 during his previous life, so he had never felt the power a Tier 4 player commanded. He only knew that they were incredibly strong.

But after taking a moment to adapt to his Tier 4 Epic Mana Body, he, more or less, understood why so few Tier 3 players could stand against those at Tier 4, even when wielding a Fragmented Legendary Weapon.

The differences between Tier 3 and Tier 4 players weren’t limited to Basic Attributes and physique. There was also a qualitative difference in the way their bodies conducted Mana. With his improved Mana Body, Shi Feng’s mind was clearer than ever before, and his body constantly felt at the ready.

This was evident through his counterattack.

He had used the Bronze Combat Technique, Lightning Flash, executing 17 attacks in a single strike. As he did, the 17 attacks had even devoured the space before them, which was a feat he definitely wasn’t capable of without Disintegration Power active.

With how clear his mind was, he knew that Tier 3 players had no hope against Tier 4 players, even if they managed to bridge the gap between their Basic Attributes and physiques. A Tier 4 mental state was on an entirely different level.

During the brief moment Shi Feng analyzed his Tier 4 state, Ulunium became enraged, having seen this Swordsman shatter her attack, and the ambient Mana began to rampage around her.

The Ice Elf began to chant another incantation while she drew divine runes in the air with flying speed, stupefying Yi Luofei and the other magical class team members.

Based on the number of runes Ulunium drew, she was clearly trying to cast a large-scale destruction Spell, but normally, players needed a long time to complete such a Spell. The High Magic Elf, on the other hand, drew several dozen lines of divine runes in two seconds. It was simply unbelievable!

Before the watching team members could snap out of their dazes, a magic array covering a 200-yard radius appeared above the snowy battlefield. As it did, it sucked dry all ice-type Mana in the area, concentrating it within the array’s core.

“Insignificant humans, you will pay for your foolishness!” Ulunium snarled after finishing her chant. She then raised a fine-boned finger and pointed it at Shi Feng.

Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell, Frost Shower!

Several hundred icy meteors pulled themselves free from the magic array and descended on the frozen lake, each one containing enough power to shatter space itself.

“We’re doomed!”

Watching the incoming meteors, the team began to despair.

This attack could even wipe out a team of several hundred Tier 3 players in an instant.

She’s finally getting serious? Shi Feng, on the other hand, wasn’t surprised to see the incoming balls of ice. Calmly, he activated the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Absolute Domain.

High Magic Elves could even rival God’s Domain’s Dragons.

And how powerful, exactly’ was a Dragon?

A Dragon was the personification of a natural disaster. Not even a full kingdom could stop a Dragon’s wrath, and it would be forced to watch as the creature devastated its territories.

High Magic Elves might have a slightly lower Life Rating than Dragons, but they had the combat power to rival the monstrosities due to their exceptional talent with wielding magic.

High Magic Elves could effortlessly cast frighteningly powerful Spells, which usually required a long casting time. An ordinary Tier 4 Great Wizard, for example, would need a dozen seconds to cast a Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell, but Ulunium only needed two seconds.

As the hail of meteors bombarded the frozen lake, they transformed a 200-yard-radius area into an icy hell.

Fortunately, not even Tier 4 Spells could break through Shi Feng’s Absolute Domain, and Shi Feng and his companions within range of his Skill emerged unharmed. The moment Ulunium’s attack ended, Shi Feng charged at the Ice Elf.

Ulunium was a magical class being. If she were allowed to cast her Spells freely, she could even slay Tier 5 players, much less Shi Feng’s Tier 3 teammates. If Shi Feng wanted to prevent her from slaughtering them all, he had to face her in melee combat.

With Absolute Domain’s protection, Shi Feng could approach Ulunium while she bombarded him with a steady stream of Tier 4 Spells, but as he approached, he had to admit that this Ice Elf was incredibly powerful. Not only were her Basic Attributes considerably higher than his, but she also had an endless supply of Tier 4 Spells at her command. Even after forcibly promoting himself to Tier 4, Shi Feng was at a major disadvantage.

With Absolute Domain’s duration running out, Zero Wing’s members, who watched from a distance, began to grow nervous.

Ulunium would’ve torn Shi Feng to shreds by now if not for Absolute Domain’s protection. Her attacks against their Guild Leader weren’t like the Ice Elf s assault against Cola. She had even begun to double speed-cast. Combined with her already-absurd casting speed, not even Shi Feng could dodge all of her attacks in time. He was forced to rely on Sword’s Orbit to block some of the attacks, lest the impact knock him back.

As though she had anticipated the moment, Ulunium sneered and summoned a crystalline staff the instant Absolute Domain came to an end. With a swing of her staff, she revealed numerous magic arrays that had been hidden under the snow around her. Countless icicles shot from the arrays, flying toward Shi Feng, and a powerful blizzard of hail and snow descended on the Swordsman.

“Are you kidding me?! Is Ulunium really just a monster?!” Blackie’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets when he saw the magic arrays appear around Shi Feng. Not only had the Ice Elf set traps during the battle, but her traps had been so cleverly placed that not even Blackie, a Cursemancer, had noticed them. This was the first time he had ever experienced such a thing in God’s Domain.

Moreover, Ulunium had concealed over a dozen magic arrays under the snow. As they activated simultaneously, they had the power of more than a dozen Tier 4 magical classes attacking as one. An attack like this would even turn a Tier 4 MT into swiss cheese.

As expected of a High Magic Elf, she’s even calculated my Skill’s duration. The incoming icicles didn’t surprise Shi Feng in the least. He immediately commanded his summoned Great Demon, which had been on standby, to join the fray.

Mythic monsters intellect shouldn’t be underestimated after Level 100, especially that of a High Magic Elf like Ulunium. Shi Feng had expected her to employ traps. If these creatures were any weaker, the various superpowers of his previous life wouldn’t have struggled so hard against Superior Mythics.

The Great Demon appeared behind Shi Feng instantly and blocked the icicles coming in from behind its master. With the Great Demon’s help, Shi Feng could concentrate on the wind pythons attacking him head-on.

However, despite focusing on defense, the wind pythons were too powerful for him, and his HP continued to fall with each attack he blocked. If he hadn’t had the help of his healers’ diligent spell casting, he wouldn’t have lasted more than 15 seconds against this bombardment.

With the Great Demon guarding his back and the rear line healers’ support, Shi Feng had a much easier time distracting Ulunium. Before even Shi Feng had realized it, another 50 or so seconds had passed, and only 5 seconds remained before Disintegration Power’s duration would end.

“All of your efforts are futile, human! Your power is already fading, and once it does, both you and Alba Gray will forever decorate this lake as ice sculptures!” Ulunium declared, flashing Shi Feng a sinister grin when she sensed Disintegration Power begin to fade.

“Is that so?” Shi Feng shot back, unfazed despite Disintegration Power’s duration running out. On the contrary, he revealed a bright smile as he said, “I disagree.”

With that comment, Ulunium realized that something was amiss. She immediately shifted her gaze toward the distant Anna, but it was too late as the Personal Guard completed the final verse of her incantation.

A holy light pierced the clouds and shot toward the frozen lake as a Higher Valkyrie with three sets of pure-white wings appeared not far from the Ice Elf.

“A Higher Valkyrie?!” Ulunium’s expression shifted when she saw her newest opponent.

The Valkyrie gave Ulunium no time to prepare as she threw her Thunder Spear at the High Magic Elf, its astonishing power exploding through the space around it.

A Higher Valkyrie’s Life Rating couldn’t compare to that of a Dragon, but it was on par with a High Magic Elf s. Ulunium was forced to focus on the Higher Valkyrie’s attack, defending herself.

The Higher Valkyrie demanded all of Ulunium’s attention, and the Ice Elf had no energy to spare on Shi Feng. She couldn’t even defend herself from his Great Demon’s attacks, which steadily chipped away at her HP.

As the seconds passed, the curse on Alba Gray grew weaker, yet Ulunium couldn’t do anything about it.

Ninety seconds after Shi Feng had released the Jealous Witch’s Mana around the NPC, everyone heard ice shatter as Alba Gray broke free of his icy prison.