Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2398 - Disintegration Power, Activate!

Chapter 2398 – Disintegration Power, Activate!

By the time Shi Feng’s group returned to Alba Gray, the NPC’s Divine Might had weakened considerably. Even with the protection of the Gods, the Hero was in danger of dying.

Seeing this, Shi Feng had to admit that the Jealous Witch was incredibly powerful.

With a single curse, she could cause a Hero’s downfall. With this kind of power and the witch’s erratic mood, it was no wonder why she was considered a natural disaster. When she was in a good mood, she could help a kingdom prosper, but when her mood was sour, she could cause a kingdom’s demise. Kingdoms and empires both revered and feared the woman.

“Lord Alba Gray, we’ve collected 1,000 strands of the Jealous Witch’s Mana. How should we proceed to lift your curse?” Shi Feng asked the frozen Hero.

“Simple. You just need to release the Mana you’ve collected around me,” Alba Gray telepathically communicated with a thread of excitement. “However, while I am removing the seal, the Jealous Witch’s Frost Elf will sense this. I must ask you to stop her until I am free.”

Just as Shi Feng was about to ask for more information, the snow around them stirred. It then gathered into the form of a woman.

The woman was nearly two meters tall and looked mostly human, but unlike humans, her body was made entirely of snow. Divine runes etched themselves in her frozen form, giving her a sacred aura. One couldn’t help the urge to submit to her will as they stood in her presence.

As if the ambient Mana had discovered its master, it gathered around the woman.

“A Higher Magic Elf?!”

Everyone gasped when they saw the snow woman’s statistics.

[Ice Elf, Ulunium] (High Magic Elf, Mythic) Level 110

HP 3,500,000,000/3,500,000,000

Magic Elves had considerably high Life Ratings in God’s Domain, much higher than Elemental Creatures. Many of the Spells humans wielded in this day and age had originated from Magic Elves. Mana favored these beings even more than ordinary Elves because they possessed bodies made of Mana itself.

Meanwhile, High Magic Elves stood above Magic Elves in God’s Domain’s hierarchy, akin to kings among Magic Elves. Their Life Ratings could even rival that of Dragons.

“Do you really think you can escape my Master’s curse?” Ulunium mocked as she gave Alba Gray a disdainful look. She then swept her glance over Shi Feng and his companions, saying, “Adventurers, it’d be best if you do not poke your noses into matters that do not concern you. Leave now, and I will spare you. Stay and help Alba Gray, and I’ll ensure you remain here, alongside the rest of these foolish knights!”

As Ulunium spoke, the team felt an overwhelming sense of dread. They struggled to move as if the air around them froze them in place. Even breathing became a laborious task.

“Is she really a Mythic monster?” Cola muttered, shocked as he stared at Ulunium.

With just a few words, High Magic Elf had immobilized Tier 3 players. She was nothing like the Mythic monsters they had faced before.

“Guild Leader, she is far too dangerous for us. If we try to fight her, only the Personal Guards will last more than 10 seconds,” Yan Tianxing expended an immense amount of energy to whisper to Shi Feng.

“I doubt we’ll even last 5 seconds against her,” Shi Feng said, smiling bitterly at Ulunium.

He had never expected this Inferior Legendary Quest to be so vicious!

Collecting 1,000 Mana strands within 10 days in the Demonwolf Mountain Range had already been a nigh-impossible task, but the challenge before them was simply a joke.

They might have had a chance if the system had pitted them against an ordinary Magic Elf, but trying to fight a High Magic Elf was on par with challenging a bona fide Dragon.

Although they had raided a Tier 4 Ice Dragon, Heathwaite had been severely injured before they had arrived. Its combat power had been nowhere near its peak. Furthermore, Shi Feng had been able to suppress it with his Heavenly Dragon’s Breath, which was the only reason they had had a slim chance of defeating it.

Ulunium, on the other hand, was a completely different story.

Not only was Ulunium’s combat power at its peak, but as a High Magic Elf, she had hundreds of Spells under her command. She could wipe a 100-man Tier 3 team off the face of God’s Domain in a matter of seconds. If players tried to fight her without specific tools to counter her attacks, their only hope of survival was to flee as far and fast as possible.

Unfortunately, summoning a Tier 4 Great Demon with the Bible of Darkness was impossible, as well. Ulunium had high enough intellect that she’d target Shi Feng immediately, and the Great Demon wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

“Adventurers, give me 90 seconds! If you can hold out for that long, I can free myself from this curse!” Alba Gray suddenly shouted.

Alba Gray’s words left everyone speechless.

They could barely move within Ulunium’s Domain. They’d be lucky to stall her for 10 seconds, not to mention 90. Ulunium was no normal Mythic monster; she was a creature that was more skilled with her Spells than Tier 4 Great Wizards, and she loved large-scale combat. She could annihilate them all with one AOE Spell, leaving no opportunities to challenge her.

“Ninety seconds?” After some pondering, Shi Feng turned to Cola and asked, “Cola, can you hold her for 10 seconds?”

“If I activate my Berserk and Lifesaving Skills, it should be doable,” Cola said after considering his prowess.

He currently wore the Frostwolf Set, and with his Fragmented Legendary Shield, he was more than capable of tanking a Level 100-plus Mythic monster. Ulunium’s Life Rating rivaled that of Dragons, but he shouldn’t have any issues tanking her for 10 seconds if he activated his Berserk and Lifesaving Skills.

“Do you have a plan, Guild Leader?” Yan Tianxing asked.

They could simply surrender, but they’d have to bear the brunt of the quest’s penalty.

“I do, but I’m not sure if it will succeed,” Shi Feng replied. “Unfortunately, we have no other options. Cola, get ready.”

If Alba Gray had asked them to stall Ulunium for several minutes, Shi Feng would’ve had no choice but to surrender, but he had a chance if he only had to hold her off for 90 seconds.

Shi Feng then retrieved the Bible of Darkness and summoned a Great Demon.

Seeing this confused his companions. They knew that Ulunium was intelligent enough to ignore the Great Demon and attack its summoner. How could a Great Demon possibly slow the High Magic Elf down?

Although they weren’t sure what Shi Feng intended, they followed his instructions and split up, putting as much distance between them and Shi Feng as possible. Meanwhile, Cola activated his Berserk Skill and waited for Shi Feng’s signal.


Shi Feng yelled once everyone was in position. He immediately released the Mana they had collected around Alba Gray as Cola dashed toward the enraged Ice Elf, activating Justice Roar to attract her attention.

“Foolish humans! You will die here with the rest of these fools!” Ulunium bellowed. Watching Cola, she lightly waved hand.

Ice lances, over a dozen meters long, coalesced in the air and flew toward the MT. Without chanting an incantation or drawing any runes, Ulunium had cast the Tier 4, ice-type Spell, Frost Tooth…

As the ice lances flew toward him, Cola relied on his combat standards and reaction speed to dodge, but he failed to evade one of the lances. He was forced to block the attack with his shield.


The ice lance exploded against his shield, and the impact forced Cola to sink into the snowy ground. The attack had dealt over -300,000 damage, taking more than 10% of Cola’s total HP.

“How powerful is she?!”

Everyone’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets.

Cola had activated his Berserk Skill and Lifesaving Skills, so he should have substantial damage reduction, yet he had still lost over 10% of his HP from one of Ulunium’s attacks. Had he tried to charge at the Ice Elf without these Skills active, she would’ve one-shotted him…

Seeing that the first attack had failed to end her target, Ulunium raised her hand again and began to chant an incantation.

Responding to her command, a powerful blizzard swept toward Cola, streams of wind striking like pythons and threatening to tear Cola apart. As these wind serpents attacked, Cola was forced to halt his advance and defend himself with his shield. His HP rapidly plummeted. At this rate, he didn’t have enough HP to last 5 seconds, much less 10. Fortunately, every healer on the team focused on recovering Cola’s HP, keeping him alive, albeit barely.

As the seconds passed, Cola’s HP climbed and fell like a roller coaster as he danced on the fringes of death. The team’s healers couldn’t mitigate Ulunium’s damage fully, and each round of healing seemed less effective as Cola steadily lost HP.

“I can’t hold on for much longer, Guild Leader!” Cola knew he had bit off more than he could chew as he glanced at his HP bar.

As Cola finished his last word, another blizzard assaulted him from behind. Unfortunately, the wind pythons attacking from the front had him preoccupied, and he could only watch as more approached from behind.

It’s over!

Sensing the incoming attack, Cola knew his time was up. However, a figure suddenly appeared behind him. It was none other than Shi Feng.

“Ten seconds have passed! Leave the rest to me!” Shi Feng shouted over the roaring wind as he charged at the incoming wind python behind Cola.

“Guild Leader?”

The team was confused as they watched Shi Feng try to meet the incoming blizzard in battle.

Cola was a Guardian Knight, yet the blizzard’s pythons had devoured a significant portion of his HP. As a Swordsman, Shi Feng would only dig his own grave by trying to block the python’s attack.

Disintegration Power, activate!

Just as the blizzard was about to reach him, Shi Feng activated the Disintegration Armor’s strongest Skill- Disintegration Power.

The intensity of Shi Feng’s aura immediately skyrocketed, and gray smoke drifted from his body, shattering space around him.

As the blizzard’s python reached him, Shi Feng swung Killing Ray to counter its attack.