Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2394 - Powerful Assault

Chapter 2394 – Powerful Assault

Fenglin City, Heaven’s Rumble Training Center:

As Shi Feng arrived at Heaven’s Rumble Training Center’s top-floor training hall, he was greeted by the sight of a large number of people. They were split into two groups: a large group of Heaven’s Rumble’s disciples and a smaller group of three men and two women. The training center’s members wore tense expressions as they stared at the smaller group on the opposite side of the hall in fear.

The three men and two women appeared quite young. The oldest didn’t look like he had even reached 30, while the youngest of these strangers seemed to be in their early 20s. However, these five visitors’ auras made them stand out.

The eldest of the group, a man with even more bulk than Fang Mingyu, the strongest member of the Fang Family’s younger generation, felt like a volcano.

When Shi Feng entered the hall, everyone’s attention shifted to him.

“Hall Master,” Lei Bao greeted Shi Feng with an apologetic expression.

Shi Feng had requested that Lei Bao serve as the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center’s acting Hall Master and continued to supply training resources. The older man had even received quite a few bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids, and yet, a bunch of youngsters had defeated him in three moves, and he had been forced to request Shi Feng’s presence…

“How are your injuries?” Shi Feng asked, noticing that Lei Bao seemed a bit weaker than normal.

“It’s nothing serious, just a few minor sprains. I’ll be fine after some rest,” Lei Bao said. “However, you should be careful. These people aren’t ordinary fighters, especially the young man leading the group. His strength is inhuman. He even took my full-powered punch and avoided injury.”

At this point, Lei Bao was shocked and afraid of the gorilla-like youth leading the small group of visitors. He was extraordinarily strong; not even a neutralizing grandmaster could take his full-powered hit and emerge unscathed. However, when he had punched that youth, it had felt as if he had hit a steel wall.

While Lei Bao informed Shi Feng of the recent events, the young woman in a red dress beside the gorilla youth walked over.

“We meet again, Hall Master Shi,” the young woman said, smiling faintly. “I hadn’t had the chance to introduce myself the last time we met. My name is Fang Shihan, one of Mythology’s Vice Guild Leaders. I am also the Qilin Corporation’s representative. I’ve come to negotiate a partnership.”

“Mythology?” Liang Jing stared at the young woman with wide eyes.

Liang Jing was no longer a stranger to the virtual gaming world. After joining Zero Wing, she had thoroughly researched both the virtual gaming world and God’s Domain in particular. She knew about Mythology, one of the Five Great Super Guilds in the virtual gaming world. Mythology stood at the apex of the virtual gaming world. However, Liang Jing had never dreamed that the Fang Family would have connections with the Super Guild.

Even Shi Feng gave Fang Shihan a surprised look.

However, he wasn’t surprised to hear about Mythology, but because he had never heard about Fang Shihan being one of the Super Guild’s Vice Guild Leaders during his previous life.

“Partnership? What kind of partnership?” Shi Feng asked.

“Mythology’s influence in God’s Domain goes without saying, and I’m sure you can see for yourself the Guild’s training capabilities,” Fang Shihan said as she gestured to the gorilla of a man behind her. Smiling, she continued, “Mythology intends to develop on the eastern continent, and of the various Guilds on that side of God’s Domain, we’ve deemed that Zero Wing has the most potential. We only require 51% of Zero Wing’s shares, and in exchange, the Qilin Corporation will provide capital, while Mythology will provide further training for Heaven’s Rumble’s members. We’ll help your training center rise to fame, which will allow Zero Wing to recruit more talented members.”

“And if I refuse?” Shi Feng asked.

“I’m afraid that isn’t up to you, Hall Master Shi,” Fang Shihan said nonchalantly. “I know that you’ve recently become a neutralizing grandmaster and have successfully blocked one of my father’s full-powered blows, so I’m sure you’re quite confident in your strength. I’m also sure that you’re confident that no fighter in Fenglin City can defeat you.

“But your strength is nothing before Mythology!”

As soon as Fang Shihan said that, the gorilla youth behind her stepped forward, the intensity of his aura skyrocketing. His muscles bulged, tearing his shirt to reveal the dark copper skin underneath. The youth’s aura became twice as strong, and the cold killing intent he radiated even made Lei Bao shudder.

“A Henglian grandmaster!” Lei Bao exclaimed.

Training in the Henglian Style was already exceptionally difficult, and very few people became Henglian masters. However, once someone mastered the style, they’d even be able to hold their ground against a neutralizing grandmaster.

Lei Bao had only heard of Henglian grandmasters before. He could never have guessed that the young man before him, who hadn’t even reached 30, would be a Henglian grandmaster.

“No, his aura doesn’t feel complete. He should still be half a step away from becoming a grandmaster,” Shi Feng calmly stated after observing the gorilla youth for a moment.

“As expected of a neutralizing grandmaster, you have keen senses,” Fang Shihan said, smiling. “No, Matt isn’t a Henglian grandmaster. He’s not quite mentally developed enough for that yet, but he’ll have no issue taking on ordinary neutralizing grandmasters.

“Do you still refuse to cooperate, Hall Master Shi?”

She had investigated Zero Wing thoroughly, with a focus on Stone Forest City. As a city in a Level 100 neutral map, it was a treasure trove. Once she had learned about that fact, she had become resolved to obtain Zero Wing, no matter the cost. With Stone Forest City under her control, she could rise through Mythology’s ranks.

When he heard Fang Shihan’s statement, Xiao Yu began to despair. He hadn’t realized the Fang Family was powerful enough to elicit the help of a half-step Henglian grandmaster.

Although Matt wasn’t an actual Henglian grandmaster, he’d have an overwhelming advantage over ordinary neutralizing grandmasters in an official competition.

If Shi Feng lost to the older man, the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center would be finished. He was the reason that the training center had grown to its current size and fame. If Shi Feng were defeated, Heaven’s Rumble would lose everything.

Liang Jing watched the exchange with a grim expression, as well.

Zero Wing required the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center to recruit talented members. Losing it would be a major hindrance to Zero Wing’s development.

“I won’t make this too difficult for you, kid. I’ll accept defeat if you can last three hits. If you can’t, then you’ll hand over Zero Wing’s shares,” Matt declared before his fist shot toward Shi Feng.