Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2390 - Powerful Guard Team

Chapter 2390 _ Powerful Guard Team

Ten Saints Empire, Demonwolf Mountain Range:

After nearly two days of fervent work, Shi Feng had produced 50 Crimson Sunsets. When he handed them to Liang Jing, he instructed her to keep 20 sets to gradually auction off in the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance, while the rest would be given to Zero Wing’s core members. These core members would lead their own grinding teams in the Cold Spring Forest, helping to alleviate the lack of manpower in that area.

Shi Feng had taken a break from crafting the Advanced Mana Set Equipment after giving his new stock to Liang Jing, and he had made his way back to the Demonwolf Mountain Range with his 28 newly-upgraded Fine-Gold Guards.

Although the Crimson Sunset would help resolve Zero Wing’s need for manpower in the Cold Spring Forest, it was a temporary solution. Moreover, Shi Feng was the only person capable of producing the Crimson Sunsets, and he couldn’t forge enough of them for Zero Wing’s members to secure a firm foothold in the Cold Spring Forest. He needed to take care of the root of this problem.

The simplest method to do so was to secure a portal to the western continent and acquire a large amount of the western continent’s resources.

Crafting Level 100-plus weapons and equipment in God’s Domain was an arduous task, especially for Secret-Silver rank and above. The required materials were very rare, and obtaining them in bulk was a major challenge.

However, through their research, the forgers of Shi Feng’s previous life had discovered that they could replace some of the rare materials the eastern continent’s forgers needed to craft Level 100-plus Secret-Silver and better weapons and equipment with some of the western continent’s specialty materials. Likewise, some of the eastern continent’s specialty materials could replace some of the materials the western continent’s forgers needed.

Not only had this discovery allowed the superpowers that could travel between the continents to earn tons of resources and Coins, but they had also been able to acquire Level 100-plus weapons and equipment far sooner than their competitors.

Since the various superpowers that had access to intercontinental travel had yet to realize this and were simply using their advantage to earn resources and Coins, Shi Feng had to strike while the iron was hot. If he waited until these superpowers learned this secret, it’d become far more challenging to purchase the western continent’s specialty materials in bulk.

These specialty materials were essential to crafting Level 100-plus weapons and equipment at Secret-Silver rank and higher, and if this secret got out, the various powers would try to collect and hoard the materials, rather than sell them.

If Shi Feng waited too long, he’d only be able to purchase materials from independent players and adventurer teams, which would limit his collection rate.

After piloting the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship through the Demonwolf Mountain Range’s outer region for about 15 minutes, Shi Feng finally located Cola and his team, who were engaged in a battle against several hundred Battlewolves. After the past two days of grinding in the mountain range, Cola and the others had risen to Level 101. If the various Tier 2 experts heard that this team could gain a full level every two days, they’d be incredibly jealous.

However, Cola and his team weren’t having an easy time against these Battlewolves, especially as they fought the alphas, the Two-Headed Battlewolves.

[Two-headed Battlewolf] (Demonic Creature, Great Lord) Level 108

HP 270,000,000/270,000,000

Although the Two-headed Battlewolves had average HP for monsters of their rank and level, these monsters possessed the Dark Battlewolf s Bloodline. Their Defense and Agility were just as high as actual Bloodline Creatures, and their combat standards were on par with the Trial Tower’s fifth floor. If a Tier 2 peak expert tried to take on a Two-headed Battlewolf, they wouldn’t last more than a few exchanges.

Furthermore, the Demonwolf Mountain Range’s wolves tended to move in packs of 300 to 400, and around two dozen Two-headed Battlewolves led each pack. Although the rest of the Battlewolves were only Lord ranked monsters, they could even pose a threat to Tier 3 players when a dozen of them worked together.

Although Cola and his companions had reached Tier 3, they still had to be careful, or members of the team would fall. The team had yet to upgrade their weapons and equipment and had to rely on their Epic Weapons and Equipment to support them in the fight.

If Cola and his team had Tier 3 standard equipment, they’d have no issues taking a pack of Battlewolves out.

“Check it out! The Guild Leader is back!” Blackie was excited when he noticed the approaching Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

With only 24 players, their team had faced plenty of trouble while fighting these Battlewolves over the past two days. Not even the magical class players’ powerful AOE attacks could alleviate the pressure.

These Battlewolves were too smart. Once they sensed a player casting an AOE Spell, they split up, preventing the Spell from hitting too many of them.

But if Shi Feng joined the battle, the Battlewolves would be much easier to defeat.

As the team members looked up at the flying ship, they saw over two dozen figures jump from the ship’s deck. Every one of those figures’ frightening auras made Cola and his companions’ hearts skip a beat.


“How are these NPCs so strong?”

The team was shocked and confused as they stared at the Tier 3 NPCs that had disembarked.

The idea of challenging ordinary Tier 3 NPCs no longer fazed them now that they were Tier 3, as well. They had superior combat standards, after all.

However, even Yan Tianxing shuddered when he saw the 28 Tier 3 NPCs that had jumped from the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship. His instincts even warned him to flee.

Before Cola and his companions could react, the Personal Guards charged at the surrounding Battlewolves.

Taking the lead, the dozen or so melee NPCs dispersed the crowding wolves with their charge instantly. They even sent the Great Lord ranked Two-headed Battlewolves flying. The magical class NPCs then followed with a round of Spells, each dealing over -1,000,000 damage.

The Lord ranked Battlewolves lost one-third of their HPs in that single bombardment, while the Great Lords had lost one-tenth of their HPs. The ferocity of the Fine-Gold Guards’ attacks easily outshone Yi Luofei’s, a Tier 3 magical class player.

After about three minutes, the 300-plus Lord ranked Battlewolves and 20-plus Great Lord ranked Two-headed Battlewolves had been slain, leaving only a bunch of items behind.

Cola and the others were dumbfounded.

Normally, they needed over an hour to defeat a Battlewolf pack, yet these 28 NPCs had done so in three minutes. The difference between their combat power was massive.

From his position on the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, Shi Feng leveled from 104 to 105 after the battle ended, crossing the first minor threshold after Level 100.

“Where did you find so many powerful NPCs, Guild Leader?” Cola asked once Shi Feng had descended from the flying ship.

Yan Tianxing and the others were just as curious, waiting for Shi Feng’s reply.

An ordinary Tier 3 NPC could serve as a small city’s Magistrate in God’s Domain, yet Shi Feng had managed to employ so many of them, and every one of them was extraordinarily strong.

From what Cola and the others could tell, five or six of these NPCs would be more than enough to annihilate their team of 24. If they had these 28 NPCs help, they could explore the Demonwolf Mountain Range without issue.

“How could I possibly afford the help of Tier 3 NPCs? These are our Guild’s Personal Guards,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

“Personal Guards?” The explanation stunned Yan Tianxing. “How is that possible?! Not even Tier 3 Personal Guards can be this powerful!”

Yan Tianxing had encountered the Guild’s Tier 3 Personal Guards before, and he had been confident of putting up a fight against the Guild’s Tier 3 Secret-Silver Guards. If he faced any of the Personal Guards standing behind Shi Feng, however, he’d be able to do nothing but flee.

“Of course, these aren’t ordinary Tier 3 Personal Guards. They are all Fine-Gold Guards,” Shi Feng continued with a grin.