Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2389 - - Fine-Gold Team

Chapter 2389 – Fine-Gold Team

While Shi Feng waited quietly for Silverwing Town’s Secret-Silver Guards to arrive in the top-floor Basic Meditation room, Liang Jing contacted him.

“Guild Leader, we’ve got trouble in the Dark Night Empire!” Liang Jing exclaimed.

“The Dark Night Empire? What’s happened?” Shi Feng asked when he saw Liang Jing’s anxious expression.

Although Zero Wing hadn’t been developing in the Dark Night Empire for long, it had received help from Unyielding Soul. Because of that, both Zero Wing’s strength and the Candlelight Trading Firm’s business had been progressing relatively smoothly, and thanks to Stone Forest City, more of the empire’s experts sought to join Zero Wing.

Moreover, Starlink hadn’t been able to do anything drastic against Zero Wing for fear of unexpected attacks from Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor. Hence, Zero Wing’s branch in the Dark Night Empire was booming.

“Starlink has established a city at the Gloomy Hills, a map near the Gloomy Ruin, a Level 100 neutral map. Moreover, Starlink has announced that it is opening the city to all of its adventurer alliances’ members. Many of the empire’s experts are siding with Starlink because of this, and some experts and adventurer teams that had been thinking of joining the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance have changed their minds,” Liang Jing explained. “In addition, the Dark Night Empire’s various major powers have started to side with Starlink. Even Crimson Emperor is considering a partnership.

“Starlink has also announced that it will lease its new city’s private houses with a starting bid of only 10,000 Credits per week. Even many of Star-Moon Kingdom’s major powers and adventurer teams have been discussing the idea of shifting their development to the Dark Night Empire.”

The fact that Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor held Starlink back was a large part of the reason for Zero Wing’s survival in the Dark Night Empire. In addition, the Dark Night Empire’s various major powers had sided with Zero Wing to keep Starlink in check. Hence, the most Starlink had been able to do was pressure Zero Wing’s territory in the empire.

However, if Crimson Emperor and the various major powers sided with Starlink, the Zero Wing’s members in the empire would be in danger. Furthermore, now that Starlink had a city in the Gloomy Hills, Zero Wing’s experts couldn’t operate in the Level 90-plus resource map. Needless to say, this also made it impossible for the Guild members to reach the Gloomy Ruin.

And with Starlink’s bounty still in effect, a large number of independent experts and adventurer teams would target Zero Wing’s members.

If this persisted, it wouldn’t be long before Zero Wing could no longer survive in the Dark Night Empire.

Zero Wing had already grown to a substantial size, and there were only so many high-level maps in each country. The high-level maps available around Star-Moon Kingdom weren’t enough to fulfill Zero Wing’s needs.

Although the Cold Spring Forest was rich in resources, very few Guild members were strong enough to grind in a Level 100 neutral map right now. At this stage of the game, a grinding team would need a peak expert to lead it if it wanted to survive in such an area. Unfortunately, unlike the various superpowers, Zero Wing only had a small number of peak experts. The majority of the Guild’s players would still need some time to grind in Level 90-plus maps.

“Starlink wants to gather both manpower and resources?” Shi Feng had a rough idea of what the enemy Guild planned after listening to Liang Jing’s report.

Starlink’s new city might not be as impressive as Stone Forest City, but it was near a Level 100 neutral map. It would also be quite useful to players who wanted to explore the Gloomy Ruin, and Starlink was accepting far cheaper rent for the private houses in its new city. It was enough to tempt many players. However, this wasn’t good news for Zero Wing, which needed Credits and resources.

“What should we do, Guild Leader? At this rate, not only will we earn less income from our private houses, but more experts will target our Guild members as well,” Liang Jing said.

The opportunity to enter Stone Forest City was a large part of the reason that the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance had attracted so many experts, but only Silver and higher ranked members could take advantage of that opportunity. On the other hand, Starlink gave all of its adventurer alliances’ members access to its new city. Naturally, this would make the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance less attractive to independent experts. Starlink’s adventurer alliances would also gain more independent experts to target Zero Wing’s members.

“Lu Xingluo is sacrificing his new Guild City just to deal with us? I guess he really wants this to be a fight to the death,” Shi Feng said, frowning. “Since he wants a war of resources, I’ll play with him until he’s satisfied. Make the arrangements. From now on, half the number of CPs required to become a Silver member in the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance, and we’ll hold auctions for the Crimson Sunsets. However, only Silver members and above will be allowed to participate, and the starting bid will be 30,000 Magic Crystals and 10,000 Gold!”

“We’re auctioning the Crimson Sunsets?” Liang Jing could not help but gasp. “But Guild Leader, those are a part of our Guild’s foundation. Our Guild members also need those to survive in Level 100 neutral maps. If we sell the Crimson Sunsets…”

Nothing was more important than one’s strength to the various powers and players. If the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance auctioned off the Crimson Sunsets to its members, there was no doubt that experts and adventurer teams would swarm to join the alliance.

However, the Crimson Sunsets were an advantage Zero Wing’s members needed over other players. If they auctioned the Crimson Sunsets to the public, they’d only help other players rapidly improve, which wouldn’t benefit Zero Wing’s development.

“It’s fine. The Crimson Sunset might be valuable, but it is still a Consumable. Moreover, as players reach higher levels, it’ll become less valuable. Since the various superpowers’ experts have started to reach Level 100, this is the perfect opportunity to sell the sets,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

Before this, he would’ve hesitated to make such a decision, but he didn’t mind now. Now, he had an even stronger trump card to assure Zero Wing’s advantage in the Cold Spring Forest.

The Ancient God’s Literature Fragment!

With so many Fine-Gold Guards, Zero Wing wouldn’t have to worry about the various superpowers’ peak experts.

Giving the matter some thought, Liang Jing agreed with Shi Feng. Besides, Zero Wing didn’t have a better option to stop Starlink from poaching its potential members. She disconnected the call and immediately saw to Shi Feng’s orders, publishing a public announcement regarding the Crimson Sunsets’ auction on the notice boards in the Star- Moon Adventurer Alliance’s Residences.

When players noticed the announcement, it caused a sensation throughout the adventurer alliance.

“Crap! Zero Wing is too amazing! A Tier 2 Mana Set Equipment!”

“If I had a Crimson Sunset, I could challenge my Tier 3 Promotion Quest right away!”

The Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance’s members were astonished when they saw the Crimson Sunset’s Attributes. None of them had ever thought that Zero Wing would have such powerful equipment. The experts and adventurer teams that had considered joining Starlink’s adventurer alliances changed their minds instantly. Some that had even joined Starlink’s adventurer alliances already made their way to the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance after learning about the Crimson Sunsets.

Of course, the various large Guilds were just as stunned.

“Is Zero Wing insane? It’s actually selling Mana Set Equipment?”

“Zero Wing is probably panicking. Starlink’s new city has dealt quite a blow, after all.”

These large Guilds all thought Zero Wing was foolish to sell the Crimson Sunsets. The Guild was practically throwing away a huge advantage. Selling the Crimson Sunset might alleviate Zero Wing’s current problems, but it wouldn’t benefit the Guild in the long run. Moreover, once the Crimson Sunsets were no longer useful, the various adventurer teams and independent experts would return to Starlink’s side.

While everyone discussed the Mana Set Equipment, Shi Feng visited his Special Forging Room to produce more of them while he waited for the Soul Strengthening’s Cooldown to end.

Before long, all 12 Secret-Silver Guards with 76 Growth Potential arrived in White River City’s Candlelight Trading Firm. Including the 16 Secret-Silver Guards he already had, Zero Wing would have 28 more Fine-Gold Guards in its ranks once he finished strengthening them all. Even 28 Secret-Silver Guards would be more than enough combat power for a Guild to rule a Level 100 neutral map with an iron fist, not to mention 28 Fine-Gold Guards.

After nearly two days, Shi Feng had finally strengthened all of the 28 Secret-Silver Guards. The smallest improvement had still been a 5-point Growth Potential increase, while the largest had been a 7-point increase, rising from 79 to 86 Growth Potential. Even among Fine-Gold Guards, 86 Growth Potential was incredibly rare.

Twenty-eight Fine-Gold Personal Guards. If the various superpowers of my past knew about this, they’d go mad. Shi Feng sighed ruefully as he gazed at the two rows of Personal Guards before him.

If he had had so many Fine-Gold Guards under his command during his previous life, he wouldn’t have even been afraid of standing up to superpowers, let alone first-rate Guilds. Fine-Gold Guards were exceptionally rare in God’s Domain, and every one of them had the potential to reach Tier 5. If they were provided enough resources, Fine-Gold Guards could have up to a 40% chance of completing their promotion to Tier 5.

Even among the various superpowers, Tier 5 combatants were apex beings. Every one of them was a priceless treasure.

Of course, Tier 5 NPCs were even stronger than Tier 5 players. To suppress a single Tier 5 NPC, one would need several players of the same tier.

And now, he had 28 Fine-Gold Guards standing before him, waiting for his commands!